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K Taylor-Green
08-11-2008, 11:46 AM
Another Monday! The month is going very quickly. Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread, where we share the happenings of our everyday lives!

We had a great weekend. Our hunt club held a training day, and we took Jetta, our yr old black Lab. Jess is doing very well with her training. Her obedience is pretty solid. She was a bit timid around so many strange dogs and people, but soon warmed up. The experience was very good for her. She needs to get used to the hustle and bustle of training days and hunt tests.
The area was beautiful! It is privately owned by our hunt club president, with a very large pond. I got to put Harry through his paces. He did fantastic, and I am getting better!:lol: At this point, the dog knows more than I do!

We worked some more on the Puppy house. I will upload some pictures when it is finished.

08-11-2008, 12:19 PM
:wave: Hi, All!

I bet the dogs loved the outing and showing off their skills and getting those "I'm a good dog treats!" Sounds like a beautiful place!

Our week is promising to be a bit jumbled...prob. not much studio time!
Tomorrow my husband, Bob, will have surgery on his right knee. Here we go again! It seems we know many people who have had knee replacements that went perfectly well. Bob's didn't! :( Two years ago, he had his right knee replaced. After his PT etc. things just did not seem to be right...too much play in the joint. So a year later, last Aug, he had it operated again and a new spacer put in the joint. After his PT etc. things just did not seem to be right. :o So he switched doctors, same HMO, and it turns out the original replacement joint was put in crooked! UG!!!!!
So....for the third Aug. he will have surgery to replace the replaced joint, tomorrow! Why Aug. each time? He is a university math prof. He just finished teaching summer session and he will teach a course for the school systerm in two weeks, then new semester will start!
We are hopeful that "three's the charm!" and in two weeks he can teach the school class on crutches and start the semester on crutches! Me...Oh, yes, I'm the nurse, caretaker, and then driver!
Art? Let's just say I'll MAKE TIME: it will be my therapy as well as my work! :lol:

But, there is terrific news: :clap:
My grandson Ben's cochlear implant is working so well! He even cries if it gets dislodged and his sound is turned off! Our son-in-law sent us three videos taken as it was turned on for the first time. We have had tears of joy watching over and over of this great event! Before the implant, he could only hear his parent's voices if they talked very lowly, as he had only a limited low frequency range. To see him turn to his parent's voices, to see the smiles.....Life is good! We are truly blessed!:heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks to all who have said encouraging words about this evet!:heart: :heart: :heart:

The other big evet...we seem to deal in threes!:lol: is that the landscapers are transforming our front garden into an easy care, native, prairie plants garden. We kept putting this off. Gardening was a great joy for me and I tended the beds for several years. But, my mobility is limited...try weeding getting up and down with a cane! :rolleyes: After a fall out there a year ago last May, things got out of hand. I'll have my very own priarie grasses and plants to paint and a limited amount of weeding etc. More time for painting! :wink2:

My sketch book is backed in my take-along-bag...at least I can get in some good people drawing in the waiting room and around the hopsital the next few days! "Have sketch book, will travel!":wave:

Happy painting to all this week!

CM Neidhofer
08-11-2008, 12:41 PM
Elsie, so wonderful for your grandson!! I have a cousin who was adopted at birth. They didn't know she was deaf when they received her. I wish they'd had the technology back then that they have now. Although I'm not sure it would work for her. She was missing nerves in the ears, something like that. Anyway, good for him!!

We're still moving. Macho DH took on a little more than he could handle by himself. Finally admitted a couple of days ago that he's not as young as he used to be!! lol I'm off today and unpacking and putting things where they belong. Of course, that's a battle since you seem to have to move something before you can place something, and the thing you need to finish something is, of course, in another box and you don't know which one!! lol Hopefully I'll be up and painting on my days off next week. Getting pretty antsy to work on something again.

Have a great week everyone!


Deborah Secor
08-11-2008, 03:05 PM
Mmm, I can relate, Christine. Still searching for things in boxes here... sometimes I open one and a great unremembered surprise surfaces, too!

