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09-06-2008, 09:53 AM
Just waking up to no WIA so just getting us started by saying hello. :wave:

09-06-2008, 10:11 AM
Hi all.

I'm having a rather blah Saturday. Tired with droopy eyelids, but when I lay down for a nap I can't sleep. Pull out beads and stones and can't come up with an idea. Snatched a treasury (http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=5874) which seems to be rather boring.


Claire - hugs.

Rita - no George nor Johnny for me, I don't feel like it really...

Cheryl - yay, that's exciting news! :clap: It will be so nice to see you here in the WIA more often! You have some strict rules there - I don't think I'd get dressed if I didn't have to. (Which doesn't mean that I run around naked, what were you thinking? :lol:)

Maggie - hope you'll get your torch set up and aren't too exhausted to give it a little workout!

Barrie - I'm glad to hear the sore throat is gone, now fingers crossed your stomach is going to calm down, too!

Gwen - thanks for cup to ounce, but it still doesn't make sense to me because even tho I can now tell it's so and so much in mililiters nobody here would measure flour or butter in milliliters. Ah well, looks like the receipe will remain a mystery for me... :D So glad to hear that Rocky is feeling better!

09-06-2008, 10:28 AM
Ok Andee, now you have me curious. How do you measure flour and butter? I rather liked your Treasury. Hope your day is getting better as it goes along.

Hi Maggie, what is on your agenda today? Those neices are out of school so you should nominate them to help you out at the cabin.

I'm going to try bead making again today. The stars have not been properly aligned so not much worthwhile coming out of the kiln. First I have to mop the laundry room. Chisos found a plastic sack that had an empty cat food tin inside and I think he may have gotten the remains of the "juice" on the floor. Norm is off to the big city of Winters (not) to see if he can help with the Dove Fest. I refused to go as it was a last minute call and no direct plan of whether we were needed or not. Just show up at XX time and then we will see. I hate that! The lady who called reminds him of his mother so he couldn't let her down by not showing up.

Hello to all who follow. I'll check back later.

09-06-2008, 10:34 AM
Gwen - we usually weigh everything that's solid. Have fun beadmaking and don't let yourself get irritated by the stars' lineup! :)

09-06-2008, 11:19 AM
Andee, love your treasury! Fun :) That charm bracelet is FAB - wonder how it feels to wear though... almost worth buying just to find out ;)

Gwen, glad you put your foot down, and hope the beads work out today. Should be the perfect day for you :)

Hi Maggie, sorry your weekend isn't going as planned. :wave:

Barrie, feel better - no time for you to get sick - but that would figure, you've been working so hard your body probably says give it a rest already.

Cheryl, how nice to see you around again and CONGRATS!!!! I'm sure you will have a great time creating now that the old job is done. I'm excited for you!

Claire, have been thinking of you on and off all yesterday and hope you are coping well enough, I know Cassie was a huge part of your life and though this was not totally unexpected, it is never welcomed - you were brave to handle it so quickly when the time came. ((((hugs))))

Hi Rita, did you get a shot of the pelicans?

Hi Dawn, hope things are going well in your world. How's Grandma?

Well, not a whole lot new here. Soccer season has started and two games this weekend. Some guy came and took some of the cut wood yesterday, so two piles gone, much more to to go. Have not heard from city or contractor and logs still sitting in front yard. Oh, and Frank's dad has been officially diagnosed with Alzheimers... and so that is a big crisis, though everyone knew it was coming. It's moderate to severe now, more advanced than any of us suspected, but that's because the mother has been hiding it well from everyone. On a better note, Luke just took Frank's queen in chess and Frank never saw it coming. And that is my life in a nutshell right now.

Have to go look for flights to Colorado - need to get that wrapped up. And I need to work on my watermelon necklace.

09-06-2008, 11:32 AM
Thanks everyone for the good wishes yesterday for my full time artist adventure!

Hope you're feeling better today, Barrie! I use a cast iron skillet all the time. Just wash mine with water, and then heat it up to dry it. That takes care of the being afraid it's not clean for me, lol.

Gwen, glad to hear Rocky is doing ok. Where would we be without our critters! My crew here is always good company and entertainment. Hope Claire is getting through her day ok without her Cassie.

Morning Maggie!

:lol: Thanks Andee! I must admit that it's only day 2, and I didn't get dressed today. But it's Saturday, I think I'll start special weekend rules, :rolleyes: I have always hated getting dressed. Don't know why, just seems a waste of time. How bout we all just stay in our jammies, :lol:

Gwen, sorry you're not happy with your kiln load. I think think that's why I don't do glass - I need that instant gratification, I'd hate to have to wait to see if things turn out!

