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02-22-2008, 06:04 PM
Just thought everyone might want to know my good news. A lady called yesterday that saw my painting at the library that sold....and she commissioned me to paint another one similar to it, for her to give to her son.
He got married there last May, and she wants it for their first anniversary. I was HOPING that the double decker had not been there, because I enjoyed painting the depot, and had thought about doing it again(sans bus). However, the bus was there, and took them all to the reception...oh well. I guess that bus is something I need to practice painting...so that it becomes me friend, and not my nemesis...lol.

I was told by the guild that I should raise my prices, because the gallery suggested such a low price; but that is one reason, she felt she could afford to call me. Pricing is one thing that I am totally unsure of, but a friend suggested I just add a little at a time, to see how it goes.

Charlie's Mum
02-22-2008, 06:24 PM
Well done Susan - that is good news ..... the first sale/commission of many I hope. :D

02-22-2008, 06:37 PM
I am so pleased for you!

02-22-2008, 06:44 PM
congrats to you!! such good news!

02-22-2008, 08:19 PM
thats terrific susan! and how very nice that your first commision will be such a special one. your painting will be treasured as they go through their married life, and raise their family, then it will go on to their children and be treasured by them in turn. i am really happy for you! chris

02-22-2008, 09:03 PM
Congratulations and best wishes for many more commissions. Seems you are on a roll for good things to happen. Keep it going.

02-22-2008, 09:25 PM
:clap: Susan, that's great! Congratulations on your first commission!

RE: pricing. Have you ever checked out the Business forum here? There are some great threads on pricing. My Father-in-law's uncle is a professional artist of many years. He did start out somewhat low, but every 6 months or so raised his prices by about or 10% or so. As his popularity grew, the word got out and people bought more since "the value of it was constantly increasing". I thought that was a great strategy!

02-22-2008, 11:56 PM
Susan, what wonderful news :) Congratulations! The 1st of many more to come

02-22-2008, 11:59 PM
:clap: Congratulations!!:clap:

02-23-2008, 12:31 PM
Congrats!! I know, pricing is hard. I decided to give myself an hourly wage, but I have never given myself a raise yet. :lol:

02-23-2008, 01:38 PM
congratulations !! ... :clap::clap::clap: ... all the best on your next one

02-23-2008, 02:23 PM
Yay! Congrats, Susan... I know that has to be a good feeling... And yes, pricing is hard... I agree with the suggestion to check out the business forum... some really good information in there.

02-23-2008, 04:29 PM

02-23-2008, 04:59 PM
That is good news. Congratulations.

Lady Carol
02-23-2008, 06:07 PM
but a friend suggested I just add a little at a time, to see how it goes.
Yes, add a little to your prices at certain intervals is the way to go.