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K Taylor-Green
03-03-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives.

I am really late getting this posted today. I am sorry about that. I had car trouble on the way home from picking up the grandchildren. Not sure of the problem til Jess gets home. I am sooooo not wanting to buy another car right now. But this thing seems to break down every time I turn around. It's got to get better, right!?

03-03-2008, 03:49 PM
Hi everyone, I seem to have been so busy lately I hardly have time to get here. I've read last week's scumble and see a lot of you have been under the weather. I do hope all are feeling better this week. I'll have to go back and find previous weeks' scumbles to catch up.

I'm still taking my art classes but have found my dear teacher Alex, who has been out ill for months now (we have a substitute) will be back in the spring, but will *not* be teaching the evening class any more, the only one I can take. So that was a disappointment, but another wonderful opportunity has come up anyway which has me even more excited. The museum is offering a class called "Experimental Pastel" : "The class is for students who enjoy exploring traditional as well as contemporary techniques in pastel painting. Working from still life, floral arrangements, and photo references, we will focus on numerous drawing techniques in pastel related to compositional study." The class will be taught by Christina DeBarry, PSA. I'm pretty excited as this is much more in line with my interests than painting the figure which, even after 3 years of doing it, still bores me to tears.

My latest work has been with poster paints on large sheets of foam board! We did a production of "Noye's Fludde", (Noah's Flood) a short opera by Benjamin Britten at our church this weekend, and had lots of kids participating as "animals", and I got the job of creating all these large foamboard animal heads for the kids to carry. I had a whole list of animals to do, two of each kind of course, :), and it was a fun project, but did take some time. I'll just show you a few examples of my animals, which were a big hit. :D Especially with the kids who wanted to bop one another with them! Luckily the animals all survived through the show without falling apart.




CM Neidhofer
03-03-2008, 10:53 PM
Hi All,

Vacation, day 2.....rain, rain, rain, rain.....!! lol We're in Lake Charles, LA tonight. Some of you may know I am a casino cashier at the Isle of Capri here in Colorado. We're spending the night at the Isle in Lake Charles. What a great place! Much, much nicer than our casino in Colorado. The casino itself is a riverboat, anchored to the building front, floating in Lake Charles. Very cool set up!! And HUGE!! Three floors of gaming with four restaurants. We're heading on into Florida tomorrow, with a stop in New Orleans to hang out there for a little while. We got in this afternoon, won $400, ate a huge buffet dinner and earned enough points while playing to get our room fee reimbursed. Sooo....$400, a free room and a great dinner...what else could I ask for??!! Well...some sunshine would be kinda nice....lol At least it's not SNOW down here!! :p


Deborah Secor
03-03-2008, 11:57 PM
Just thought I'd duck in here and mention that Karyn posted a thread explaining a bit of the trouble that's been going on with the images etc. on WC lately. I can't see your pix at the moment, Debbie, but that's becoming somewhat 'noral', so I figure in a while they'll appear! I know a lot of people peek in here, even when they don't post, so thought this might be a good place. I've sure been wondering... Here's the link: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=481175&s=

I'm in the throes of an article for the PJ, due ASAP, so I'm not going to be very present here until that's done. Have a good one! :wave:


03-04-2008, 06:11 AM

I've been peeking in and adding a few entries here and there between working. Right now, I'm working remotely for a great hospital group - University of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh creating database dynamic reports for various uses like pharmacy orders, and various other clinical data. It constantly amazes me how very nice the people I work with seem to be, and it's nice to be able to do at least a little bit of indirect type of patient care stuff. Some of the programs are so interesting and fun to figure out, it really is a blast, but unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't leave much room for my other interests. Oh well, that's life. I hope all is well for everyone, and take care.

03-04-2008, 12:12 PM
I hope you are all well! I have spent this past weekend moving so now comes the job of unpacking.. fortunately Im more then halfway done i think with that! The best part is I will now have a "studio" to paint in. Before, I was temporarily (9 months) staying with family and my studio area was in the basement and about 3ftx2ft space in very dark panelled area. I will use the dining room as my studio since i wouldnt be eating there anyway. Here is a photo of the view from my new studio..

I'm very excited and hope to be able to gget back to painting soon! Back to unpacking!

