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02-11-2008, 09:23 PM
Are you one of these individuals who hates to throw out things that might have another use other than what they were originally meant for? Like plastic containers that end up in landfills.

I took a large MH coffee container, had my husband cut out four circles in the lid, three large one small to go over the handle area, I put some padding (another recyclable) in the bottom of it so the brushes don't move around and rattle and now I have a nice tote for my paint brushes. It has a very nice handle that makes it easy to pick up.

Here's the picture of my project. What do you think?:smug: :cat:

Lady Carol
02-11-2008, 10:39 PM
That's cool. The brushes in the handle going off at an angle would drive me nuts but then that is me.... :lol:

02-11-2008, 11:02 PM
Good idea, and a whole lot neater than my collection of old mugs and bottles for containers.

02-11-2008, 11:29 PM
Well, aren't you a clever one. Congratulations. Very good.

02-12-2008, 05:19 AM
Yes Purple, I don't like throwing out plastic containers that end up as landfill, and I think this is a great idea! You're a clever girl for thinking up this one!

02-12-2008, 07:35 AM
You go girl. Great idea. Certainly better than something breakable.

02-12-2008, 09:31 AM
Now that's really creative. I think I just might snag that idea!

02-12-2008, 11:19 AM
Thank you all for your comments, hope you make one of these for yourselves.

02-12-2008, 07:02 PM
:wave: Love this idea, Purple! I have a couple of these I've been keeping for "something" so I will try this. Thank you! :D


02-12-2008, 07:12 PM
I'm glad I've inspired you to make one, at least it won't end up in the landfill.

02-12-2008, 07:25 PM
No landfill plastics from me, Purple. I'm an avid recycler. I do like alternatives uses for things though and I just KNEW there must be some for these coffee containers! Thanks again! :D


02-12-2008, 07:45 PM
Elizabeth and other recylers, if we do our part that's all we can do except to encourage other to do likewise.

I also hate seeing good water running down the sink knowing that some thirsty plant or animal would love to drink it. If we all do our part, we can make a difference. :clap: :thumbsup:

02-12-2008, 09:57 PM
Cool idea! I've been using old Kool-aid Containers for my brushes, so that I can sort them by size and type, and then the lids are good for soaking...and so are old butter containers....when they get too "painty" I just toss them out.