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08-04-2008, 09:48 PM
Morning everyone, :wave:

Didn't get through my to-do list yesterday, but reduced the ironing pile somewhat, and did essential jobs. I didn't get a picture of the Ganesh, but remembered that last time I snagged one off the Lladro website, might try and do that again ( the little guys look waaaay more cute than I can manage on a table on the balcony ).
Might have found a place to stay in London, but of course nothing is simple, need to send them a deposit etc and of course there are 'issues' with transferring funds. Why, I don't know, well actually I do....... I have a UK bank a/c and one of the debit card things, but I'm not set up for internet banking on that, also have Stg credit cards, but they don't take those, DH 's a/c is in Singapore Dollars, if I physically SEND a cheque snail mail then it would be a week and of course they don't want to hold and wait. DH is going to try and sort it today with the UK bank details they sent, but it just may not be possible. They mentioned that they have another a/c that they use for overseas stuff, so that will be the next tack. It would be a shame to not be able to stay somewhere nice just because of stupid admin, Grrrrr.
We fly out of here on the 3rd Sept, we would like to have somewhere fixed up to go to right away. It would mean that there was actual hot water there ( rather than if we stay at the apt ), and no stress for me of wondering where I would be staying. We will only be a few days in London I think, but as I have to stay on for about 3mos then we might as well do the whole time.

Might BBL to chat, WC has been slow and sulky but I'm not sure why, other sites load fine, but if no one else is having probs then maybe its something here. Have a good day all. Fiona

08-04-2008, 10:28 PM
Not quite as funny as telephone sheep, but this is the dancing Ganesha. If I get time I will try and find him his mouse today.


Have a good day. Fiona

08-05-2008, 12:06 AM
Fiona, I sure hope the $ thing got sorted out with the place to stay in London. It would surely take a load off both your minds to know that was handled. And it would make your stay so much nicer if you had hot baths and heat. The Ganesha is lovely, looks like he is having such a good time, too!!

08-05-2008, 12:32 AM
Fiona, Ganesha is a beauty. You are making my head spin with all of your money issues! Hope DH gets it all worked out.

Debbie, LOVE the car. How fun!

Pam, Hope you found some down time. I got a kick out of your Monday post. Yeah, There may be four of us at the bash! Can't wait. I think I will be star struck to see Corina!

Barrie, I bought some Corina beads and yep, was shocked at how small they were, especially considering all of the detail.

I will be off to the cabin very early so I won't be around much. Meeting up with my dad, sis, and sis's kids. Won't spend the night as there still isn't hot water and I need that warm morning shower. No tub to heat up water for like Fiona.


08-05-2008, 03:16 AM
Maggie, I think you have it worse than me with the whole selling/ moving/ inspection etc etc . Sure my time will come once they start ripping though LOL.

DH tells me that he has done the transfer, now I just have to hope that it arrives where it's supposed to and the agent finds it, not that I'm a worrier or anything.

Sorry not to chat but must run if I am going to get my hair dried and get to the mouse shop. Fiona

08-05-2008, 10:30 AM
Fiona, do you need a mouse for each new Ganesh? I'm looking forward to you being in London, you are closer to our time zone and more chatty ;) Though this time you'd better have heat and hot water.

:wave: to the rest, I'll be back later. Much. Tennis, Speech, Vision, and some back to school shopping today.

08-05-2008, 10:56 AM
Maggie, I am so happy for you being able to go to the Gathering, and then to the Frantz Bash, too!!! Nice!! Have fun at your dad's and at the Gathering. You need a chance to think about something besides the condo. ((((Big Hug)))) :heart: :heart:

Pam, Hoping you find time to breathe in the midst of the frantic running hither and yon today!! I have a love/hate relationship with back-to-school shopping. If there weren't a million other people trying to do it at the same time I love it . . . you get the idea. :heart: :heart: I hope Luke (and you) get exactly the perfect backpack if he needs one. Seems like that is always the most important component of Athena's back-to-school stuff. Oh, and the perfect notebook. :D

Got a call yesterday afternoon from my boss. She wants me to work today, so I will be in there at 10. Have no idea how long I will work, but they are buried and she finally decided to bite the bullet and have me come in. (If they are so busy she must be making money, right?) Anyhoo, I will be off in a bit. Dreamed about making earrings and surfing online and in shops looking for charms to make more earrings from. Jeez, I am making earrings in my sleep now!!!

