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Susan Taylor Glasgow
04-09-2008, 01:38 PM
Hello Friends,

To quote John Burroughs, "Leap, and the net will appear". This fall I have a 2 month residency and solo exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Filled with great enthusiasm, I've decided to undertake an installation project that is far bigger than myself, ready to embrace whatever wonderful things happen. The exhibition following my residency is titled "Absence Of Body". It will combine an installation and community fund raiser to benefit both the PGC and local women's shelter, Bethlehem Haven. The exhibition will coincide with the International Women's Forum also being held in Pittsburgh that month. It is my hope that the exhibition will travel to benefit more local glass centers and womens shelters.

"The Communal Nest"
The main installation will be an 8' bird's nest, made up of a thousand or so glass twigs that will have been created by artists from all over the world and contributed to the "communal nest". Each artist is also invited to send a quote to be transferred onto vellum strips and woven into the nest. The center of the nest will be lined with glass feathers and a large, sewn glass pillow with a indentation in the top as though someone has just recently left. Surrounding the nest will be 5-6 additional sewn glass pieces supporting the concept of "Absence Of Body".

Call To Artists
An official "Call For Artists" is now made for glass artists to contribute to the communal nest. The project will use "crystal" clear glass twigs (colorless) from 8"- 40" in length. The largest of the twigs will be made in my studio and at the PGC. The glass can be either clear or have a frosted, translucent quality, as long as the glass is colorless. The twigs can be made by casting, torch, off-hand. or any 'ol method. It is recommended that the points or branches not be too delicate for obvious reasons. All artists contributing to the nest will receive recognition at the exhibition and in the catalog, and will be offered a signed catalog as appreciation for their contribution. Non artist types can also contribute to the nest by donating $50 for a 20-30" twig, or $75 for a 30-40" twig. The twigs will be made by the artists at the PGC in your name, with all profits going to benefit PGC and Bethlehem Haven.

Contact me for more info about twig guidelines and "glass twigmaking 101" tips!

Warmly, In Glass,