View Full Version : Best Filbert Brush for glazing?

07-17-2008, 07:56 PM
I have decided incorporate some glazing in my work (I have done little to no glazing)...especially for skies and water. I have been trying to read up all that I can on the best brush. It appears that the Filbert natural bristle brush is the best and about a size 8. Can anyone give me their input on this please? How wide are the bristles on a size 8 Filbert brush? The higher the number, the wider the bristles?..is this so? (I think I'm getting mixed up with knitting needles!) My Canadian supplier carries Escoda and they have Synthetic Filbert brushes from size 4 to 22, but they don't give the widths. I'd like a fairly wide one for glazing..maybe an inch to one inch and a half? If I knew what the size number denotes or what the gradient is in the different sizes, I might know what size to look for! I don't mind paying a good price for a good brush! Any help anyone can give me on this would be more than welcome!

07-18-2008, 04:25 AM
Glazing is a technique about which I have become very enthusiastic because I believe it gives me much greater control over the colour and modelling on my paintings. I tend to use flat Pro-Arte synthetic brushes from 1/8in to 1.0in wide depending on the area to be treated. I also use either a fan or flat bristle to blend the edges of the glazed area.