View Full Version : 2nd place at la cloche

Karen Mc
07-14-2002, 11:38 AM
I came in 2nd at a local art show in the watercolour section (a field of 109 w/c were juried in). The show included 230 works in a variety of media and all 3 images that I submitted were juried into the show (oil, pastel and w/c). I entered last year with 4 works and had 3 juried in but no prizes.
This comes two months after my 2nd magazine cover was published! I have been finding some success over the last 2 years after working like a madwoman from 99 - mid 2001 (when I ran out of steam). I am looking for suggestions to regain some momentum! I am looking for someone who has been gaining ground in their art and also balancing a full time job and family (I also have 4 kids) as well as other endevours (I have 'run'...plodded...over 230 miles this year in my spare time). I want it all! How did you do it?

07-14-2002, 03:42 PM
Wonderful picture! Congratulations on your prize! :D

Rose Queen
07-14-2002, 05:30 PM
Can't help you on the "balancing life" question, but congrats on your well-deserved win, Karen!

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07-14-2002, 05:40 PM
Congratulations on your successes!
Winning the prize is fabulous.
It's so difficult to juggle all that is demanded of us and make art and market art at the same time.
It seems as though you are doing very well under your circumstances.

Karen Mc
07-27-2002, 12:53 PM
Many Many thanks for your encouragement Sandra Fletcher, Rose Queen, Surreal! It means a lot to hear positive messages from people within this community!

07-27-2002, 03:18 PM
Karen, congratulations on your award! Beautiful painting and I can see why they chose your work.

On working or finding time to work, I'm faced with not being able to find time too. Someone told me that if I really, really ,really wanted it, I would find the time. I think this is easier said than done, especially when you have small children.

Good luck and keep trying to find time. You have such talent.

Karen Mc
08-04-2002, 10:38 AM
Thank you for the congrats!
I wonder about those people who say 'if you really wanted it...". I guess I want it all, so I end up with a little of everything! I'm sure the kids (yours and mine) appreciate our not quite single minded approach.