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Pat Isaac
02-25-2008, 08:12 AM
Good morning everyone,

The sun is shining and the snow is melting...First time posting in the new talk forum. I am really anxious to get to the studio today as I haven't been there since last Wed.! Some snow got in the way. I spent the weekend cleaning out our bookcases. I have so many books now that I have just been stacking them up on a bench. No place to put them. I found a group the will come pick up books and they give them out to places that they feel needs them. Nothing is thrown away. I will probably have over 100 books to give away. And then I can start filling the cases again.:lol:
So come in and share your joys, concerns...or just the day to day routine and lets get aquainted.

Have a great day:) :) :)


02-25-2008, 10:19 PM
Hi Pat. I hope you get some good information about your husband's knee. That is really great, someone coming to your house to get the books and distribute them like that. In my organizing around here, hardly anyone will come to the country to do anything, especially charitable organizations -- especially with the cost of gas these days.

When not organizing around here, I have been practicing with acrylics since I got my mural panels last week -- the due date is moved back to the end of March, thank goodness. I was frustrated by the acrylics at first, but it is getting a little better now -- I am really rusty on painting overall is the main problem, I think. It feels like I should have four to six hands. I am mourning the simplicity and my relative confidence with them.

It is still cold with snow on the ground here -- but that keeps me in the house more -- which is good for getting some art time.


Pat Isaac
02-26-2008, 09:40 AM
It will probably take me another week to clean out the books as there are some in the attic also.
I remember you talking about the mural. Be sure to show us your progress.


02-26-2008, 10:34 AM
We're getting fresh snow today. Lots of the stuff on the ground which, trying to thinking positively, protects our perennials from the cold. Good luck with the mural paintings, Angela. Pat, it's a good idea to go through your books and weed them now and again. Although, every now and then, I think of an art book which I gave away and wish I hadn't. Gardening seems to be on my mind this morning - wishing for spring. One unhappy thing about WC is the access to all the people who live in warmer climates and post pictures of the flowers beginning to appear in their gardens. Reminds me of what a short summer we have here. :crying: February is always a tedious month to get through I find. Jane

02-26-2008, 05:51 PM
:cool: :thumbsup: :smug:
Amigas y amigos--Buenas dias de donde crece las palmas.
:crying: : cause you all can't be here for a sketch-in. Isla Mujeras is a wonderful old fishing village on the island about 20 min by ferry from Cancun.

It's a tough life but sombody has to do it; And Pat I thought this boat might be helpful dealing with your "boat problem". Always try to be helful.

Now, of to sketch my "butt icon" off. Prepare yourselves.

:music: :heart: :music:

02-26-2008, 06:01 PM
BTW, Pat,
I sat on our balcony for over an hour trying to sketch that sucker and had an epiphany!

Use the canonballs!!!! It is much more efficient and far less frustrating. And you chose a scene with HOW MANY boats in it? Are you self destructive OR WHAT.

All boat sketching wisecracks from me are to be struck from the official records of these proceedings!!!

Back home in a week! Pictures will be great, but if I were you I might stock up on Pepto Bismol before I get back with my sketches.

You encouraged me, now you are goning to have to live with the tragic consequences! And Pat, I ordered the big set of Holbeins, confessed to my wife only to have her reply, "I already figured you would." (However, I did fail to mention the Extra Greasy Pastel buy from Kama that should also greet me upon retern. I can't remember everything.


:music: :heart: :music:

Pat Isaac
02-26-2008, 06:31 PM
What boat problem????....:p
Looks like an awesome place, lovely warm and sunny. Enjoy.:D and enjoy the Holbeins when you get back..


Pat Isaac
02-26-2008, 06:35 PM
Just got the next post.....Self destructive? Moi?..:evil: Try 8 boats...:eek: Yeah, you're right. How about it is good practice?:evil: :D :evil: Okay, I know that doesn't cut it.



02-26-2008, 07:54 PM
Hi everyone!

Pat: I hope you managed to get to the studio yesterday. I'm sure you appreciate the sun after all the snow you've had. Nice that you're able to get those books to people who will need them.

Angela: I tried acrylics years ago and they drove me crazy because they dry so fast. Is that's what's bothering you about them? I guess they have retarders that can be added now to slow the drying rate down. What's the mural project about? I must have missed the story when I was AWOL for a while.

Jane: It's been gorgeous here, but since ordinarily it's nothing but dreary gray during the winter, I really understand how tiring it can be. It does make the good weather especially wonderful by comparison though. No wonder you love doing beautiful spring/summer landscapes.