BBL :heart: :wave:

08-05-2008, 11:02 AM
LOL Rita, not that kind of back to school shopping - it's the HUGE list the teacher sent with all the things that each kid needs to bring to class... from folders to pens to ziplock bags... and baby wipes. Oh and the "emergency pack" I wonder where I put his from last year... if I can find it, I've got most of what I need already for that thing. Oh and underwear. Which is not technically bts shopping, but the kid is growing so fast this year I had to buy him all new clothes for summer - in one week his old ones just didn't fit any more and you are right, his feet are huge - almost as big as mine! But in all the buying, I never got him new underwear and just noticed last night he's squeezing into them - they must be at least two sizes too small! LOL, he never even complained.

Have a good time at work - hope she treats you right!!

08-05-2008, 12:45 PM
so... I'm sitting there drinking my coffee, minding my own business... waiting for tennis to get done.... and two older women walk by and they are PO'd and bitchin' about "the bride wants apple pie - it's the most ridiculous thing ever" LOL! Must have been the groom's mother. Or grandmother. Funny.

08-05-2008, 12:50 PM
:wave: Got home late, want a bite, a shower and a matress. Hope it'll be earlier tomorrow so that I can say more than 2 or 3 words. :grouphug:

08-05-2008, 01:00 PM
oh and an update on the school thing... apparently it's next to impossible to get the kids switched once the lists are made (Debbie, they do it the same at our school, the teachers make the list, the P. assigns the class to the teacher.) I found out that one of the "troublemakers" IS in the other class, so perhaps they split the two biggest personalities that didn't get along, let's hope. And also, I'm thinking this teacher has way more experience than last year's and should be able to rule them in from the beginning. It's my hope. But we will just have to keep an eye on it and make sure Luke has some coping tools if it gets ugly. He's actually excited to go back - he likes and gets along with at least half of his class (only 13 kids) and will get to see his other friends when they do some class sharing/combining and recess, etc, he likes the teacher and he likes the classroom - he said it has "good energy mom". It should be ok. I need to meet with the teacher to discuss the vision things too, and I'm going to feel her out about her discipline style... just need to know so I can stop wondering.

Andee, rest up, we will see you soon. (((Hugs)))

08-05-2008, 01:23 PM
Hi... I'm new to wearable art. So far I've only made a few elastic bracelets, because I find other stringing materials so confusing. Hope to hang out here with you all. :)

08-05-2008, 04:37 PM
Hi everyone
Another busy day plus a load more to do when I got home, still have some invoices to issue before I finish for the night. I shall make David sit with me while I do them so he can find info and watch what I do in the hope that eventually he'll do them himself. No progress on anything else, although we have been chatting about where we might go on holiday at the end of September, just a for few days.

It rained hard today, so I called David to get him to pick me up from work, having cycled in. Big plus of a folding bike. It has been squeaking badly, I need to get it looked at. David is still trying to persuade me to get a "proper" bike, I'm not so sure, but I am fed up with the squeaks.

Barrie, what you call chips we call crisps, and what we call chips you call fries. And what you call a broiler we call a grill. I know just what it is like to share bed space like that, my old dog used to lie alongside me so I was squashed between him and David, and Cassie lies across the bottom of the bed but we have extension cushions so there is room for all of us. The running dreams wake everyone! Leaves with diamonds - upmarket or what?

Maggie, so glad you have fun things ahead. Leave it all behind and let Gary sort it, sounds a great idea.

Angela, love the sound of that marinade, I'll have to give it a try.

Andee, I think the doctor is probably right, but it doesn't really help your current situation. I can't help thinking that you need things to look forwards to, somewhere you want to visit or something you want to do. So life is not just work and recovering from work.

Rita, what annoyed me about Sleepy Hollow was stupid things like blood spurting out of a long-dead body, it's just plain wrong. And the different acting styles, the director should have kept everyone in check there. That cheesecake recipe sounds good, hope you find it again. If you are going to be making in quantity the more jigs and shortcuts you can use the better. You and Eric sound best buddies now!

Gwen, that 6 month deal sounds a big improvement, the way these companies work is just incomprehensible. It's funny but although I've only been at Porvair a few weeks it seems like ages. I'm happy there, and quite philosophical about the workload, if I can't do everything I just go to my boss and ask which of these many things is to take priority.

Pam, you need a holiday, this summer has been nothing but running around for you. I don't see a problem with the bride having apple pie, unless it is instead of a bouquet. Even then, her wedding, her choice. The school thing may be working out for the best if Luke seems happy with it. So long as the teacher knows what progress he's been making and can give you proper feedback.

