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08-21-2008, 01:15 PM
Yes, just to help you guys :D I had to order the new Caran D'Ache Luminance 6901 Pencil set. They are Permanant and Light fast.

First, the pics....so you guys can relive the big moment with me....

Top Layer...

Second Layer:

Color Charts:


Top: Prismacolor, Luminance, Pablo


Lead Sizes...Luminance, Prisma, then Pable L to R


I just got these into my hot little hands....and I have to say I do in fact love them. Yes, they were expensive. But top notch art supplies just are...and pigment prices have already gone way up (over double for some) in the last year....

So here is my opinion.....
The pencils come already sharpened (who has NOT worn out a pencil sharpener on a new set of Prismacolors?).

The pencils are FATTER in diameter than Prismacolors- and certainly larger than Pablos. The casing is made of California cedar, and they are round, not hexagonal. The wood feels very very nice in your hands. Not really sure about the lead size. They seem slightly less thick than Prismas, but thicker than the Pablos.

The Names of the pencils are difficult to read on the pencils....but since the only time I actually try to read the names are when I make color charts, or re-order, I think the names are in a truly wonderful place- since they go around the very END of the pencil....that means that after you have sharpened the pencil to a stub- you can STILL read the names!! Yipee!

The pencils are not colored on the casing...just a dot on the end. Makes it a bit harder to pick the correct color out of the pile, but I love the feel of the natural wood in my hand. To me, an ok tradeoff.

OK- so there are some jaw-dropping colors here that I doubt I can live without now....like Ultramarine Pink, Ultramarine Violet, and Light Malachite Green. Three Olive Brown colors that are going to be very useful for a lot of things (like the cactus I can't find the right color for at the moment)...

Some of the names are- well, a bit strange. They are an odd combo of color names (Purplish Red), pigment names (Anthraquinoid Pink), and mineral names (Light Malachite Green). However, if you are like me and seldom actually think of the name unless reordering, I wouldn't worry in the deep of the night about that either.

These pencils were engineered to be the most lightfast colors possible.....and I will have to take their word on that. But who wants to spend the hours it takes on a wonderful work of art, and have it fade out in a few years? Or worse, sell a piece to a client and have it fade. So that is a huge plus.

However, the main thing I love about these pencils is not the lightfast rating, but how they go down on paper. I used stonehenge paper for my charts. They go on very very smooth. Not ONE pencil had the lead snap, crumble, or anything else that was nasty in any way. They were smooth and wonderful, even with hard pressure.

A few crumbs did appear on the paper with heavy application. But they overlay like a dream. And best of all, absolutely no waxy buildup. The finish is matt, not 'shiny' which I really love....oh, and soft...very nice- perfect really...like a dream...but don't seem to 'wipe off' as much as the Derwent Coloursofts...

My only real complaint- is that the enclosed color chart is totally unreadable (the print that is) for eyes that are over 40....this to me is pretty unexcusable. It would only take a bit more space to print something consumers could actually read. But my eyesight has always been akin to that of an armadillo, so perhaps I am being mean.

In short, I truly love these....they will not replace my Pablos or my Polys, but they will be a huge huge supplement to them. I only hope they continue to expand the range.

08-21-2008, 03:00 PM
Need to add....that it seems Dick Blick is now out of the large set...have no idea how many they started with....but I hope that they will now see there is enough interest for them to carry open stock....

Also the pencils do fit in my pencil sharpener, but it is a tight fit! I am using an xacto...

my charts looked a bit off- the paper was white- this may be better...