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06-27-2008, 07:30 PM
DEADLINE JUNE 28, 2008 - $2,000 in Awards

Online Event - Contests, Juried Art Shows, Acrylic, Ceramics, Crafts, Digital Media, Glass, Mosiac, Illustration, Mixed media, Sculpture, Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Photography, Poetry Online Gallery

FanArtReview is a great place to share and sell your art and photography. Over 40 contests are always open and free to site artists and photographers.
Get feedback for everything you post. All skill levels supported.
We provide an online gallery and portfolio that you can use to share your work. Sell your work commission free. Accept all major credit cards. Our Content Sharing feature offers sellers expanded visibility with Google, FaceBook and other partner sites.
If you are talented enough you can earn a top rank or even the #1 spot in the rankings! Every comment counts towards your rank.
Participate in free art and photography contests and you can win cash prizes.
Be a part of an active online community and learn. Participate in contests for free with cash prizes.
Details: http://www.fanartreview.com/index1.jsp
*Photographing Water*
In this contest we select a topic - you provide the photograph. The topic is water. Capture a photograph that incorporates water. It can be a view of a sunset over water. Or a scene just after the rain. Anything you choose. $100 prize for the winner of this contest for photographers.
Deadline: Jun. 28th
Info: http://www.fanartreview.com/contestdetails.jsp?id=295
*My Pet Photography*
The theme for this photography contest is "my pet". Bring your pet (dog, cat, snake etc...) to life in your camera. Creative approaches are encouraged. $100 prize for the winner of this contest for photographers.
Deadline: Jun. 28th
Info: http://www.fanartreview.com/contestdetails.jsp?id=299
*Photographed Art*
The topic for this photography contest is "personality portrait". Take a photograph and make changes to it using software. Create a new piece of art using your camera and computer. This photography contest rewards a $100 prize to the winner.
Deadline: Jun. 30th
Info: http://www.fanartreview.com/contestdetails.jsp?id=281
*My Pet Art*
The theme for this art contest is "my pet". Bring your pet (dog, cat, snake etc...) to life in your art. Creative approaches are encouraged. The winner of this contest will take away a $100 prize.
Deadline: Jun. 30th
Info: http://www.fanartreview.com/contestdetails.jsp?id=298
Online Event

Website: http://www.fanartreview.com/index1.jsp?contest=1&gad=CNuC3ZEIEggQUgZkTS9EDxjzjb7_AyC37_AP
Prospectus: http://www.fanartreview.com/contests.jsp?gad=CNuC3ZEIEggQUgZkTS9EDxjzjb7_AyC37_AP

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