Buenas tardes Bill! Su vista es increible! Tiene mucho suerte pagar sus dias tan cerca de esta playa marvillosa. Y me gusta mucho este barco tambien. Esta planeado a pescar? Estoy listo por sus nuevos pinturas de su vacaciones. :D

I planned to get back to painting this week, but alas, I've come down with some sort of annoying respiratory ailment. I'm sure I'll be better soon...

Pat Isaac
02-27-2008, 07:39 AM
Sorry to hear that you are getting the bug everyone seems to have, Annie. Take care.

I did get to my studio all day on Monday and I am going again today all day. I don't go on Tuesdays as I do water aerobics and that is also my shopping day. I did get a call from a woman who writes for a local high class mag. that encompasses a large area here. She wants to do a write up about our artists community and take pictures of our studios. She is interviewing me today. That will be a big boost for our group.

That is the reason I didn't like acrylics, dry too fast. That's also why many people love them.

We had a lot of rain yesterday and most of the snow is gone now, but it is chilly.


02-27-2008, 12:01 PM
Bill. looks like you're having a great time with lots of lovely sunshine.

Annie, sorry you've come down with a bug. Get well soon.

Pat, you're becoming a celebrity! Great advertising for your group.


02-27-2008, 12:36 PM
Congratulations Pat, I hope it is a fantastic write up!

Bill, looks like a wonderful place to be hanging out, happy sketching and wishing you a relaxing time. Congrations on your Holbeing and Kama purchases, looking forward to hearing about how you like them.

Jane, I am not sure the rapid drying is bothering me alot. I used to paint in oils quite a bit a long time ago -- but I am not sure that that wouldn't feel awkward at this point ,also-- I didn't use an easel to do OP. All the brushses and parapanalia seems awkward. I found myself rushing too much for some reason at first -- but it is going a little better now. I can't push them around as much or glaze yet like I remember doing with oils -- also it seems like you can wipe out something you did with a misplaced brush stroke and it is gone, where as with oils I could wipe it off or scrape back to a degree -- but then painting over could be an advantage that one had to wait a long time, if ever, to do in oils.

Annie - I got accepted into a team of artists to work on the "Glory of Horses" mual project which will tour for three years to raise money for horse retirement farms/activities. It will be unveiled in Milwaukee on 4/08/08 if all goes well. It is then to go to the Kentucky Derby Meuseum during the Kentucky Derby. It is made up of 250 panels and is 16 by 20 feet. The panels come with a part of mural painted on them and the artists need to paint a Glory of Horses theme compostion on them. Acrylics must be used. They are due back at end of March. I have two, got them last week. I do not know how to insert a link but to see an example of how it works do a search on "Town of Cochrane Mural Mosaic", there is also a "Glory of Horses" website that talks about it but does not show examples llike the previous site (the makers of murals their are the same people who designed this one).


Pat Isaac
02-27-2008, 03:36 PM
That is an amazing site Angela. In fact, a friend sent me that site a month ago to look at. I couldn't believe how it was done. Now I know someone who is actually going to be part of one.:clap:


Pat Isaac
02-28-2008, 08:11 AM
A little snow here now. I'll be gone most of the day as I have to help take down our exhibit and bring the work back to the studios.
I also received my OPs so now I can finish my roses.
have a great day.


02-29-2008, 12:54 PM
Thanks, Pat. Hope you had a good day at the studio yesterday. I am working on my drawings to transfer to my mural panels. Very snowy day here today, but supposed to clear up on the weekend. I will probably go to my mom's Sat. afternoon until Sun. Afternoon. Angela

Pat Isaac
02-29-2008, 03:06 PM
Thanks, Angela, I did and today also. I think we are getting your snow tonight and tomorrow....
Have a good weekend.


02-29-2008, 10:58 PM
Everyone has been so tolerant of my silliness this week, I thought I'd send a little sunshire your way with this evening's sunset! I'll be back in the fridgid north by Sunday night, but it has been a wonderful and beautiful trip. I'll sort through and try to post some of my more interesting photos in the Ref Lib and post a link here so y'all can escape (at lest in "image"ination) the cold for a while.

I'm glad (even if you might not be) that I was able to share the trip in slightly delayed real time with all my newfound WC OP friends. Your positive strokes and encouragement have motivated me to do more sketching (for better or worse) than ever before and not even worry about whether anyone notices. That's a giant step for me and while I know I often run on in posts, it is because I have found a place that I want every newcommer to know is as friendyly and encouraging as any place they could find. It has been less than a month since that first, timid, reluctant post, expecting to be ridiculed only to be greeted with open hearts and arms.