Debbie, great car pics, looks like you have a lot of fun with hthem. My father used to drive vintage cars and renovate them, sadly since his stroke he hasn't been able to drive any more. Haven't heard anything from Polly, I was hoping Tasha would keep us up to date. Liz hasn't posted since her problems with Jenna. Sorry, can't raise any enthusiasm for the Olympics, I don't watch sport.

Fiona, love the dancing Ganesh. Great to have found a good place to stay, a few home comforts are what you need. I do like the idea of a mouse shop.

Mercedes, hi, welcome to the forum.

08-05-2008, 05:28 PM
Happy afternoon all!! Well, it's afternoon here! And a hot one! BLECH! Not complaining though, could be worse, I know! I have to leave in an hour to pick up #3 son from work (ah the never=ending chauffeur duties!! Just glad they're scaled WAY back from the good old days! LOL). I just came up form the studio to have some lunch and take some pictures of the leaves before the resin. I can't get over the big temperature difference between downstairs and upstairs!! Dh is home today with a pulled chest muscle, it's odd having an extra body around all day! This is four days in a row because of the long weekend! Almost like a holiday! Plus, he quit smoking on Saturday, hasn't been grumpy all weekend. Wow I better start counting my lucky stars! :)

Claire, I'm so glad you've slotted in so well with the new job. Your boss sounds reasonable which always helps! A squeaky bike would make me crazy! Isn't it funny how big a dog can be when they're hogging the bed?! Jessie sleeps at the end of the bed with my feet as her pillow - kind of like her security blanket, I guess. I have to admit, I'm quite used to having her there - just not used to Bailey (she's doubled in size since we got her last November!!). She was much more puppy than I ever thought she was! LOL

Andee, Claire has a good point. I guess it would be difficult to plan a holiday or something. Being off work for so long probably put a huge crimp in those sorts of things due to finances. Hopefully you find some light at the end of your tunnel though!

Pam, you make me tired just thinking about all you do!! But then I remind myself that it wasn't so long ago that I was chasing after four boys, for many years. We did weekend day trips every weekend so the kids had lots of outdoors experiences. They all still talk about those trips - except the youngest. He HATED camping! LOL When he was six, we were at a fishing camp (log cabins, no plumbing or running water, but real beds to sleep in). I went into the cabin the first evening and he was laying on the bed, sobbing his eyes out. I asked him what was wrong - "I miss technology" he wailed! ROFL! We still tease him about that!! And he still hates things like camping and outdoors! LOL Hoep the shopping isn't too tedious for you, and I have to agree with you - if the bride wants apple pie, who can argue! LOL

Rita, your copper is going out tomorrow, I have a package with some beads in it that I'm adding, so have to pick up a proper shipping package - can't have this stuff falling all over the place! :) Hope you don't mind! :) Hooray for an extra day's work for you! Hoep that's a good sign of things to come!! And it does sound like you and Eric are trying really hard to make this work - what a great mom you are! :)

Maggie, hooray for heading to the cabin!! I really want a cabin one day! :) Have a great time with your family! Yes, Corinabeads are tiny!! And huge prices back in the day! I have a string of her very old reject beads (circa 1998 or so) and they're HUGE in comparison to her regular work! LOL I should dig it out and take a pic. I definitely credit her with my stringer work.

Mercedes, welcome to our little piece of the web! It all starts so innocently with a few elastic strung bracelets and the next thing you know, you're hooked!!! If you have any questions, there are tons here to help!!

Fiona, gorgeous Ganesh!! The mouse store, huh? Sounds interesting! LOL! Hope your finance arrangements made it okay!! A place to stay is a good thing!!

My brother called me in a huge funk last night, he got dumped - turns out the love of his life doesn't love him anymore because he's broke. But the banks are working with him to refinance his credit cards and personal loans so he won't have to declare bankruptcy. I think with her out of his life, he'll be a LOT happier than he has been in almost a year! Sorry, but I did NOT like her one little bit and the more he told me about her, the less I liked her. Hope he sticks to his guns with this! :)

Well, better get to photographing the jewelry, then off to pick up the kid, then home to hide in the studio where it's nice and cool! LOL Have a great afternoon everyone!!! Hope it's not too hot in your world!

08-05-2008, 07:45 PM
Well, it is early evening here, 6:00pm, and we are still at 100F. Not sure what the high was today. Norm came in laughing and said the temp on the outside of my cabin said 115F! :eek: I'm sure the walls had heated up as I was in there early this morning and had the torch and kiln running until it got so hot I couldn't breath! I think I'll put a thermometer inside just to see how much heat I am generating. I didn't last long today as there was no breeze from outside.

Debbe, I love your car! Those were the cars I dated in and they were new!:D
Love your pendant! (LOL) Your "girls" are pretty too. I'm not sure where Eduardo might be located. I'll have to look that one up. We are not to far from Eldorado which has been in the news lately because of the big LDS compound there and the authorities taking all those children out of there. Good advice on the classroom thing.

Barrie, your brother might not think so now but that girl taking a hike was "a good thing". Sorry he got stuck with all the debt but maybe it will be a lasting lesson. So funny about your son and his comment on the camping! My son grew up camping because we couldn't afford any other kind of vacation. He still loves it and goes every chance. His daughter is growing up in his shoes!

Claire, so nice that your work place feels so "at home". That is so important. I had a position that lasted for 14 miserable years and I knew the second week I was in the wrong place! A squeaky bike would be very annoying. Much like a shoe that squeaks when you walk! Good luck getting David to start doing some of the home business chores that you once did!

Andee, maybe it would be worth a try to do what Claire suggested. I know I had such a hard time making myself go out of the house on weekends at one point but, if I could force it I usually felt much better. It helps if you have a friend you can go with. Sometimes I would just make myself stop off at some shop after work instead of going directly home. That seemed to help to, just the change in scenery.

Rita, if you are satisfied with the price you got for your work then that is all that really matters! I hope they fly off the shelf and that you will have a nice niche market going for you. That's nice that she lets you piggyback on her wholesale orders! I know that FireMountain isn't true wholesale but it seems to work pretty good once you get up in the higher quantity brackets. I have also used Jewelry Supply and Rio Grande. I don't usually use any of the ones that require a certain dollar amount for the order. For some of the pewter I buy I use Lytha Beads.com as she carries the TerraCast which I really like. Sounds like you made a good deal on that weed eater thing. Nice that it can be so many different machines. My dad has one like that and he loves it. Hope Eric stays in that upbeat mode! Sounds like he is doing well.

Pam, you are certainly on the run today! Too funny about the bride and her apple pie! Maybe she could do some tiers of apple pie and put the little bride and groom on the top one! :p So cute that Luke thinks his room has a good feeling about it. That's important and sounds like he already feels right at home. That little man is going to be ok! I'm so glad you are going to the Gathering or Bash or whatever! Did I say I'm jealous!!!

Mercedes, welcome to our part of WC! Hope you decide to hang out with us and join our crazy group. Lots of really great ladies here in this group!

Fiona, love your new Ganesh! What a cute idea, a Mouse Store! So glad you got all the finance thing straight and have a place to stay and that it has nice hot water! Will you stay at the same place for the entire three months or the reno? I bet you are excited and scared all in the same breath!

Maggie, glad you are doing a get away! What a fun break from the condo selling stress! Hope you have lots of stories to tell us!

Well, it is time to go feed the cats. I need to get some more pictures of Sunni. She is the cutest little girl kitty! Everyone have a great evening. I'll probably check back in and for sure I'll see you tomorrow. Think I'll surf around the net and see if I can come up with a hair style I like. I sure need a cut and I'm tired of the long stuff, not that I would go short but I would like to go shorter. :p

08-05-2008, 10:10 PM
Ok, I have to admit I made a big gaffe. Debbe asked if I was close to Eduardo and I thought she was talking about a town!!! We do have some towns in Texas with names like that and worse! So I'm out looking at the weather and suddenly learn that's the new tropical storm that hit near Galveston. That one would be probably 400 or 500 miles from me. Probably won't get any rain out of that one either. Dad gum it!!!

08-05-2008, 10:43 PM
Ok, here we go. I found a map that actually has Ballinger on it so this will give you an idea of where I am. I was surprised to see it since it is a small little place with a population of around 4,000. Look above the TE in TEXAS and you will see Ballinger. I am about 15 miles north of there. If you look up above Ballinger you will see Abilene which is the nearest "city" (population around 158,000) and where we go for any major shopping. Abilene is about 40 miles north of us. The storm hit at Galveston, which is near the Texas/Louisiana border and is about 400 miles from where I am. You can see that I am about square in the middle of the state.


