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09-15-2008, 05:03 AM
Hi all,

Just dropping by to get us started! Sister in TX survived Ike with some property damage and like Gwen said, no electricity for about 3 weeks. Things are a mess, but she and her family are safe and sound so my anxiety level is back to normal.

I'll check back later and get caught up!

09-15-2008, 08:08 AM
Ike was a non-issue when he got to Dallas. Rain Saturday, and Sunday was clear as a bell, though cool (for Texas!).

Wanted to share a link with the jewelers. This is an International Jewelers' site and is pretty heavy duty. I don't post there as they are all business and no fun, but they are a treasure trove of technical info on metal working, stone setting, etc. They tend to look down their collective noses as anything less than high art, but the info is worth dealing with it!

Main Link:

Tips from the Jeweler's Bench: http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/tip_sear.htm

It's run by a dentist out of Hong Kong, but is truly International. They also discuss Internet Sales, dealing with scam buyers, recommended suppliers (and not!), and many of the members offer services that, because they are active members, are much less risky than just picking someone from an ad in a magazine.

When I was really active with my jewelry, I took the Daily Digest, which usually had about 100 to 150 emails.

09-15-2008, 10:03 AM
good news Angela, glad you heard from them finally. I can't imagine 3 weeks of no power in a situation like that, I hope they are able to get to a hotel or get away for a bit? I just heard from a friend in Kentucky who said Ike ripped through her town and they won't have power for a week. What a mess all around.

Hi Donna, glad you escaped Ike's wrath so easily - isn't weather wild.

:wave: to all who follow...

09-15-2008, 11:13 AM
Angela, whew! I was thinking of your family over the weekend! Glad it's just property damage, but no power for such a long time will be a huge challenge I'm sure!!

Donna, like you said, Ganoksin is all business! But a treasure trove for sure. I think most of us have utilized their info at some point! I'm too chatty to enjoy it over there! LOL

Pam, have a happy day! :)

:wave: to everyone! I'm off and running this morning! Dh is playing hooky from work, not sure why, but he's cheerful so I'm NOT complaining at all! LOL He's even going to come to town with me - go figure! Guess I better get cracking! Have a spectacular day everyone!! Cheers!

09-15-2008, 11:38 AM
Angela, What a relief to know they are okay. The three weeks with no power stinks, but at least it is better knowing.

Donna, Glad Ike didn't do bad things to you. I am going to check out those links, they look interesting. Never been there before so I am sure there will be info I can use. Thanks!!!

Pam, Hi!! Hope your cold is better today, and you find something comforting, or creative while Luke is off at school. :D

Barrie, I hope you and Randy find something entertaining and interesting to do today. How nice to have a sweet guy to take you to town.

BBL :heart: :wave:

09-15-2008, 11:52 AM
Hi all. Got way too little sleep last night (not even 4 hours), am too tired for words. This is going to be another hard week... Hope to see you tomorrow in more detail. Get well hugs to the snufflies, and just hugs to everybody else.

09-15-2008, 12:16 PM
Hi Barrie, Frank wore your t-shirt to work today - I told him it looked a bit girly but he said only from the back and off he went. Sometimes he's quite strange. LOL. Enjoy your cheerful hubby - hope you two have a good day!

Hi Rita, I have web site work to do today, the gift basket lady needs her holiday stuff up. Might as well sit at the computer all day with my box of tissues... it's either that or take a nap (which I might do as well). Hope you are having a good day - hope your friend's bag of books is your kind of reading - sounds like a good deal if it is!

Andee, hope your day goes by fast and that you sleep well tonight. Sure wish life would get easier for you soon. (((hugs)))

09-15-2008, 12:42 PM
Hi everyone
Work was fairly quiet, so I got on with the debt chasing which is a bit complex, some go back way before I started. I got my new tax code at last, they'd had to tax me on emergency code up until now, so I should get about £500 tax back this month. I'm sure I'll find some things to spend that on while we are on holiday.

Dancing tonight, I'm feeling a bit unenthusiastic but know I will be happier once I'm there. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and have a temporary crown fitted, then in another three weeks I'll have the proper one done. I'm not looking forwards to it but the tooth is thoroughly dead so shouldn't hurt at all.

Rita, puffball is like the white part of mushrooms, no gills, and can be used much the same way. The bag of books is a great gift, hope they are things you like, the only time I got given books they were trashy romances which I hate!

Gwen, good to here Norm's brother escaped damage, the lack of water is worrying though. Does he have livestock to look after? A turkey fryer would be enormous, like the commercial ones I suppose. Not sure I'd like it though, I rarely eat deep fried food. Your dogs are enjoying the ride, easier than walking I'm sure.