I have met people that I now realize are extremely talented, experience professionals that take their precious time resources to give back to those that want to learn. There is no more precious gift than to share your insight with those tentatively taking the first steps. Many of us may never sell a painting or display in a show, but you encourage and give honest suggestions for improvement. Nothing is more frustrating than people that simply say "Oh, very nice." no matter how bad or good a piece might be. If there are mistakes, people will point them out here and in a way that makes you not feel like you shouldn't be here.

Bob gave me a link to the thread where he posted his first painting and recalled hist experience with an art teacher that, knowingly or not, doused water on a small fire that took years to reignite. Some of us just realized later in life our fascination with art.

OP, I believe, is one of the more fascinating media because there are so many things to learn about it and so many techniques to be explored. If you had shown me Pat's roses for her show and told me they were OP a year ago I don't know if I would have believed it. Ed's incredible water and rocks shows that you can do detain and achieve "photorealism" with OP if you know how. Chris has shared a dynamic way of working with marker un derpaintings developed with OP that are losose, dynamic and able to condense what IMHO are some of the most complex scenes to work with, citscapes.

Everyday seems to bring discovery. That's what makes OP a fascinating meedium. So many people have underestimated it and it is somewhat like sharing the excitment of discovery that down through the ages has been felt by those exploring new developments, graphite, oil based paints, explosion of watercolor in Britain, acrylics, etc.

Well, it is called the gusher, isn't it. I can't help the elation I feel at being a part of a community of people that infuse their enthusiasm for the arts into everything they do and project infectious enthusiasm in others.

It has been a fascinating month and I hope all I've interacted with will continue to make this forum grown and make people realize the OP (whether we ever find ones by Picasso) is a dynamic medium and seems really to shine on its own and is a natural in multimedia works.

Attached are a few fotos that I hope will bring some beauty of this paradise to you.

Thanks for accepting me as a WC friend and I hope I can someday meet some of you in "the flesh". If let me know if you are heading towards Wisconsin and i would love to meet you.

I may be full of hot air, but the air is heated from the warmth of the acceptance everyone in this community radiates. It has become like a home and I hope I can someday give back in some way, some small measure of what has been shared with me.

:music: :heart: :music:

02-29-2008, 11:06 PM
A few more images
The beauty lies not just is palm trees and white sandy beaches and lovely sunsets, but brightly colored buildings, old doorways, animal life, waves crashing on coral outcrops, and so much more.

Pat Isaac
03-01-2008, 09:29 AM
The images aren't showing up, Bill....:( Maybe if you post them again they will. I had that trouble this morning trying to post. It is so nice to hear your genuine enthusiasm for art and painting and I'm glad that we all can be of help.


03-01-2008, 10:12 AM
Actually, Pat, I can see them. Some sketches that you can see in the sketch thread, I can't see, So it's really a strange situation.

Bill, very nice photos. Love the sea images and the sunset and the crow? looks really annoyed. Beautiful wall colour in the door photo.


Pat Isaac
03-01-2008, 10:31 AM
Very strange as I still can't see them. Sound nice though.


03-01-2008, 12:19 PM
Pat- They are attachments since I can't seem to get pics to load with the uploader. What I have discovered is that it is easier to upload by the attachment manager. You can set your thread options to display attached images WITHOUT clicking on them, so that's the way I am set up.

Jane. Thanks. I hope to do some OP paintings of some of these. I really liked the old door and the magnificently bright colors down here. I will post an album of some of the best shots in the ref lib when I return but just wanted to share the beauty of this place with my WC friends. And since I'm gushing, the Gusher is the right place.

I will try the attachment again, Pat and see if you can see them.

Last day in paradise.


03-01-2008, 12:26 PM
Going to try the upload tool again.
When I tried the upload image tool, I get a box with a red x and no image. These images have already been sized to the standard sizes. I will try attachment and Pat, do you have your WC browser options set to show attached images inline without clicking?



Pat Isaac
03-01-2008, 12:36 PM
I can see all the pictures now. They are great and show the wonderful paradise.....
I like the old door and the wonky dock. Wonderful beach scenes and I'd like to be swimming in that warm water now...aaaaaaah

Yes, my image attachments are also set up that way. WC has just been having trouble with images of late.:rolleyes:


03-01-2008, 12:47 PM
Pat-- I'm glad you can see them. It's funny you mention that "wonky" dock. I fell in love with it and took a ton of ref pics. I just think it has so much character. The old door I love for the colors and simplicity. I can't wait to try my new Holbeins on it. The sunset was from yesterday and I couldn't resist sharing it since it was so beautiful. I thought the silhouettes against the bright orange of the sun could be worked into a striking composition (especially by Wendell, his seascapes are so alive with color).

Back home tomorrow night.


