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04-16-2008, 11:18 AM

I got some of the finger cots, or finger gloves, from Dick Blick. I can really recommend them for protection of the fingertips when blending on sanded papers. You don't loose much of the 'feel', as the latex is so thin. It is nearly as good as blending with bare fingers, and no danger of getting blood or soreness. (Note, they are made of latex, so if you're allergic...)

Also, as far as I could see, they didn't shed any particles, and after some vigorous rubbing into Colorfix, they felt like they could've been used for many more paintings, but of course they were covered with dust. I guess you can wash them too.

As long as one is not overly sensitive to how these finger-gloves look (it is quite obvious where they got the idea for them)... It is just one finger, rolled up, and you sort of un-roll it onto your finger. It stays put, too, doesn't slip or roll back together, and you can decide how far up your finger you want it unrolled.

Medium size was fine for my fingers, but not for the thumb (too small), but I have sort of large-ish hands for a woman.

Oh, I did not keep them on for a whole painting, as they don't allow the fingers to breethe.

In short, to me they were the optimal blending tool, as it was my favourite finger-- but well protected.

04-16-2008, 01:06 PM
i fully agree--gloves make my hands sweat, but if i am working alot, esp. at a weekend long paint out, i get the worst hangnails and broken skin! hurts terribly, not to mention how awful it looks. a few of those little numbers and viola! but yes, its almost as if i dont' want to let ppl see them--those who don't know give you this very odd look, then the jokes start up. and everybody seems to think they are the first, most clever person for making up those jokes.

i wipe mine on a baby wipe when i am working, but only use one set per session. they are dreadful cheap, i see no reason to fiddle around trying to save them. i use one on the first and middle finger and the thumb.

04-16-2008, 04:02 PM
I have to say ditto to the fingercot concept. It's my weapon of choice for blending :D. I do wipe mine on a wet wipe occasionally to clean it off. Thank goodness for them otherwise I have no idea what Wallis paper will do to my fingers!