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07-12-2002, 05:55 PM
I just thought I'd post this since I've seen so many people sign up and not know how to use the great features in our project system. Several times, I've seen new members sign up for a project and not know how to post their entries or how to use other features. In my own project, I had to help three different people with this. Since we have so many new members and new projects in the glass art section, I thought I'd post a few helpful hints about the project system.

When a project is created, there is a discussion thread created. It appears only in one forum. You can sign up for the project in the Art Projects area by going to the project and clicking on the "Sign up for this project" link. Most people get that just fine.

Here's the things that get missed...:D

1) If you accidentally sign up for a project, you can remove yourself by going to the "My Projects" link on the left side of the Project system home page. It gives you a list of all your projects. You can edit or upload in this area. If you have not uploaded an entry, you can also remove your name from the sign up.

2) If you sign up, please upload your final image into the gallery. This archives it with all the other entries for the project. It's very helpful to people who don't visit the glass art forum because they can just go look through the project instead of having to dig through threads. We have a lot of people who just visit one or two forums, but they like to go look through all the projects and see the entries. You can upload it by going to the project (after you have signed up) and clicking the "Upload your Final Entry" link. Or, you can use the "My Projects" area to upload and edit entries.

3) You can upload progress entries if you want to show off progress but don't consider it "final." This would be a good place for attempts at a bead that aren't quite "right." Progress entries can be uploaded and edited through "My Projects" or by going to the project and clicking the "Upload you Progress Entry."

4) You can upload as many entries as you want. (hint, hint) :D

5) You can use the project system to comment on people's entries. If you are viewing someone's entry, just click "comment." It will start a reply in the discussion thread that includes a thumbnail image and a link to the full size image. In general, the discussion thread should be used to talk about the entries since it makes it easy for people to compare entries and keeps it all in one easy-to-find place.

If anyone ever needs any help with the project system, you can ask in the New Users forum or you can just send me a PM. :D

Mike E etc
07-12-2002, 08:23 PM
Thanks LeAnne,
You just saved me some brain work. I knew there was a way to follow the projects but have not looked at it until now. Wow, even more fun I do not have time for:clap: ;) :)
Mike, going to the pool hall now, E

07-13-2002, 01:24 AM
You're welcome. :)

The project system is just such a great thing and it can take a while to stumble across all the neat stuff. I found the "My Projects" by exploring and I love it. Just wanted to let others know about it.