Pam, hope you enjoy the book, I've been looking for some to take on holiday, we are within walking distance of the library so I've picked out a few today.

Angela, so glad your family are safe, a small baby and no power doesn't sound fun though.

Donna, Ganoskin is great isn't it, lots of handy info.

Andee, hope you sleep better tonight, pity you can't join me at dance class, I sleep like the dead after all that exercise!

09-15-2008, 12:45 PM
:clap: Got a call from Glasscraft this morning and I'm IN for Jen's class!!! WAHOO! Off to check out flights~ :clap: :clap: :clap:

09-15-2008, 12:55 PM
Oh Angela! I am soooooo thrilled about you getting into Jen's class!!!! Of course, happy to hear your sister is safe also.

Donna, I'll have to give that site a look, thanks for the link.

Barrie, Playing hooky from work always makes me cheerful, feel like I am playing two years of hooky and it works for me.

Pam, Sorry about the nose, but yeah! we get to have Angela in our class!

Rita, My sister is an avid reader and I love getting her hand me downs. We like a lot of the same type of reading so it works for me. Happy reading!

Andee, Your work day must be long over by now. Hope you can catch up on sleep tonight.

Claire, Always hated having the temp crown on and have had them fall off occasionally. Hope you get fitted with a comfortable one. Having unexpected spending money for your trip sounds heavenly.

Dawn, Hope life settles more as the boys get into their schedules.

Gwen, Loved the picture yesterday. The dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves and that seems like the best way to explore your property. Did you ever work on the area that was going to be your picnic spot? Not sure why that popped into mind.

The train ride was beautiful yesterday. I'll be back with pictures later. My brother is working on the roof again today. I am at my dad's as my living area is covered in plastic to protect it from falling roof gunk. You see, there are cracks between the boards of the roof, kind of made like a log cabin, but with boards.

09-15-2008, 12:56 PM
Yahoooooo!!!!!!! Angela I'm so happy!!!! Yay!!! Do you have mine and Maggie's flight info? Let me know if you need it. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Oh Claire, a $$ bonus before holiday - perfect! So far my book is good, only up to page 30.

09-15-2008, 12:58 PM
Maggie, are you going to insulate the cabin? Yay for a new roof. Hope heat is next! And yeah, whooo hooo for Angela joining us, this is going to be SO fun. Dawn, hoping there is some way you make it in too.

09-15-2008, 01:13 PM
Angela, what wonderful news on two fronts. Family is fine and your off to Colorado for the glass!!!! Life can't get much better than that! My BIL is in Humble which would be back down the road from your folks in Conroe. Do they have a generator in their collective family? Norm's neice said they were selling for three or four times the regular cost! Norm's brother said there is no gasoline because there is no electricity to run the pumps. Boy, we just don't realize what doesn't work without electricity. Glad to hear all is fine with your family.

Donna, thanks for the link. I've seen some things from there but had forgotten them. We are about 250 miles West of you so we got nothing from Ike. We have had a wonderful cool front from the NorthWest. Not good for the cotton crops but I'm loving it. Crazy weather this year!

Claire, glad work was easy. No, Norm's brother lives in a small town so no livestock. He did say he was glad he grew up on a ranch during the terrible drought of the early 50's as he can take a full shower with a gallon of water! He said the only thing that was bothering him a bit is that his mobile home is so old it doesn't have good light from outside so he feels like he is in a cave with only the candles or flashlight. A bit depressing I would think. Knowing our Fred he is probably out and about telling all the neighbors how to get through it all. I must tell you that Chula loves riding in the back of the little utility vehicle although her usual spot is on the floor of the passenger side. However, yesterday she moaned and groaned the entire trip because she was jealous that Oso was between my feet instead of her!

Pam, so glad you managed to get your hair to a color you can deal with! How funny about Frank wearing Barrie's T-shirt. I don't think Norm would do that even if it was only the back that looked girlie! Sometimes he is so macho I would like to swat him! (LOL)

Rita, hooray for a bag of books. Hope they are all good ones. I'm with Claire, can't take too much of the romance stuff. After the first one they all begin to sound alike!

Andee, sorry your day is the pits. Too bad you are back to the no sleep on Sunday evening. Not a good way to start the week.

Barrie, have a fun day with your DH. Sometimes it's nice to play hookie from work!

