View Full Version : I need an animator / web designer

05-02-2008, 02:11 PM
I posted this in the computer art forum. Here we go here:

I have the web domain. I have written the book(s). I will share profits with you. I am donating mine. Donate yours, and let's negotiate distribution of profits!! In my pre-retired life, I was Director of Sales and Marketing for many companies.

I would like to see your work. You will sign a non-compete non-disclosure agreement before I can give you the script. This is because it is proprietary, and I need your enthusiasm and commitment so that we can proceed.

This project is for an animated Ebook for children. No problem getting grandmas and aunties, and moms everywhere to buy it for their little ones.

My expertise is in Sales and Marketing. Internet marketing is not a problem. I will get us affiliates! Simple as pie!

I am also a published artist. Creative! Yessss!! Creativity does not stop with a box of paints and a piece of paper. I am an amazing writer and poet, as are you!! Please send me a message if you would like to collaborate and be a partner!

PS The kids book is just the beginning. We have one for teens and one for adults, one for the retired..................OH! And the dating one is great!!