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07-12-2002, 12:38 PM
I am feeling a little uncomfortable with some of the recent posts, and I want to say so right out loud in the open. I still frequent the ISGB forum. If it weren't for that forum, I would not have found out about lampwork beadmaking. Yes, they are having growing pains, and going through a difficult period. I came to check out this forum because I had heard it was a welcoming place where we can openly share about our art. Is this forum going to turn into yet another place to complain about the ISGB?
Let's talk about glass!
Please don't alienate those of us who still frequent and support the ISGB forum.
And yes, I still think disembodied penises are vulgar.:(

07-12-2002, 01:09 PM

YOU BET you are welcome !!

The thread that you are referring to, is the reason that Laura Brito got this Forum together. A lot of us felt we did not want to be "encumbered" by ISGB rules. Rules, BTW, that seem to be applied differently at different times !!

Over here at WC ! we have NO RULES except:

The Rule of Human Nature and being considerate to your fellow forum go'ers. I think that the "vulgar" posts you are referring to are going to be few and far between, AND will be clearly marked as such, with the little "nude butt" icon.

If something offends you, please let us know !! It certainly won't hurt my feelings !!



07-12-2002, 01:17 PM
YES, WELCOME to WC Amy:clap:
I thought I already welcomed you...I miss some sorry:eek:
All are welcome here! Someone may question your on your Art, vision, or technique but, try not to take it personal.
Most Artists would be setting themselves up for disappointment if expecting mass acceptance...speaking from experience:D

Jennifer Geldard
07-12-2002, 01:23 PM
Of course you are!
Please don't feel uncomfortable.
It's just another forum, one I happen to like a lot.

I also love the ISGB forum and the organization
I still frequent it as well...
it is a wonderful place, and extremely helpful.
I learn so much there.

I wrote a thread earlier about feeling disloyal.. it really did bother me until I put things in their propper place and accepted that
this isn't an "either/or" situation, ...it's a "More/More" one :)

07-12-2002, 01:51 PM
Please don't miss my point. I am not needing to be reassured or anything, and I am not saying I am offended by the JT beads being posted here. (I just don't personally like them & I am glad for the little butt!) All I am saying is let's talk about our art, not our aggravation with something that happened somewhere else. I am not syaing that the ISGB is doing things right, I think everyone has a right to be aggravated with them if they want. I just hat to see all the negativity brewing here. I am just sticky enought that controversy can't make me run away, but someone else who frequents the other place might be chased off by the negativity. I would hate to see that happen.

Jennifer, I agree with you that it is a more/more thing. That is why I am here.

07-12-2002, 02:02 PM
I still love your tiny head...so sweet.
The whole point of everyone feeling good here is that anyone can say what they feel without having to worry about someone ever judging them. I enjoy both forums, as do most of us. ...but I'm not going to judge someone who doesn't. It doesn't matter.
That said..I'm going over to check out ISGB..

07-12-2002, 02:14 PM
You are very much welcome at WC! And yes you make a good point, this is not a place to do a "us versus them" sort of attitude. WC! is a great place to share your artwork and thoughts freely, common courtesy is always appreciated, no one likes to be put in a "defensive" position. There are very few "rules" so to speak at WC!, and that is what makes it a great place. As the dust settles more (we realize this is a brand-spanking new place after all ;) and everyone is so excited! ) lol I'm sure we will hear less about what's going on at the other board and more about what is going on here at WC!. After all, we are on WC! not to advertise for another place (if they want to advertise, they can contact ScottB ;)) but rather to share our art, our methods, our thoughts and our madness ;) with folks here.

I hope I'm making it clear, that those of us who have been around WC! for a while are just as excited to have folks here interested in the Glass arts in whatever form they choose. It's an art form not a lot of us know about, but we're always eager to learn new things!

And yes, by all means, if you have a question about WC! please feel free to PM me, am always willing to help out however I can! This forum is rockin' !

As soon as everyone gets settled in, learns where things are (like the sticky threads at the top of the forum will answer most questions about how WC! works, a great must-read!) and gets adjusted to being here, I think you will notice a big change!

:) :) :)

Kathy Champion
07-12-2002, 02:17 PM
Amy...am I welcome? I think that is for you to decide.

I'm not a refugee from ISGB but I do think the forum with the "it's just glass" rule is limiting while this forum seems to allow more varied and less restrictive communication.