Well, I'd better get going. I have my own kitty mess to clean up, a nice little present under the table. Time for the anti-hairball type of food....

Good morning Pam! Thanks for the congrats! So sorry about Frank's dad. That is such a horrible disease . ((((hugs))))

I'd better get going here, see you guys later!

09-06-2008, 12:06 PM
Hi everyone,
A big thankyou for all your hugs and kind words, it means a lot to me. Today has been strange, the house seems very empty. Last night we went to see the film of Mamma Mia, which was fun and light-hearted and occupied a couple of hours. I'm trying to sort out our holiday, we never heard back on the gite we had been trying for and of course our needs are a little different now. So I'm having a bit of a rethink and we will look for something less rural maybe.

I don't think I'm up to a proper catch-up, so just a brief chat for now.

Maggie, I hope you weekend is restful and productive in turns. Disappointing not to see Gary, but there will be other times.

Andee, I love your treasury, it has a great variety of quirky things. There are plenty of weight and measure conversion sites such as this http://allrecipes.com/HowTo/Cup-to-Gram-Conversions/Detail.aspx - I have never understood how you could measure butter in a cup either.

Gwen, good to hear Rocky is doing well. Chica is getting very good at hiding her kittens, it is good to think they have survived. Hope the bead gods smile on you today.

Pam, sorry the tree cutting has turned into such a saga, I hope it gets sorted quickly. Awful about Frank's dad, it is a horrible illness. Both David's parents had it, I so hope it isn't hereditary.

Cheryl, great to see you here again and congratulations on your new life as an artist.

Barrie, hope you are feeling better now, I think you need a holiday once the bead show is over.

Rita, hope your working weekend goes OK, any more news on the takeover?

Dawn, any update on your grandma?

09-06-2008, 12:51 PM
Good morning all, not up to a full catch up either, still feeling icky - not horrible but not great. Just want to snooze! LOL And we have company coming later today - blech!! I'll be back later in better form I hope! Hugs!

09-06-2008, 02:58 PM
Just a quick hi to let you know I am here. Working, started a watermelon treasure bracelet last night. Planning to enter in WAF, YIKES it ends the 8th!!! Better get busy, huh!!

BBL :heart: :wave:

09-06-2008, 10:08 PM
Hi everyone!

Maggie - :wave: how's life at the cabin?

Andee - sorry you had a bleh day. Hope you are getting some rest though and feeling better.

Gwen - did you make some good beads today? I'm hoping for some torch time on Monday.

Pam - that's too bad about Frank's father. Does it seem like Alzheimer's is becoming more common? Congrats to Luke on the good chess move! How is the tree situation?

Cheryl - congrats on quitting your job! I love staying in my jammies too!

Claire - I am SO sorry to hear about Cassie. I know it's tough to lose a furry friend. Good luck with the holiday plans!

Barrie - hoping you got some rest and are feeling better this evening.

Rita - chop chop! Can't wait to see your bracelet!

Lisa - very nice bracelet! Did you post it over in the S&T? That's where we everyone usually looks to see our work but welcome to the daily chat too!

:wave: everyone!

News on my grandma. Well, I spoke to her yesterday on the phone. I can't understand a word she says because she can't wear her teeth and doesn't speak so well these days anyway and she couldn't hear me over the phone so my aunt was translating. She did wish me a happy birthday and a merry christmas! I guess I caught her just as her meds were taking effect. I know her pain is getting worse though. She asked to have her teeth in and her hair brushed and her earrings on today. We're praying that she's not suffering.

There are two bead shows in town next week/weekend and one of our big vendors is coming to the store tomorrow to sell to us in private! I'm going in a couple hours early to help out and I'm sure I'll find some goodies too. I REALLY want to make a gold byzantine chainmaille necklace so I'm going to try to behave so I have enough money leftover to buy the rings for that.

Have a good night everyone!

09-07-2008, 12:33 AM
Andee, Hoping you are feeling better today. One cube of butter is lb. I love the treasury!!! What fun!!!

Gwen, Hope your bead fairy was kinder to you today.

Pam, I got one kind of far away shot of a couple pelicans, I will see if they are still around tomorrow, maybe I can get a closer one. I am sorry to hear about Frank's dad. It is a tough thing to deal with.

Cheryl, Any day spent in your jammies is a better day in my book.

Claire, I really want to see Mamma Mia, I have heard from a lot of people how good it is. I am thinking I will just buy the DVD. Nothing new on the takeover. I think the printing business sale has fallen through.

Barrie, Hope you are feeling better as the day wears on. Hoping Andee didn't send you her cold.

Lisa, Beautiful chain maille!!! You should post it in the S&T, too.

Dawn, I have to get cracking on the bracelet!!! Only two days to go. But I will have many hours Monday to finish up. I think I have completed about an inch past the loop for the clasp. Hoping your Grandma stays out of pain. They should be able to give her plenty of meds to make sure of it. Good luck at the bead show.

Busy day at the antique mall, but not too much in sales. One sale at 6:30 pm, hour past closing time. It was a lady who needed to find a costume for a 1950s party. She bought a cute old house dress that looked like something one of my aunts wore. Here is the pelican photo:


09-07-2008, 03:52 AM
Ooh!! Pelicans! I love pelicans!! The cabin we spent our summers at in Northern ALberta (WAY north!), had brown pelicans all summer long - I always thought that was weird. Glad you had a busy day at the antique mall, makes the time fly, hope it wasn't too busy. Too bad about the buy out.

Dawn, how sweet that your Grandma wished you happy birthday and Christmas. And how cool that they would fix her up nicely. My grandma could never make it through the day without her hair brushed and lipstick on. Have a blast at the bead show - lucky girl, you get to shop early! Save some for the other shoppers, will ya?!

Cheryl, pretty bracelet!! I love chainmail, I just don't have the patience to do it much any more. I love the gold/blue combo you used.

Claire, I've heard really good things about Mamma Mia, glad you enjoyed it!!

Pam, sorry to hear about Frank's dad. That's never easy. Hope you find a cheap flight!! Hey, don't forget to get insurance - the way airlines are failing these days, don't take chances that yours will go belly up before your trip and leave you high and dry!! LOL

Gwen, hope the bead making went well today. Can't blame you for not wanting to drop everything and run to help when it doesn't seem terribly organized! Hope Norm had a nice time if nothing else!

Andee, I like your treasury and don't think it's boring at all. Hope you had a restful day!

Maggie, how was the farmers market? Find any good loot?!

My day was good actually. I'm feeling much better tonight. We had company all evening and it's left dh and I both a little frazzled!! Our oldest and his gf came out - I love those two! She's the one who's hair is the prettiest shade of purple right now! LOVE it!!! Rita, if we were younger, we'd both be all over that color! LOL Then my brother (yes, the one with the financial ruin and broken love life) came over with his 'adopted daughers'. The one is the diabetic girl that he took over the care of a couple of years back, she's his best friend's daughter, 18 now, was 16 when he took her in. I really like her. Anyway, the other one is his ex girlfriend's daughter and she is a walking talking train wreck! OMG I was STUNNED at some of the things she said, some of the things she did - I don't even know how to explain it. She's 18 as well, and rather undecided in her sexual orientation (though why that needed to be explained, I'll never know - but apparently I needed to know!). But the whole time they were here, the ex's daughter was almost 'flirting' with my brother - very sexual acting anyway. I want to say it was really inappropriate but I don't think that's a strong enough way to put it. And my brother laps up the attention like a lost puppy dog! I talked to my son and his gf after and asked them if I was just being a prude or if I was off base or I don't know what. They assured me that I wasn't imagining things - it was downright disturbing! And they live in a very progressive part of Vancouver (very modern, very hip, very well, progressive!), and they were shocked. There's not much that shocks Chris (our son). He was the one that found my mom when she passed, if you remember. Anyway, I have to talk to my brother about this. I absolutely can't have them over if that kind of thing is going to continue - I'm so not a prude, but there are limits to even my patience!! Needless to say, dh was livid by the time they left. Why I thought to invite them to dinner the other day, I'll never know!! I guess I'm just a little freaked out - my brother (who was supposed to be the smart one, the one who would go places, the one who would make a mark on society, has stumbled and fallen into a most questionable lifestyle. And as I am the oldest child (no parents left), then I am going to let him know that there are some boundaries adults don't cross, and I'm sorry 18 is still a child in this province!!!
Argh, sorry, I'm fine - just a little worked up tonight!! But as it's way past my bed time, I better hit the wrack. I'm hoping my brain is smart enough to block this whole evening from my conscious memory! LOL Back tomorrow to chat some more! Hugs all around!!