03-04-2008, 12:40 PM
Just thought I'd duck in here and mention that Karyn posted a thread explaining a bit of the trouble that's been going on with the images etc. on WC lately. I can't see your pix at the moment, Debbie, but that's becoming somewhat 'noral', so I figure in a while they'll appear!

Thanks, I was wondering what happened to my pix as I did load them yesterday! What a bummer about the images. Well if anyone wants to see my "animals" you can see them all by following the link to my blog. :)

Maybe the ones I posted here will some up sometime, or maybe they won't!

03-05-2008, 09:09 AM
Wow Joni, I love the view from your studio. I could just sit and stare at it all day long. I love looking at the water.

03-05-2008, 03:24 PM
Me, too, Joni. You can paint on the deck as well. Lovely.\

Thanks to Deborah and Karyn for the explanation of the site trouble.

Just put an update on a painting on the softies site and trying to catch up on what everyone is doing.

AS I said in the March Pastel Strokes, I will be spending the next two weeks on oil. Linda Besse (www.besseart.com) is doing a workshop here on Friday and Saturday and I've already got my boards gessoed and am getting my oil gear together. It has been almost a decade since I worked in oil, so this will be a great kickoff and motivator for me.

Debbie C - your class sounds like great fun. Enjoy.

K Taylor-Green
03-08-2008, 08:58 AM
We are under a blizzard warning!!:eek: We got about 10 inches of snow with another 8 to 10 expected before tonight! High winds are expected as well, giving us white out conditions. Unless Jess can get the tractor and snow plow going, we are snowed in!

Deborah Secor
03-08-2008, 12:49 PM
Wow, Kate--stay warm! The weather in this country this winter has been so bizarre, hasn't it? I'm glad to be tucked in my funny little house in the city for now, at least from a weather standpoint. Love the way winter just melts away down here...

From other standpoints my life is in chaos. We've had one thing after another this week...crises in the ministry, topped off by (get this) the ONE tree that I could see and enjoy from my bedroom window, a tall elm tree, was unceremoniously lopped down by the City of Albuquerque yesterday! No reason I could see--healthy, not impinging on the power lines, had a lot of birds in it--just GONE! I have taken such comfort in seeing the sunlight gather in the tops of the branches every morning, and I liked having the shade cast there in the summer, keeping the bedroom from getting too hot. They cut down four trees, all along our side of the block. I keep hearing the song :music: "paved paradise, put up a parking lot..." :music: Well, one thing is for sure--this isn't Paradise!


K Taylor-Green
03-08-2008, 12:56 PM
Well Deborah, that's just mean!! Not only that, it is ecologically unsound, especially if there was nothing wrong with the tree.

Jess got the lane plowed out, but it is drifting in as I type this. We made a quick grocery run in the nearby village and there was virtually no traffic!!
Now that we have everything we need, I am enjoying the beauty of the snow. We very seldom get snow like this and as long as the electricity holds out, I'm going to enjoy this brief time.

03-08-2008, 11:30 PM
Hi! I think its great that you do this every week. I had just been going to the pastel/studio gallery. I'm glad I came here. You all sound so nice and are all so talented, it is a pleasure to converse with all of you.
We've (central Tx) had strange weather too. Tuesday and Thursday it snowed, yet Monday, Wednesday and Friday the temps got up to high 60s. The kids enjoyed the snow, even though it didn't last 24 hours each time, no snowmen this round. I have three boys, ages 17, 14 and 8. Keeping them healthy with this crazy weather isnt easy. We just discovered a month ago our oldest son, Ethan, has "Monogenic Diabetes" I had never heard of that, its neither type I or II. We just thank the good Lord that medical science keeps moving forward, otherwise he would've been misdiagnosed.
Times like these I'm so glad I have my pastels, they're like little friends waiting for me after the kids go to bed. Sounds a little kooky, I know, but it really helps. My kids say I'm strange, but I say, artistic people are just "strangely unique" and I'm proud of it!


03-09-2008, 12:06 AM
Just thought I would pop in and say that I had a really great opening last night for my art show this month. A lot of people came and my teacher, Richard McKinley stopped by also as did several people from class. We had a great turnout. Now, to sell some paintings ... that would be so nice!!!