Being able to openly express ourselves is an advantage but it also bears the responsibility of allowing other opinions. I'm willing...you have to decide if you are.

By the way...love your little head and baby!


Mike E etc
07-12-2002, 02:58 PM
Amy, I think things will settle out over time and this forum, being in the beginning an alternative to the ISGB, will become a place where we are only concerned about each others art and how to advance that art. With the new board at ISGB I think life will settle out over there for bead makers. WC and this forum at WC should widen the aspects of lampworking with new ideas from other lampworkers and artists who do not necessarily make beads. At first I though the new forum was going to be about beads all the time. I posted somewhat reluctantly at first but I was also hoping to expand the thinking about lampworking to include other lampworked art so we can learn new forms to maybe include in our own work... Do not get me started:evil: I got work to do:evil: Please feel welcome because I agree that there are those who may like this forum also if they did not have to read negative things about there favorite place to hang.
Mike, B2, I am being good, E

07-12-2002, 03:13 PM
MikeE - check your calendar; it's not my day to watch you. Think it's Harold's... ;) Ah, MikeE, you're always a good boy IMO!

B2 (is she serious or sarcastic? - you'll never know, now will you...)

07-12-2002, 03:36 PM
Amy, I agree, I don't want to see people caught up in bickering or make it a one board vs. another board challenge nor do I think that the people on WC intend for that either.

The ISGB forum is fabulous and this board is fabuloous. You may not agree with all posts but, isn't it wonderful that they exist?

Visit both boards like most of us do.

07-12-2002, 03:44 PM
Hi Amy,

I brought this up in an earlier thread, as I too felt uncomfortable with the direction of comments about the ISGB. I'm just not sure what the point is, except to breed negativity. I personally love both places.


Hopefully everything will die down soon.


Laura Brito
07-13-2002, 01:50 PM
Hi everyone! I was gone for a few days! Sorry I missed this.

I wanted to let everyone know, this is factual (I hope so! hehe)

I started this area out of need for a more open artistic forum. I really didn't mean for it to be timed the way it was. I really wished I had started this area before or way after the ISGB stuff happened. I really don't want this to be a ISGB bashing ground at all. I am hoping we can get beyond that. But I do realize that the ISGB has been very much a part of our lives, many of us, me very much included, are isolated and do not have much outside contact other than their familes. So it is sorta hard for some of us to refrain of saying anything about the "growing pains" the ISGB is having. Me included. I have really bit the bullet so to say and tried very hard to not be negative or state my opinion. Many of you know me well and know that I have been doing this. I think both of these places can co exist and I think we both have a very valid place to habit on the internet. So if occasionally someone says something about the ISGB we are just going to have to understand that it does exist, and to not say a word about it is sorta unrealistic. Overall I think it has been kept at a minimum, I haven't seen very much said, and alot of it has been positive. But once this forum grows bigger (which it does daily, it is amazing) I think it will die down, and once the ISGB works out its problems (I really hope they do fix things & which I will continue to refrain from commenting on) it will also help for the whole thing to settle down even more. This forum has nothing to do with the ISGB, so really if you have a problem with them it would better to address it over there. Here we should "try" to address anything we have going on here at WC! And as you probably know as well, we are being observed, so we should show we are truely artists with a vision of sharing and comradirship.

I know that many may disagree with me, but for the health of this new forum it would be better to not fixate on the ISGB. I am really trying to be nuetral.

I truely hope the ISGB can get over the "Growing Pains", I have always loved the forum there, and it is a great tool for anyhone who is beginning, advanced or intermediate, or someone who just wants to learn about Lampworking. This forum relates to more than Lampworking, it encompases Fusing, Flamework in General, Slumping, Stained Glass, anything glass that is Art. So we are similar but not the same, and we have no official membership other than being a member of WetCanvas! Which for all of us frankly is a great benefit because anyone can read the articles, join in our projects, and not have to be a member to do so. We can have live get togethers, a gathering of sorts as well, supported by WetCanvas! It is free to all of us. We can all post links, and we can even do a thread on links to our web sites. It can be very educational and it can promote us as a group. So we all need to think of our purpose, needs and desires, we have the opportunity to be the best there is. I am hoping truely that we will be just that!

So, which I know some may be hurt or frustrated at comments pertaining to the ISGB I am hoping you will stick around and let the dust settle, it should be a great place for all of us!


Laura Brito:D