Ok ladies, that is your Texas History lesson for the evening! :D

08-05-2008, 10:52 PM
Oh Gwen, thank you! I always wonder where in the heck in TX you are - now I know! It seems wild that you will probably not get any rain from this storm too!

Guys, I DO need a holiday. And now, in order to make sure Luke is done with his speech by the time school starts, we are thinking of postponing our montana trip until April... so he won't miss any sessions... I don't know... part of me says screw it - go and make some good memories - but then to have speech all wrapped up with a nice little bow and have that behind us... that would be amazing too. Tomorrow is just summer camp day. I am going to try to get my hair cut (have been looking for a style online too Gwen) and maybe even those highlights I've been thinking of. Not really a vacation, but something for myself at least.

08-05-2008, 10:58 PM
Pam, Hoping you find that emergency kit from last year. No need to go to the expense all over again. That is so funny about Luke and the underwear. Athena had the same problem. Suddenly they were way, way, way too small. Bizarre. I don't know when it happened, but she actually has a little butt now. Never did before. My son would have loved pie for his wedding. He wanted to know if my mom would be disappointed one year when he asked if it would be okay if he had blueberry pie instead of cake for his birthday. Little did he know, my mom hated cake and was thrilled by the idea of pie. He had always thought she loved cake because she always bought him big fancy decorated cakes. :D Funny kid. See the teacher so you can stop wondering AND worrying. That is part of the migraines, I am sure. Yes, a haircut might just be the lift you have been looking for. Highlights sound like fun, too. I used to frost my hair, but haven't for a long time. It was fun, and would probably help hide all my grey.

Andee, Hang in there it's nearly Wednesday and it will be half over!!! :heart:

Mercedes, Welcome to wearables. I started out slow myself. I had just done repairs for the most part until about a year and a half ago. I had tons of jewelry, and lots of beads and supplies, just didn't know where to start. You will have fun, and find this group to be very caring and sharing of information.

Claire, I sure hope you get the bicycle situation remedied. David may be right about getting a proper bike for commuting, but it might make it a lot harder to carry back home when it rains. I think it just took Eric realizing I have done nothing but try to help them, and him in particular. Tess told him read mom's blog and you will see the only time she wrote anything negative about you was when she thought I had finally come to my senses and left only to discover I wasn't strong enough to even try. Of course she said, I am glad I did it because it woke you up to the fact you really did love me and the girls, and that you had to snap out of your coma and become a part of the family. He then looked at the things I had written about his being so wonderful with Cassie on her birthday, and when we took my dad out to lunch when he was in rehab, and about how tender and gentle he was with dad when he fell. He realized I was not the bad guy in the situation, and is really appreciating what I am trying to do for Tess and for him. He got the lawns all taken care of today, and I am sure he is happy to know he is really contributing to both households.

Barrie, You would have loved the weather here today. I think it probably topped out around 65 or so. The heat stayed inland and was hitting 100 in a lot of places. Fortunately we had our usual August fog bank that rolled in and kept the heat away from the coastline for the most part. It was sunny and windy all weekend so people complained and today no wind, but fog so people complained, but it drove people into the antique mall so we were slammed all day. Biggest sales day in a while. Nice!!! I will never complain about a shipping delay when extra beads are involved!!!! Thanks!!! Yes, Eric and I seem to have found our center somehow. I don't think it hurts he realizes I am really trying to help him and Tess, not tear them apart, or interfere. And they are really happy and he is trying hard to do whatever it takes to be a part of the family. You are a great sister to just love him and support him as you do. Hopefully he will stick with it.

Gwen, I let Tess direct the earring thing since it was dealing with her boss. She told her boss it was a one-time-only price to see if they sell. They are at the price she will continue to sell them at, but we are definitely going to up the price to $10 per pair. Thanks for the suggestions on places to check into. I know her boss orders from Rio Grande and I think she gets a substantial discount (don't know for sure). I like the TerraCast things, too. You have really beautiful hair. I would imagine there are lots of different styles you could try that are in between so you wouldn't be in OMG short hair shock!! Sounds like your studio was superheated!!! Too darned hot for me!! Boy, you really are smack in the middle of Texas. Thanks for another Texas lesson. :D We need a little education thrown in every so often.

Got home to a wonderfully shorter lawn and whacked down weeds!!!! Yippeee!!! So tired I can hardly type. It was so busy it was crazy today. All three of us were running all day!!! Great sales, too. Biggest day of the summer so far. Yea!!