K Taylor-Green
03-09-2008, 12:18 AM
Shari, that's wonderful! Here's to many sales!

Kerri, welcome to the group! As you will see, sometimes there is a lot of chatting, sometimes not.
I have never heard of that kind of Diabetes, either. Is it hard to control? I hope your son does well. It is always scary when the kids have problems, no matter how old they are.

Well, I took pictures and just have to share some. Who knows, it may be many more years before it snows this much here, again!http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Mar-2008/41107-IMG_1581.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Mar-2008/41107-IMG_1584.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Mar-2008/41107-IMG_1585.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Mar-2008/41107-IMG_1590.jpg

It is difficult to see how deep the snow is in photos, but some of these drifts come up to my butt!

03-09-2008, 12:38 AM
Oh Kate! Those pictures remind me of the last two winters we lived in Dayton! they were also very unusual years for weather - the snow at one time covered our 4 foot chain link fence, and was so heavy it bent the top supporting rail! Needless to say, I don't miss snow! About the time I get tired of rain in the NorthWET, I just remember years in snow and thank God I don't have to shovel rain...

Kerri, my kids used to tell their friends their Mom was "wierd" ( always when I could over hear them of course), and I always called out - "Not wierd, unique!" Then I overheard my oldest son tell a new friend that his mom was "cool", but wierd. However, he shouldn't let me hear him say that or she'd yell "Unique"! Of course I complied... :evil:

Shari, I'm happy to hear of the success of your opening reception. Let's hope you do have sales. Lots of sales.

I had a fabulous time in Kansas City with Donna A a week ago. I went for her pan pastel workshop, but she included me in two of her weekly classes too. We went to a museum and a opening reception for a national multi-medium show, and talked and laughed late into the nights. Most days were sunny, but a bit cold and for once in my life I was credited with bringing sunshine instead of rain. :lol: However, when I came home last Monday it was very cold there, and I was ready to leave. I can highly recommend to anyone interested that going to any of Donna's workshop will be a treat, and you'll learn a whole lot too.


03-09-2008, 01:05 AM
Congratulations on a great opening, Shari and for having your teacher show up! I'm sure he was very proud of you.

Deborah - why did you call you home this "funny little house?" I guess I've missed some things written int he past. So sorry about your trees. Tress make a home home, in my opinion.

All of you experiencing a lot of snow, I want you to know for a girl from texas who had always been excited to see snow a couple of times a year, this has been quite a year here in Idaho where the snow broke a 100 year record.

Here's one of my pictures of my son stuck in the snow after he had been on my roof shoveling snow off. He is still a kid at heart and jumped off. He is about 5'10" tall and his wife is having to dig him out. :lol: This is outside my front door. Thankfully, we've had some warmer weather and the snow is beginning to melt.

03-09-2008, 04:41 PM
Hi everyone! I ganna comment this week!:p
I love to read about what everyone is doing in their lives...somehow my life is pretty boring around here.

DebbieC. I'm sure that you'll have fun with different subjects, good luck!

Christine thats so cool about the win....it has always confused me about the gambling points system....ya i have only seen comments about it in the movies. I had gone with my husband to a computer convention years ago and we "gambled" at the hotel.....$5 was all the extra money that we used for it...we managed to get $40 without dipping back into our pocket. So we had dinner paid that night. We did win 2 xbox consoles at the convention, different nights so yeah that was the biggest winning night we had ever had. shocked we were:eek: Our kids were pretty happy when we came home that week.

Joni what a nice view out the window...good painting subjects! I need my own room too.....im stuck in my livingroom. It's the most accessible room in my house for my wheelchair.

Kate snow!!! we have alot of that here too! How much snow do you usually get in that area of the country? New hamphire is just a few inches away from the record for snow fall since they started recording in the late 1800's i think its 121". your pictures look alot like home here.

Kerri its too bad about the snowman...all snow according to my kids should be of snowman making quality...unless they have to shovel it.
I hope your son gets his illness into manageable control. It's tuff at the biggining, but gets easier along the way. My oldest now 18 had open heart surgury 2 halloweens ago...(yes on halloween), he had a congental condition since birth...but its always hard for the parents. We are used to being in control!:D

Deborah thats too bad about the tree, I really love waking up to the trees in the morning.

Shari wow is the course with Richard more than a weekend thing?

