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08-30-2008, 01:58 PM
As some of you may know I have been selected to participate in the 2008 Pacific Northwest :: Plein Air Painting Competition and Exhibition. Here is a link to the daily blog of the competition and photos of my doggy.


It turns out we have three pastel artists in the competition. I hope next year we can get some more PA pastel artists. In the Columbia River Gorge patrons are very fond of pastel paintings and they seem to sell.

Deborah Secor
08-30-2008, 02:04 PM
Looks like a great place to paint, Donna. You look great and Buckley is a DOLL! I love seeing all the artists at work, too. What fun! I hope you enjoy it and do well selling your work. :D


08-30-2008, 02:11 PM
Thank you Deborah. It has been fun. I am usually the first one to arrive since I am a morning person. This is nice because so many people like to talk. I can get a painting well on the way before conversations start. Today they are painting inside a museum so I opted out for a day of rest.:cool:

08-30-2008, 03:01 PM
Looks like fun Donna. Beautiful places to paint. I hope that guard dog is protecting you.


08-30-2008, 03:04 PM
Thank you Doug. The guard dog gets more attention than I do. Little girls come up and pet him, people talk to him. He loves going out with me.

08-30-2008, 04:45 PM
Donna you are in a beautiful area to paint plein air. I've been there several times myself in past years - well I guess way past years now! LOL
Do we know the other pastel artists? None of the names on that list looked familiar to me, but maybe they go by another name on WC.


08-30-2008, 05:02 PM
Hi Peggy. I don't think they are on WC. The other pastel artists are, Katherine Purtzer, Portland, and Karen Watson, Hood River.

Donna T
08-30-2008, 06:12 PM
Great photos, thanks Donna! Looks like you had perfect weather. I hope Buckley is enjoying his mascot status. :heart:

Donna T

08-30-2008, 06:20 PM
Hi Donna T! Yes, he LOVES going painting with me. He gets his chair, he gets treats and fresh ice water. At this location they have some Peacocks, and he was almost afraid of them. I don't think he quite had it figured out, he looked at them with an expression that asked: what in the heck is that?

08-30-2008, 09:21 PM
wow- I would love to live in that part of the world...looks so beautiful...the dog is a real hoot...a good luck charm indeed!! congrads!!

08-31-2008, 09:41 AM
What great landscapes you have to paint - And your dog is so well behaved - Have a great time!

08-31-2008, 04:04 PM
GO DONNA - GO BUCKLEY! I love the fact that your good luck charm was there to accompany you. Does he help you choose pastel colors?

Oh this would be so much fun to join in next year. It was beautiful landscapes and now I know why the painting of Mt. Hood. Lovely!!! Have fun and we'll check to see what you post!


08-31-2008, 11:47 PM
Thank you Linda, Doreen, and Barb.

Well Buckley and I are now finished with the paint out. We deliver five paintings in the morning. They will go through the jury process....again. Here is the painting I did on the first day along with my setup. I am worn out and so is Buckley........



09-01-2008, 12:26 AM
It's beautiful - wow - great green on those vines. Nice location to work in!


09-01-2008, 12:32 AM
What a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations. And I know what you mean. I am always so exhausted after an event, especially if it is outdoors. You and Buckley deserve a really good night's rest. And I love the painting with its light and shadows. Great job. We'll keep up with the daily bolg.

nana b
09-01-2008, 01:04 AM
Donna, what a great place to paint and I'll bet you did get a lot done before the rest got there. That's what I would do, get a head start!
Your painting is great! nana

09-01-2008, 08:36 AM
Good luck! Your painting looks like a winner. Give Buckley a cookie!

Donna T
09-01-2008, 10:25 AM
You and Buckley deserve a break, Donna. What a beautiful painting of the vineyard! Honestly, I can tell from your photo that I would have been unable to paint there. There was just so much to look at and I would not have been able to focus. You did a wonderful job with simplifying that scene!