03-01-2008, 03:49 PM
Pat, Jane, et al: Thanks for the good wishes. I became really sick last Wednesday night; I had a fever and was just burning up. I almost went to the emergency room, but decided against it. By the time I saw the doctor on Thursday morning, I was much improved, and my temperature had gone down to 100. The cough and the draggy feeling hasn't completely gone away yet, so I'm taking it easy, but I really am much, much better.

Pat: That article sounds great and I hope it does bring lots more attention to your new studios.

Angela: Congrats on being invited to participate in the mural. It sounds like quite an honor to be asked to participate! It's certainly quite an ambitious project. I hope you'll post photos of your part of it.

I feel for everyone who is getting blasted with snow, but it's probably a good incentive to stay inside and paint. :)

Bill: Oh how I envy you! I love Latin America! It looks like you're taking some great photos - oh, excuse me - "fotos" :lol: - so you'll have lots to paint from when you return. I predict those new Holbeins are gonna get broken in very quickly! I love the door, the dock, and the crashing waves (in other words, all of them). And the indignant expression on the crow is amusing. It's as if he's saying a very crow-like, "How dare you mess with me!" :)

Pat Isaac
03-01-2008, 04:37 PM
So glad to hear that you are feeling better, Annie. Those bugs do take a lot of your energy.
Well, we got rain today instead of snow......yea! My 2 sisters, one in northern Vermont and the other in upper state New York are buried and still getting snow. It's their year, but the ski country loves it.


03-01-2008, 10:48 PM
Annie- Thank you for your comments. I hope I haven't bored people by posting some photos, but I really wanted to share the beauty with the so many kind WC friends I have made so quickly. It is a beautiful place and I will try to post an album of what I think are the best shots in the RIL and put a link here for those interested in viewing them.

Last night, but also anxious to get home and see my black lab Zoey, that is at "Dog Camp" for the week (and maybe check out those holbeings and extra greasy pastels i orderded:smug: ).

"See y'all later"
:music: :heart: :music:

03-01-2008, 10:53 PM
Hey Pat, Annie, Bill, Jane, and Angela. :wave: Can I hang out here too. Is that you in one of the pictures Bill? I imagine you to look like Van Gogh. Annie- my wife and son had the flu for a week. I can sympathize.How is Schmid's Alla Prima? I can only see 5 pages of it on his website.
Thanks Pat and Jane for welcoming me to the OP forum!

Pat Isaac
03-02-2008, 10:36 AM
Welcome, Chris, this is our weekly chat thread, so stop by anytime.


03-03-2008, 06:29 PM
Hello all!! Welcome, Chris!!! Good to hear you want to hang out and keep giving us new ideas about OP.

Well, my self imposed exile to that paradise infested Isla Mujeres has ended. Now I'm back at my "Casa Mujeres" where only one woman rules!!!! I hear the violins playing, Pat, so you don't have to cue them! (By the way, how's that boat "thing" coming along:evil: :evil: )? Oh, sorry about that, since you gave me an A+, teach, I take that back! Arrived in Minneapolis last night and stayed with aunt-in-law since weather was not that great. Was terribly disappointed to find that the piles of white stuff was not sand, but snow. However, I refused to be cowed by a little cold and brazenly wore my shorts off the plain and out into the cold to catch the shuttle.

Pat, my biggie set of holbeins was awaitin' and they are so beautiful I really don't want to use them and mess them up!!!! However, I can't gloat about EGPastels, since they still have not arrived even though I ordered them the night of the 24th. We'll see who gets theirs first????

I'm back, full of ideas, raring to go and first I have to finish my Landscape:eek: :eek: . Finish yours so I can cheat!

I have a ton of pics and will sort through and pick out a selection of the best (IMHO) and post them in an album in the Ref Lib and put a link here for those that want to visit the Isla vicariously. WOW! What a place! So much beauty, new and old. Could spend quite a while just painting things from this trip. Maybe some of you could help. An Isla Mujeres paint party!!!

Anyway, great to visit, had fun, but also glad to be home. Should have taken all the good advice about being more selective in what I took, but I guess we have to make our own mistakes. Frustrating having $5 set of Reeves when I would have traded it for just 4 or 5 NeoPastels!!!!! Less is more??

Went and picked up my lab, Zoey, and she was glad to see her PaPa!

Thanks to all of you for letting me share my trip with you along the way, I hope I didn't get too tiresome! I really wish you all could have been there. It would have been an awesome OP painting party!!! Maybe someday.

I'll shut up for now. Annie--hope you are feeling better and to tell the truth, your spanish is a lot better than mine! Pero, me gusta Isla Mujeres MUCHO!!!"

Adios y Buenos Tardes

:music: :heart: :music: