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08-02-2008, 09:35 AM
Always surprised when there isn't a daily thread when I wake up on this side of the world.

Keep waking up with head pain, think it is stress. Not in a good zone right now and I'm not sure why. Low energy and I'm just going through the motions.

Day three of escrow. Home inspection is this morning. Papers to be signed Monday so I can get to the gathering, which I don't even care about at this point.

Will try to be back later with more enthusiasm.

08-02-2008, 11:41 AM
Hi Maggie! Sorry you have another headache. I sure know the feeling though thankfully not today. Hooray for home inspection and being in escrow finally. Hope you can find a bit of enthusiasm if only for the Gathering at this point. I think you're just on emotional overload right now. You've piled an awful lot on your plate this past month, what with changing your entire life, leaving a job you like, packing, moving, selling, showing, etc etc. No wonder you're feeling a bit done in! Hope you find some energy and motivation. Gotta admit I'm TOTALLY jealous that you get to go to the Gathering. So many glassy people in one place! I wish they'd hold it in Seattle so I could go! LOL

:wave: to all. Not sure what today will bring. Dh amd I are going to go out for brunch and see where the day takes us. Hope you all have a great Saturday! Cheers!

08-02-2008, 11:59 AM
Hi everyone

We've had a lot of rain today but it is brightening up now. I need to get out in the garden and plant a couple of things which are languishing in pots. This morning I went into town and got some new shoes and a fleece, decided I didn't have enough in pale colours. I'm now cooking the dogs food and baking orange and chocolate chip muffins, having got the bread done this morning. I'm also working on the belt, I varnished the wooden beads and am now stitching reinforcing into the fabric sections. Next step will be putting it all together.

I'm going to get my sewing stuff downstairs again too so I can progress with the jacket, no excuse for not getting on with it now. David is putting some more plasterboard up in the garage, the opposite side to the workbench. Hopefully that will mean we can keep the place tidier and actually use it.

Gwen, I've never used sourdough, I'm afraid I use dried fast action yeast because it is so convenient. Silly really since I make bread so often it would be sensible to have an ongoing starter. The belt is progressing rather slowly, but it is happening. I'm slightly vague about how it will fasten, I'll see what happens when I get there. Next weekI'll be working 9 to 2.15 every day, it should be till 2.45 with a half hour lunch break but that seems a bit silly as my colleagues take their breaks 12-1 and 1-2.

Debbie, what is a car cruise, is it like a rally?

Rita, how infuriating that your Dad hasn't learned from his fall. What does Tess actually do in her job?

Maggie, this house selling thing is really taking its toll? Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and quickly and real life can start again.

Barrie, a free and easy day sounds good, enjoy it while you can.

Hi to everyone else, I'll pop back later to catch up with you all.

08-02-2008, 12:17 PM
darnit, lost my post!

Oh well, where was I? I was sharing a picture of this rockslide near where Barrie lives, on one of the most beautiful drives in the world - Vancouver to Whistler. Check out the color of the water!

Maggie, it's no surprise you are feeling burned out and stressed - I hope once it passes inspection and everything is signed and moved forward you will start to relax some. Don't forget to keep taking your vitamins durring this time! ((((hugs))))

Claire, you amaze me, varnishing the beads even! That is something my grandmother would have done! Yum chocolate chips and orange muffins, sounds like my fave.

Well, don't know what today will bring. I plan on creating a coat closed from a storage spot - don't ask. But need a place to hang all the long lost coats. And there is a guy coming to give us a quote for taking 12 trees down. Don't worry, we still have oh, at least 30 to 40 trees left, it's a big kill but I'll put up a weeping white birch grove in their place, as well as a nice hedge and some raised veggie beds! I can't wait.

08-02-2008, 12:29 PM
Barrie, How great would a Seattle Gathering be! Next year is Florida and then New York and then Seattle??? One can dream.

Claire, You have my mouth watering with all of the talk of muffins and bread. Hope you get to those plants yearning for room to grow. Baking, gardening, and sewing sound like the perfect day to me.

Debbie, I think David Cook can go far. How fun that you went to the concert and have been to others. My niece loves Blake so I gave her tickets to last years show as a birthday present.