Glad the dogs are doing so well, Kate. What a nice way to spend time, too. :D

Elsie, I hope this time the knee surgery is done excellently--you would think they'd make an extra effort considering...

Well, my son is in the air on his way to Denver/Munich/Thessaloniki, Greece, and then a drive up to Strumica (say strew-MEAT-sa), Macedonia. We had a team farewell dinner last night and the kid is definitely not 100% yet, but the ear infection is gone. Now he's coughing, and considering that he's been on antibiotics for a solid week, it's pretty clear this is a virus. I'm praying the other people on the plane don't get it!! He went off with a lot of gritty determination last night. I talked to him this morning and he felt a little better. It just gives me added incentive to pray!

I also have my mom living here now and a host of things surrounding that are interesting. She's had an emergency monitor with a button on a necklace but it won't work with the digital lines here. They say that it's only intermittent service, so it might work, might not. (If you have such systems for your folks I suggest you check it out.) I'm not about to try to reconfigure the internet/phone/tv package I have in place, so now I'm trying to decide whether to hook up a digital system or see if she can go without. The only problem is that we go off to church and leave her at home (she isn't a believer) and I wonder if I'll worry that she might fall and not have help until we get home. She's already broken one hip. Anyway, trying to make changes is all in the details.

Guess I'll go unpack another box and see what else I can get rid of!

:wave: Deborah

08-11-2008, 03:24 PM
All I can say is, I pray that all the knees, throats, etc. will heal well and that Deborah's son's trip will go great. I feel so for anyone that is not getting around well or some bug th at hinders what they ahve planned. Deborah, I have been in your shoes with my mom in the past and you will figure out what to do about the emergency monitor. Does she enjoy watching you with your artwork?

K - Glad the dogs are doing so well training. How fun it must be to watch them. Our dog would enjoy watching the other dogs, but would not chase anything unless it had food on it.

Have been busy painting the last week, but haven't posted anything. I guess I need to do that. This morning I spent time sweeping up debris from the little storm we had Friday night that broke limbs on the trees. Back to painting this afternoon.
Have a great week everyone.

Shirl Parker
08-11-2008, 04:02 PM
Deborah, as regards your mother's lifeline, if its a regular telephone land line that you need, the phone company (such as AT&T, ?Bell) usually has an emergency phone line service price for such a need. Much less costly than a typical phone line.

Deborah Secor
08-12-2008, 09:14 AM
I'll look into that, Shirl. I have digital lines and a package deal that rolls internet and phone into one. Having a a second phone line is just too expensive, unless there's an option like you mention. Thanks!


Dot Hoffman
08-13-2008, 07:19 PM
Wow, it seems I only get a chance to pop in here once a week or so. Sooon..........we'll be in the house. The movers are coming on Saturday and then we'll be busy unpacking for a while. That usually goes relatively fast, because I can't stand having all those boxes around.

The concrete floor did not work out. The subcontractor just couldn't get it. We went over on Saturday to look at his last of many attempts, and it was a disaster. I told my husband I didn't even want to get out of the car, and when I saw it I just cried. I couldn't help it, I just stood there and cried. The guys worked on it so hard, but just could not grasp the technique, I guess. We didn't have time for more attempts, because the poly needed to cure for four days, and the movers were scheduled from today on and we couldn't change that, and if it wasn't cured they couldn't move stuff in. So we had no choice but to take an alternate path, and are getting carpeting ("green" i.e., made from recycled beverage and food bottles such as 7 up and ketchup/mustard) and laminate. We can't afford hardwood which I would love to have, and we have to worry about cat throwups, so we had to have something easy to clean. This will work, and we can move in this weekend as planned.

Our general contractor has been a doll about all of this, once we all got past being so upset, and has been more than fair re what we owe for the demolition. He is such a good guy, we were really lucky to find him. He does a great job, too, just made a poor management decision in hiring those particular subs.

I hope everyone who is recovering from or needs help with health issues gets healthy fast :heart:

Oh, that reminds me, DH and I both had introductory visits to our new doc last Thursday, and found out my DH has a heart problem and needs to see a cardiologist. What a blow that was -- and he's the fitness freak, walking and exercising daily. So prayers are welcome for him.

