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03-10-2000, 09:35 AM
well, before i could go out and buy my own set, i got a gift box of Liquitex acrylics (tube), one jar of liquitex gloss gel medium (high viscosity) and liquitex matte medium (medium viscosity). now, which of these two mediums (and how much and when) would be best for achieving the closest affect to oils? sorry, all the choices can get confusing. my friend uses the gloss gel medium as a final coat. is that right? does one mix a few drops of these mediums directly into the paint on the palette? thanks again...

03-10-2000, 05:23 PM
You mix a few drops of the mediums with the paint on your palette; or add drops of color to the medium if you want a glaze. (That is how I did it anyway).

Drew Davis
03-11-2000, 09:49 AM
The mediums are just more acrylic polymer, more or less the same stuff that's in the paint along with the pigment. The reason they have so many is that they formulate them for different purposes. So, they make gel mediums that are thicker, to retain brushstrokes, or thinner mediums for smooth glazes. Gloss and matte versions just let you control the surface quality the way you want it. And you can mix the two to get intermediate levels of gloss.

Many acrylic mediums can be used alone as a final varnish, as well as mixed with paint. Some of them are better than others at it, so read the label.

Golden has a lot of good information on their web site. While the specific products are of course different, the general overviews apply just as well to any brand.