Peggy i must so great to study with DonnaA as her posts are always so informative.

Harriet the pic of your son is so funny....but jumping off the roof!! good luck in your oil painting class

Well this I'm happy because i finally get my car back, as my son 18 has been using it to get to work, until he put a new engine into my parents old car...it has taken him sooooo long! My daughter who 17 needs to use it to go to work or band practice at night so scheduling has been a real nail biter.
The weather has been a real issue this year because it affects my illness more. I have Multiple Sclerosis and use a wheelchair, and also have another interesting problem that the doctors are trying to track down the cause of as it seems its not the MS but something else. They did just the last few days return me back to a medicine that allows me to be more awake during the day...a alittle more clear headed.
My pet chickens are out today in the sun although its still in the 30's
i think they have had it with the snow! They are climbing the snow banks to check out the rest of the yard. Even through this winter has been cold they still have been averaging 3 to 4 eggs a day. (i have 4 chickens):D :p i had to have them...they only problem seems to be getting the eggs in the house without falling in the snow and ice smashing them!
Hope everyone has a good week!

03-09-2008, 07:02 PM
Betsy, I hope you are letting the kids get the eggs! Good luck on your medicine.

Deborah Secor
03-09-2008, 09:55 PM
Aw, I just found out that one of our dear pastors went home to be with the Lord last night. He had a sudden heart attack as he was preparing to perform a wedding. So torn--we all loved this man. He had ministered to me in some very special ways. Happy and sad... He was only 63!! There are days when I just want to cry. :crying: Trust me, I cry for us, not him.


03-09-2008, 11:03 PM
Betsy, I am very blessed that I study weekly with Richard as he lives in my area. He travels most of the year so we meet mostly in the winter and early Spring. Oddly though, now that my show is up, I can't find the energy to paint right now. I did plant flowers today though!!!

K Taylor-Green
03-09-2008, 11:55 PM
Deborah, I am very sorry for this loss. He sounds like a special man who will be greatly missed by you and those who he has helped.

Betsy, gosh I haven't gathered eggs since I was a girl! And it is good to have your car back!

03-10-2008, 12:35 PM
:DHarriet Yes the girls mostly collect the eggs, open the coop.:clap: Wheelchairs do not like the snow, ice, mud, so my husband does the general upkeep in the winter. :envy:
My youngest 13 fell with an egg in her hand....thank god she didn't get it in the coat pocket...as it was my coat she grabbed that morning. And being....a kid she brought the dripping egg into the house and held it up in the middle of the kitchen floor to show us....dripping all over the place...never thought about chucking it into the woods.:rolleyes:
my meds are working well so far. I was able to produce a painting of my niece Allison, its in the studio thread. Its good to fell productive. I have these crazy jerking tremors that involve my whole body, or picks random limps that makes it hard to paint:( i drop the pastels alot and do alot alot of mistake fixes:rolleyes: They are can be so animated, and strong that my family know to keep a step away from me or i take them DOWN. But at this point we do alot of joking about it....they appear as if im trying to dance crazy things like to the BeeGees. Its very funny once people are used to it. i throw food around like no tomorrow...thats funny except at resturants or dinner parties.:o
Now i would like to say i was a champion speller everyone used to ask me to spell words and thier meanings. But some of the brain damage from the MS hit in my memory area....soooo if im spelling stuff wrong and putting my sentences together strange.... Its from the MS... or my husband just calls it "dame bramaged" he says it fits well since I'm a blonde too:eek:
I have always felt uncomfortable contributing because...when my kids look over what i have written...they are usually rolling on the floor!:lol:

Deborah yes that's young i am so sorry, his church must be stunned. And right before a wedding too i hope that he went quickly and not in too much pain. My dad has been having troubles lately, i worry.

shari that is so awesome. Where i live not too many teachers come around. Maybe you are stressed about getting all the show stuff done. Stress is a dirty word!

Kate I used to take care of light farm duties while i was in high school for a nearby family...plus baby sitting duties to their kids. I thought that my daughters should exprience farm animals as well as their 3 cats and a snake in the house. we have had them for 7mos. They are terrifing the neighbors cats that get too close. They are just as big, I'm sure its alittle confusing for thier normal pray to get up and chase them!