Meantime our Sassy cat still has acne on her chin, and we took her to a vet last week who gave her an antibiotic shot and a Rx for an ointment. We wash her face every day, but it doesn't look like it's getting better. I'm not taking her back to this vet; somehow we just didn't like her very much. She didn't seem to know how to treat it and when I mentioned I'd researched the web and there was an ointment that often helped, I had to write it down so she could look it up in the PDR before writing a script. Got a recommendation for a different vet from our chiropractor; I'm sure she'll be better and is close to the house, but we can't get in until middle of next week.

Everyone, hope the rest of your week is wonderful:wave:

K Taylor-Green
08-14-2008, 12:27 PM
This is the last day that I have both grandsons all day. School starts on Monday! For the most part it will be me and Anna, though she has preschool on Wed and Thur. It will be a lot quieter here! No TV running all day. I'll miss the boys, but not the TV!

Got a call from my SIL last evening. Seems Jess's mom was in an accident. She isn't hurt, but they took the other driver to the hospital and Mom's car is damaged. Seems she also failed to tell us about a speeding ticket she got back in April! She is widowed and 76 yrs old, very active and still works as a home care aide. I'm wondering if she will get her license taken away and what kind of problems will spring up from that. Most of Jess's siblings live close to her, but she id soooo not a homebody! Worse, the accident was her fault. If it's not one thing!

Maggie P
08-14-2008, 02:14 PM
I had great ambitions of keeping up with WC while I was away but it didn't work out. For the first 4 days of travel we were in a different hotel every night and each time I could not get a wireless connection on my laptop. The various hotel clerks speculated that our room was too far away, that the system was down, etc. Finally after trying in the fourth place and still not getting a signal, I took the laptop to Starbucks, but again no signal. Finally decided it must be the laptop, got an appointment at the local Apple Store, and in less than a minute the guy there had popped it open, showed me the loose connection and how to fix it if it every happened again, closed it up and sent me on my way, no charge. I love that!

But then the workshop started, and life was hectic. So my good intentions failed, but next time I'll try harder. Meanwhile I'm home for a whole week yet before the Boulder plein air class!

Best wishes to all those posting here with health problems, and those who are moving/unpacking. Hope it all settles down, gets cured, and you all get time to go back to the easel!

08-15-2008, 01:34 AM
I hope everyone is feeling better, and having a good last few weeks of summer. I'm still working away at a still life that's for an art benefit. I've told anyone who ventures into the studio to remind me if there is a next time that - I don't do still life paintings! :eek: :lol:

Meantime our Sassy cat still has acne on her chin, and we took her to a vet last week who gave her an antibiotic shot and a Rx for an ointment. We wash her face every day, but it doesn't look like it's getting better. I'm not taking her back to this vet; somehow we just didn't like her very much. She didn't seem to know how to treat it and when I mentioned I'd researched the web and there was an ointment that often helped, I had to write it down so she could look it up in the PDR before writing a script. Got a recommendation for a different vet from our chiropractor; I'm sure she'll be better and is close to the house, but we can't get in until middle of next week.

Dot I'm familiar with this problem in cats. Are you aware that one thing that may be the cause is a food or water dish that is anything other than ceramic, glass, or metal, and kept absolutely spotlessly clean? Plasic dishes are not good items for such cats. Of course there may be another reason, but this is one of the most common. I've had a couple cats with this, and out vet says it is more common among ginger colored cats, but they don't know why. Scrubbing the area with hydrogen peroxide and applying antibiotic ointment has always worked well for me. Of course the cats greatly resent the washing, but I've never given them a choice! My cat only vet told me if the area has too many open sores to just use a warm wet cloth, and not the hydrogen peroxide... I guess the rubbing and ointment are the twin "keys" to success.