Pam, Losing posts seems to be a glitch still. Sometimes I select all and copy before I hit post. Of course those are the times all goes well. I was looking at all of the beauty that I missed the landslide at first. All of your garden goals sound wonderful. I can understand taking down some trees, not every tree belongs where it was planted.

Not sure what I am going to do with my day. Gary is in a poker tournament and depending on how he does we will either go through about 65 pages of paperwork today or tomorrow. Disclosure kinds of things. Don't even want to think about it.

Hi to everyone else. I should go back and read yesterday's thread, but sometimes you just have to move on. I'll be back hopefully.

08-02-2008, 01:31 PM
Hi all.

Had a quiet and rather blah day. Muscle is still pulled, but headache is finally gone. I continue to be tired, tho. In other words: same old. Made some things, used some Maggie-beads, but am way too lazy to get the camera out today.

Angela - sheep beads sound fun. How did they turn out? Can't wait to see photos!

Pam - yup, a whole month. Unfair... I hope the bump will be gone soon, sounds like you need a break, too!

Maggie - grilled cheese/grilled onions sounds delish. Why can't we have stuff like that here? All you can get is the same old baguette with cheese and tomatoes. (I mean, for vegetarians. The choices for folks who eat meat are much more.) Thanks for explaining escrow. So basically this means nothing is certain yet? I so hope this will be it so that you can relax again! Hugs!

Gwen - wow, only 14 $ for the "car is good to go" sticker? I think I paid something like 108 $ this year. But at least we only have to do it every 2nd year. Indeed it wasn't a mistake - meaning they did it on full purpose. Nonetheless it's the wrong tax-group they put me in, so they will have to straighten it out. I just moved to a different office on the same floor, but it was exhausting nonetheless. Nope, we don't have aircon - for which I'm actually glad, (Well, most of the time.)

Rita - bummer about the computer, that would drive me crazy! I'm glad to hear that things are on the mend between you and Eric. I can understand that you were upset about your dad getting up again for letting the cat out. I feel sad for him that something as easy and normal as that is almost beyond his abilities now. But - atm it's a 50:50 chance that he CAN do it, I mean, one fall, one success. Maybe you could work with him so the chances get higher? Or let him let the cat out while you're there, helping him? Something like that?

Fiona - oh my, that would so not be my kind of thing to do, I get dizzy just thinking about being inside that ball!

Barrie - I'm sure before you know it looking after Dayton won't be boring at all. Just give it a year or two! ;)

Claire - wow, your agency does so NOT sound like mine! Something like that is totally unheard of! ;) Yay for you, tho, I'm glad you had more luck! Beg your pardon, your boss made WHAT? :lol:

Debbie - yay for new cell phones, and that you had a fun evening at that show!

Sylvia - bummer about the old files not working on your new computer. But as long as you have the old one, can't you save them in a different format? Oopse, Pam already suggested that... Worth a try, hm?

Dawn - 6 days of work without break is too much. Hope you find some time to relax!

08-02-2008, 07:54 PM
Quiet here today. Made the mistake of not taking some migraine meds when I first got up. Tired of that routine, waited until noon, and it just won't go away. Did sleep an hour, maybe that will help.

Andee, Glad your head is better at last, hoping mine will copy yours. I understand your being so tired with the long hours and stress of paycheck mishaps to worry about. I am looking forward to seeing something made with Maggie beads.

Rita, Are you working today?

Gwen, Hope you had some relief from the heat and some time to torch.

08-02-2008, 10:23 PM
Hi everyone! I'm running on the late side tonight. Got up this morning and baked a banana cream pie! It's all Barrie's fault. (LOL) The I did some torching, tried some off mandrel leaves and I do fine right up to the very last of trying to get them heated through before throwing them in the kiln! Nerve wracking to say the least but I'm determined to master it. Finally got some beads done, that I actually like, for that red bead pen. Then, Norm picked up the mail and I found a rejection notice from a health insurance company and the rejection was for the craziest reason. I have an implant so they won't insure me! I had breast cancer in 1993 and had a mastectomy with reconstruction. They didn't deny me for the cancer, just the reconstruction! Then, they referred me to a State sponsored high risk group insurance plan and guess who the insurance company is for that plan. Yep, the one that denied me. Looks like they look for reasons to refer you to that group so they can charge you double what the premium is for individual insurance. I thought the whole purpose of group was lower rate but guess not! To add insult to injury they charged me $30 to tell me I can't have their insurance! Oh well, get thee behind me satan and let's move on to better thoughts!

Maggie, I don't doubt you have a headache with all the stress. I bet those things will disappear once you are settled at the cabin and past all this stuff. Fingers crossed for the inspection thing. Hope that "man" wins his poker game and takes you somewhere fantastic with the winnings! Let's see, I remember you wanting a laptop......he he he he! Still hot here but it may cool down just a tad around mid week next week. That just means we will go back into the mid to high 90's instead of being triple digits every day.

Andee, those car inspection fees you and Claire have to pay are terrible. Do they charge you even if your vehicle doesn't pass and then again when you get the repairs? That's what they do here. It's a nonrefundable fee, pass or no pass. If you don't pass they tell you what needs to be fixed, you get that done and then pay another $14 to see if you pass. Can't imagine an office building with no air con. Even the schools here have it. Did they have maintenance folks to move the heavy stuff? Either way, moving is a pain.

Claire, if you have the yeast method down then I say don't change! The starter stuff is a real pain. Lots of work to keep it fed and going. I once had a recipe for a starter that used instant potato flakes in it and I don't remember it being as time consuming as the one Norm is using. I probably still have the recipe in a box somewhere in storage. So nice you got some rain. We had a tiny little shower last evening but not enough to even measure. It is only teasing us but at least my grass didn't crackle when I walked on it this morning. Looking forward to seeing that belt! and Yum to the orange muffins. I just ran across a recipe for orange cake that I want to try.

Pam, that rock slide is terrible! So glad no one was caught in that mess. But, on the other side of things, the water is beautiful! Did you decide not to have the remodel fellow finish up your inside job? I somehow lost track on the inside powder room thing. Sometimes it makes sense to remove some trees so you have some light coming in so other things can grow. We need to plant some trees across the back of our little house to block the west sun a bit. It will be a job since we have so much caliche rock to cut through in order to dig a hole. I don't even want to think about it!

Barrie, hope you had a good day. Sounds like you had one of those "come what may" days planned. Those are nice sometimes.

Well, my bionic ear is beeping, letting me know that a new battery is needed soon. I think it gives me three warnings and the "dead". Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

08-02-2008, 11:11 PM
Maggie, Still visualizing an end to all this with a successful uneventful escrow!!! Don't forget that you are in mourning for the end of one sort of life and the beginning of another, cut yourself some slack, and give as many people as you can tons of hugs. You get them back that way and hugs go a long way toward healing such things. Yup, it was my long day (of the two whole days I get right now). Of course I don't know if I could fit much more into my week with dad and the earring production.

Barrie, I hope brunch was delectable, and the rest of the day followed suit.

Claire, Your baking day is making me drool again, and I just ate. Tess bought dad and I and her household Mexican food tonight, since after our usual crazy Saturdays neither one of us has much energy left. I was lucky though, a friend brought me an iced coffee around 3 pm and it really perked me up. Tess, is a salesperson, and also maintains all the eBay and Etsy stuff for her shop, and keeps track of inventory and does the inventory when it needs doing. She is really top notch at inventory control. She was a freight manager at a big store in Texas and saved them tons in pilferage and just not knowing where things had disappeared to when freight came in. She can be really obsessive about such things so she is an asset to any company with lots of inventory. Fortunately I think her boss figured out how valuable she is and has tried to kiss and make-up. Tess said if she is so attached to her she (the boss) better just realize how valuable she is. She is paid fairly well since it is a supposed “retail salesperson” type of job. At least your day is short enough you aren't required to take a lunch break. Here if you work 6 hours you are required to take at least ˝ hour for lunch, whether you want to or not.

Pam, That water looks like glaciers. What a great picture, but what a scary thing to have happened. I hope the tree lopping bid is reasonable. Will you be able to use the wood in a fireplace or woodstove, or can you barter it for the cutting? A coat closet sound like a reasonable choice.

Andee, I think the main thing I need to do is find some treatment for the bottoms of his slippers so he won't slip. He can get up and open the door just fine. He just forgot in the two minutes I was gone how soon I was coming back and had also forgotten how he fell the first time. I may try having him let the cat out, though. That sounds like something he would like to be responsible for. I had him write the grocery list for me a couple of day ago.

Gwen, You and Claire are making my mouth water!! Dad and I both love banana cream pie. Dad says he loves pie alone or with somebody else. Hot, cold, ala mode, well, pie. Funny guy!!! How is the volume on your bionic ear going. Have you adjusted, or will you need to have her turn it down again? Hope you get some more of the rain. Sounds like your grass appreciated it even if it was just a dab. I hate insurance companies. I think they are just gigantic rip-offs packaged in some pretty wrappings. Made to trick us into cramming them down our own throats.

Off to look at show and tell. I didn't even get a picture of the earrings I sold to Tess's boss today. I made a pair of purple ones for myself and she fell in love with them and just had to have them!! She gave Tess a check for $147 today and will pay her another few dollars tomorrow when we deliver the last two pairs. She rejected some of my favorite pairs, but then that gives me some to list on Etsy. I am going to lower my earring prices, too, I think. If you get a chance to look at my prices let me know if they are too high now.

BBL :heart: :wave:

08-03-2008, 12:30 AM
hi again :)

Gwen, that's nutty. Insurance companies are just getting worse and worse. I wish I could have some of your banana cream pie. I think maybe I'll make a dish of chocolate icecream with banana slices instead Haha, yum.... must hurry this up to do that! No the powder room is not finished. Frank installed some more trim and now the door won't close. He needs to fix the door, finish the chair-rail trim, and install the threshhold. And then I need to paint the trim and hang the towel rack/tp roll holder and then it's done. The master bath needs the shower plumbing run and a new window installed (I'm trying to talk him into getting storm windows to put on in the winter instead to save $$$ plus I love my old windows with the wavey glass) but he's not going for it. So that's on hold. Once once of us wins that battle, then the tile goes in, then very close to done. And then there is the guest room bath, it needs sink plumbing, walls and a sink and some tile work. Sigh.

Rita, will check out your shop prices. I'm with your Dad, pie anytime, breakfast, lunch, dinner... dessert too. :D The tree bid is a lot of money but reasonable for the job so we signed up for it and it will happen in 3 to 4 weeks. Will probably take 4 to 5 days to complete, then we will need the stumps out. And then landscaping... Frank says that's all we will do this year, it cleans out the budget. So no kitchen remodel or addition or anything else for a bit...

Hiya Andee, glad the head is feeling better at least. And that you were able to create something. That's something. Hope you sleep tonight.

Did Dawn post earlier and now it's gone? Or did I imagine that? Hello to Dawn either way!

Well today was mixed. Good that the trees will be taken care of before winter storms arrive to keep me up nights with their noise and worry of falling on house. Got the pool water balanced again. Some yardwork done. But then Zoe pulled a muscle in her shoulder, and Frank did something to his back. And Luke is covered with mosquito bites, and then .... sigh... we got Luke's teacher assignment.

You TEACHERS and PARENTS out there - what do you think of this? Luke got the "good" teacher (they are both good, but one is more desired) this teacher is known for being firm but kind, great with boys, teaches each kid to their own individual level and potential... good right? But here's the problem - he got put in the class with the 3-4 most difficult/behavior challenging kids from 1st grade, plus the other kids from his "bottom five" reader's group from first grade. None of his bestest friends are in there with him, only 3 other kids from his class last year. I'm upset because I think they are using his gentle/easygoing nature to balance the hard ones, and also that they lumped him with the bottom readers, even though he's doing so well now (his old teacher would never get back to me on how he was doing in class after he got his glasses). And that they didn't put him with his friends. I don't know... is it too much to have a great teacher and an easy peaceful harmonious class of kids??? The other class is a dream mix of kids. But those parents are upset because they didn't get the teacher they wanted. Life?

Ok, time for that ice cream...

08-03-2008, 01:13 AM
Pam, At least you get the tree removal to make way for more garden space. Yikes, everyone with muscle pulls or bites? How are you holding up? Migraines aside? Teachers sounds totally annoying. I understand your frustration, but maybe there will be an upside to the placement. Frustrating to have his actual reading ability let lie after his glasses. I think I really don't like his last teacher, inept, and not paying much attention to important things, if you ask me!! (((hugs))) :heart: :heart:

08-03-2008, 01:14 AM
Oh, forgot to say, Dad and I just had coconut pineapple ice cream. YUM!!!

08-03-2008, 01:21 AM
coconut pineapple ice cream??? What brand is that in??? Must get some asap! My chocolate was delish though too ;) And I agree, the last teacher... urg. Glad that year is over. But... I really don't know how Luke is going to do in a class of troublemaker and potentially already expectations of low potential... except, she's the "good" teacher, so maybe it will all work out and she will know how to deal with these kids where the last one couldn't and will see Luke's real potential after all? Dunno. Frank is ready to pull him out of the school but I have no where else to put him. That I want to put him. That I can afford. That would work for him... blah blah blah. Thanks for the hugs. So confused...

08-03-2008, 03:11 AM
Pam, Oooh, the coconut pineapple ice cream is from Safeway it is their house brand special stuff in the round tub. YUM!!! I had never seen it before. I am so glad I did. Tess and I are both obsessed with coconut stuff. I even have coconut liquid hand soap from Bath & Body Works. Love the smell and the taste!! I love chocolate, too, especially with either bananas or peanut butter, or maybe both. :D more (((hugs)))

08-03-2008, 04:20 AM
Pam, I have to say that if the teacher is good, and is firm, then you may find that those 'troublemakers' aren't really troublemakers but need more discipline. Not having his best friends in the class is also not a total negative. Less distractions. I would give it a chance. They're in grade 2 - this is still a VERY impressionable age and they all will benefit from a good teacher. Many of the kids will have changed a lot from grade 1 to grade 2, look at Luke himself. He got glasses and is doing well with reading. Maybe some of the other kids are getting similar help. You don't know for sure and probably won't until the fall school season starts. And if the other teacher is easy going and less attentive, then yes, they're going to give her the piece of cake kids. Just my two cents worth, but there you have it.

Rita, hooray for selling earrings! Boo for selling your purple pair! LOL Guess you're making more for yourself then?

All this talk of baking is making me hungry but it's bedtime! LOL! Gwen, how awful of the insurance companies. PIA!! Glad you got some bead time in!!

Claire, yummy baking!!! I'd love to see pics of your garden! :)

Andee, same old same old. Sorry to hear!! hope Sunday is a good one for you!

Someone asked what holiday we're celebrating, for us it's BC Day on Monday - a celebration of our province I guess. More like another excuse for a long weekend. Not complaining, I get dh home for an extra day, works for me! :) Oh, that picture of the rockslide sure is decieving! The larger bits of rock are bigger than a big dump truck each! They had to blow the rest of the mountainside to make sure it was all done sliding, now they have to blow up the big rocks so they can bulldoze them into the ocean. I had to laugh a bit after watching all the local news reports going on and on about the poor stranded people in Squamish, and the horrors of running out of supplies, etc. Okay, people, this is not like the Donner party in the middle of a mountain pass in the 1800's in winter for crying out loud!!! It's a major inconvenience, yes, but that's the price you pay for living on that stretch of road. It's been a nightmare for as many years as I've been around. It's not a poor community, if you live there you are very well off! Housing prices are outrageous there! The really silly thing is that it's the main highway that is going to be expected to be in prime condition in 2010 when the Olympics come to town. The majority of the events will be in Whistler (a ski resort town north of us). They knew this road was dicey when they planned it, sigh. Sorry, been hearing WAY too much whining about this road for way too long! LOL!
Anyway, :wave: to those I missed, I'm off to bed. It's been a very long day! A good one, but a long one! :) Cheers!