Ok, I've got to get myself in gear and start the house cleaning thing! Norm volunteered to go into town to the post office for me and is going to wash my car while he is there. He is enjoying having a break from the rain so life is good here on Valley Creek! (LOL)

09-15-2008, 01:53 PM
Grrr, Lost my post.

Two more from Chihuly. First is what was seen upon entering the exhibit. The lighting used in his installations are a work of art themselves. Second is part of his basket series. Among the glass pieces were old Pacific Northwest Natives baskets that were the inspiration.



09-15-2008, 01:56 PM
Pam, No plans to insulate as we like the natural ventilation! It will be good for when I get that heater.

Here are two from the train ride. The steam train though the redwoods.


Steam from the engine through the redwoods.

The old train bridge.

09-15-2008, 01:57 PM
Pam, can you drop me an email with you and Maggie's flight info? Many thanks! Hope the cold gets better!

Claire, extra money before your holiday sounds wonderful. Dance class is just the ticket for re-energizing, as long as you don't overdo! Isn't it funny how even though we know the dentistry won't hurt, we still dread it? I shudder when I hear the word "dentist!"

Barrie, Freya is such a doll. Kids are so darned cute when they start losing teeth and they have those gaping smiles. Sounds like you had a great sleepover. Enjoy your day with your DH!

Gwen, luckily my family has a generator and plenty of fuel for awhile. They're running the refrigerator and some ceiling fans. Cooking outside with propane. My poor niece and her baby are so sick with bronchitis and having no AC is miserable. My BIL was over in Eagle Pass for the storm and found a store to stock up on water, diapers and formula and got some more fuel for the generators but wasn't sure he'd be able to get home since I-45 is closed. I'm just glad they're all safe and sound, although I know the next few weeks will be pretty miserable. Glad you're getting some cooler weather - makes it much easier to torch when it's not so blasted hot!

Andee, so sorry you're back to the no-sleep cycle! How's the cough and cold?

Rita, a bag of books is like a gold mine! I have a stack of books by my bead and DH always describes me as a "voracious" reader. Hope you find some good ones in there - you know, the kind that makes you feel like you've lost a friend when you finish it and then you move on to another friend when you start the next one.

Donna, glad to hear you escaped Ike's wrath. Thanks for the great links!

Maggie, the Chihuly exhibit looks like it was incredible. His work amazes me. Sounds like you're enjoying your nieces so much and I'll bet they love having Aunt Maggie around too!

Anyone heard from Fiona? Wonder how London is treating her?

I spent the night battling my asthma. Having a bit of a flare so I used my nebulizer, which stresses my vocal cords so I sound like Demi Moore today (DH says he loves my Demi voice). Might take a nap and have a slow day today. Hot outside - supposed to be 92 today, so all the more reason to stay inside where it's nice and cool.

Hope you're all having a great day!

09-15-2008, 04:33 PM
Here's a pic of one of my furbabies trying to get me to play with him. Since his nickname is Mr. Piddles, this look is the primary reason he's not a fur muff...

09-15-2008, 04:48 PM
Oh Donna, what a handsome boy!! LOL about his name - I have one here who should undergo a similar name change!

Angela! WOOHOO!!! You guys are going to have a BLAST!!!

Pam, LOL about Frank wearing the tshirt!

Maggie, beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun ride!

Gwen, great travel vehicle you guys have there! Love the travel companions too! LOL

Claire WOOHOO! For extra $$$ for the holiday!!

Fiona :wave: if you pass through! Hope you're having a good holiday!

Rita, a bag of books is almost as good as a bag of gold! LOL Almost!

:wave: to everyone else that pops in! I dropped by the printers to check out the proof of the poster. It prints a LOT darker than on the computer, so we had to fiddle with it to lighten it up. It was also a strange size. I don't know what program the artist designed it in, but we had to make some adjustments while I was at the office. The young guy that was handling it for me was fabulous. He did some resizing, some brightening, etc, ran a couple of test copies, finally found something that will work. Moral of the story for me is if you want something done right, do it yourself! LOL So much for trying to delegate! :) I'll know better for next year! And I ended up going by myself. Dh stayed home and started building my display cabinet for the silent auction. Such a talented guy!! :) Hope you all have a great afternoon. I'm drowning in computer stuff, so will probably pop in and out this afternoon! Cheers!

09-15-2008, 06:23 PM
Andee, Bummer on the no sleep thing. I hate the way it makes me feel. Hoping for more rest tonight!!! ((((hugs))))

Pam, Yup, she reads many of the same books I do, and a few of the gothic variety which my mom always loved. I will read those and think of how much she would have loved them. Hope the website goes together well, and you get the rest you need to kick this thing!!!