I'm sorry to hear about Ken's problems. I hope he is better soon - tell him to remember red wine in moderation is good for the heart! He'll remember our conversations at the last IAPS convention. :lol:


08-15-2008, 11:18 PM
:wave: Hi, All,

Thought I'd check in and report my week!
My husband, Bob, came through his knee surgery very well. He'll be home from the hospital tomorrow. Then I take over as nurse, driver etc. :lol:
I've seen way too much of hospitals for any time in the near future!
A sketch book was good company. Also, on the day of surgery, my daughter was there, too.
Maggie, I took your book along and got some chapters reread that I wanted to pay close attention to.:clap:
Hope you are enjoying your travels and workshop!:heart:
Deborah, I hope your son has landed safely and is enjoying his travels.
Our resident cat, Uriel, has been upset by the landscapers who were here last week and the lack of my husband this week. The stress was just too much....He took extra naps to deal with it!
Deborah, one of the chapters that I wanted to reread in Maggie's book, was the one that contained the demo you did of the dog portrait! It reminded my so much of the the portraits of dogs my mother used to do! I see some cat and dog portraits in my future! :cat:

My studio did not see me much this week! Hopefully I'll get some painting done next week!
The sunset out the hospital window this evening was breathtaking! It started with lovely peach and went to orange, pink, rose, and purple! This was not out west, or out over the Pacific, but right here in old Wisconsin!
Life is good! We are blessed!:heart:

Maggie P
08-16-2008, 01:47 PM
Elsie, that's just wonderful news. So glad he came through the surgery well and hope this time it turns out to be perfectly done.

I like your cat's approach to handling stress! I have to try the "more naps" idea myself. It's how I handle travel--put in in a moving vehicle or airplane and I'm asleep!

08-16-2008, 04:24 PM
I've got a dilemma. I sold a painting. Yeah! It's the blue door that I named theShadowed Door. But it was going to be the best one for the show I wanted to be in. Now I don't know if I've got enough of good eknough quality now. I think my best genre may be the Southwest look...missions & doors. So I'm wondering if instead of the still life I just started, I should paint another Southwest kind. What do you think? I've still got the Hollyhock Mission for the show.
I finally won a new digital camera on Ebay. That's taken up some time the last 2 weeks along with the Olympics & the gym. I was going to start painting but can't decide what to work on.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/16-Aug-2008/3341-TheShadowedDoorDoneSm.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/16-Aug-2008/3341-Hollyhock_Mission_doneSm_5-22-2007_8-13-03_AM.JPG

K Taylor-Green
08-16-2008, 04:52 PM
Tammy, congrats on the sale! It is a beautiful piece. I'd go with the Southwest look. You obviously excel at it.

Elsie, so glad Bob is doing so well! It seems that a lot of surgeries are less invasive these days. My stepdaughter had a partial hysterectemy last week and she is driving and helping her boyfriend move this weekend!

We are having a quiet, laid back weekend. Nothing much going on. Makes a nice change!

08-16-2008, 06:52 PM

Wow! Tammy! Way to go! Congrats on the sale.:clap:
Go for the southwest idea. I love how you handle the light on the adobe walls!:heart:

K, glad you daughter did so well with her surgery. Amazing the recovery time these days.
Bob got home this afternoon and is doing so well on crutches.
This guy us something else...signed himself up to teach a class for school district teachers starting Monday...So here is his driver, and the school systerm gets a bargain...two teachers for the price of one! :lol:

Oh, yes, I'm an artist, I almost forgot! The good side is that we are back home every afternoon by 2:00. I'm scheduling some serious pastel time for late afternoons this week. :lol:
I'm with the cat....nap time!:clap:
Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.:heart:

Dot Hoffman
08-17-2008, 11:19 AM
Hi, just a moment's worth here. The movers came yesterday, and my art stuff in is my studio, all in boxes, and I don't think there is even room to set up shelves or a table to unpack:lol: We'll spend the day unpacking.

Peggy, thanks for the info re cat acne. We use ceramic bowls for food and stainless steel for water, and they go through the dishwasher every day. I think Sassy just doesn't clean her own chin:( !! It's looking better now, but she avoids us if she thinks we'll pick her up. Grrrrr.

I'll tell Ken what you said:wink2:

Computer will be down for a few days. I hope to be able to pop in by Wednesday.