View Full Version : Off to France to Play with Pastels!!

05-11-2008, 04:10 PM
Ok, I think I have some clothes packed, but I know I have plenty of pastels, Pans, and accessaries, ready to have fun painting in the south of France!! I am leaving this evening, and busy with those last minute little bothers that you just can't forget, but somehow do!!!
will try to check in at a cafe sometime, but ,otherwise,will be back in two weeks!

05-11-2008, 04:51 PM
Have a good trip Tress. I am sure you will like the south of France, beautiful area. And the weather is perfect just at the moment.

Donna T
05-11-2008, 05:28 PM
Have fun, stay safe, and learn lots. We'll expect a detailed report when you get back :D - and I look forward to "seeing" France through your paintings! Take care!


Merethe T
05-11-2008, 06:31 PM
Have a wonderful time, Tress! You'll love it, France is fantastic - and you picked the right season to go....we'll be expecting a report when you get back... ;)
Take care!


05-12-2008, 12:49 AM
im very "green" ;) *drool drool*

enjoy, I very much look forward to seeing what you do over there :)