Claire, Talk about perfect timing on the tax thing. I am sure going on holiday can always use a bit extra cash!!! And 500 pounds should go quite a ways. Not trashy romances at all, a couple of more romantic ones, but more to the gothic type. A lot of mysteries and I love them!! I would probably like the puffballs, I think it is the gills that I always think feel weird. I hope you have fun at dance class, and don't overdo. After all your holiday is coming up soon. Crowns on dead teeth is not so bad, I hope it goes swiftly and well. Tess survived the extractions today. They only pulled three today, so it could be worse.

Angela, Cheering heard in Lincoln City!!! How awesome!!! I am a renowned book hoarder. It really runs in my family. I have piles of books in my bedroom, and a big pile to add to it. I am hoping to have a bookcase to bring home from my storage unit once I figure out where it is going to go. Stay cool. Breathe easy.

Maggie, Yup, that is the way they always did roofs. It is amazing what you find under the shingles on some older homes. Always look like they would never hold out the rain. Hope the roof is done soon so you can go back to getting settled in. Of course it will be much nicer knowing the sky isn't falling. :D I love that first Chihuly photo, especially. Oooh, that is the same railroad my friend went on years ago. He came back and brought me a funny pen with a floating train in it!!! I have no idea what happened to the pen, but it was great!!!

Gwen, Aren't dogs a kick in the pants. Nice job sending Norm off to the PO and car wash. I spent my morning hauling Tess to dentist, and paycheck cashing, etc. I so agree on the romance novels. My mom read hundreds of the old Harlequins, and I felt like that after the third one. I told her she needed to try gothics, and she switched in a heartbeat. She loved reading, and read tons of mystery authors, too. We traded books a lot. Now I have a new person to trade with. I have to check and see which Nevada Barr books I have.

Donna, Mr. Piddles is very pretty. My mom had a friend whose cat was named “Pisser.” You can imagine why!! Looks like he is trying to tease you into petting, or playing.

Barrie, Good job on the poster revisions. Some people just don't get the “print things in standard sizes” thing at all. Nice job getting Randy to build the display cabinet. It must be nice having a handy dh. :D

Tess is home from the dental wars, they only pulled three teeth, excessive blood loss prevented the fourth being pulled, and they will go at it again in three weeks. She was very entertaining, if hard to understand to take to the pharmacy. Then we stopped to pick up Chinese food on the way home. She said if she was only going to eat one thing in the next couple of days she wanted it to be egg foo yung. She said she probably wouldn't be able to eat after the numb wore off. Her eye to her jaw was numb on one side, and she looked like she had suffered a stroke. Very lopsided. She said she felt that way, too, since she couldn't feel her eye, nose or swallow. She is home tucked into bed now. Whew!!! Glad that is over for the next couple of weeks.

BBL :heart: :wave:

09-15-2008, 09:01 PM
Aw, poor Tess!!! Hope she mends fast!! Hey!! Got Freya's package today!! Too funny!! I handed her the envelope (after opening it myself first and THANK you so much for the card!! I love the picture! I'm going to frame it!!! You are one talented lady!!). Anyway, back to Freya! She was so excited - 'Grandma, this is my first mail'! She's never had anything come in the mail to her before. Then she opened it, found the little pouch and was THRILLED with it. Then I told her she had to open the pouch. 'What? There's something in it?' She was going to be perfectly thrilled with the satin pouch! LOL So she frantically opened it, gasped, put the bracelet on and declared it 'perfect and PRETTY!'. LOL It fits her to a tee, and she LOVES it. I was informed she's NEVER taking it off. When I explained that your granddaughter made it specially for her, she declared that 'Theena is a great artist!' We went over every bead, and she is smitten with her new treasure! Please thank Atheena for us!! It's beautiful and made a 5 year old VERY happy! :)
Off to help dh with the display - apparently it needs my inspection!! :)

09-15-2008, 09:44 PM
Barrie, I am so glad the package arrived. I can't wait to call Athena and read your message to her. She is going to be so excited!!! She was so thrilled when I handed her the money, she just about squeezed me to death. I hope your new display work just like you need it to. :heart: :heart:

09-15-2008, 11:46 PM
Barrie, Athena was delighted to hear how excited Freya was. She came to bring grandma her latest lost tooth. Tess told her I was the keeper of the baby teeth. I had to laugh. The only reason Tess told her that was so she wouldn't be responsible for losing it. Athena said, "Momma already gave me the money for it." Funny kid.