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07-16-2002, 12:08 PM
I first posted the following in Digital Art, but this is a better place for color critiques.

Originally posted by Guy
This is from a 18x24 sketch I made which I shot with a digital camera. I'm finishing it with a Wacom and Photoshop. I've done a lot of figure drawing, but not much figure painting. I have loads to learn about color. Would apprechiate any critiques. Obviously it's far from complete.


This one is a little further along. I've altered the head and legs and am tweaking the contour here and there. I've added more "glazes" of paint via layering. I'm still playing with the face, and the hand I'll paint once I like the arm's positioning. I'm still working out the background as I didn't really plan this painting at all, which was stupid. I'm working now on the torso to add more depth and work the colors out. Thanks for looking. Critiques are always wanted.