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Dave's in Florida
07-06-2002, 08:27 AM
I've used the "eyeball" method of registration in an attempt to keep the paper aligned with the block, but it seemed to allow too much variation from one print to the next.

I tried this: I took a short stack of linoleum sheets and on top I laid a stack of printing paper, and I drilled two holes, one in the lower right corner and the other in the lower left corner. I separated all of the linoleum and paper. I now had sheets of paper and pieces of linoleum, each one with two holes at the bottom of each piece.

I then inserted a short nail "point up" through each hole of my carved linoleum sheet, inked it, and laid the paper on it so the nails were inserted into the holes. I removed the paper.
I rolled ink on the second linoleum piece in a different colo, and with the registration nails in place, laid the paper on, again using the nails for registration. It works okay, but puts holes in my paper... how do you expert printmakers deal with registration of prints? :confused:

07-08-2002, 01:46 AM
I use both templates and the Chinese method of registration. The templates by outlining the paper on a piece of newsprint, then I take the plate and place it where I want it on the page and outline it. The best way if you are using a press is to have a piece of plexiglass on the bed of the press, and put the template below it. That way your press bed is protected, and the plexi is easy to clean up if any ink leaks.

The Chinese method is to make corners where you can butt up your plate and then the paper. That gives you pretty good registration. I use cuts of scrap mat board for my corners. This is built up until it is level with the lino or copper plate.

If you are hand pulling your prints then the Chinese method I believe would work best. Make your corners at the top left and bottom right then you are assured that each piece will come out the same. If you are doing lino you can carve out to the edges and still get registration if you are using the reduction technique. I am not sure how accurate your prints would come out if you are using separate plates.

chris 97
07-08-2002, 07:54 PM
dave, i hope your "eyeball" method works better than mine! i will give your method a try the next time i do linocuts. they only other multi color ones i have done are screen prints and i used the matboard corner method to align the paper...works pretty good.