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Pat Isaac
02-11-2008, 08:20 AM
Good morning everyone,

Wonderful sunny day but very frigid. I'll take the sun as we haven't seen it for a week. I am up an running today. Trying to get to my studio early and spend the day there. Lots of new work to do. I am helping take in paintings for a show tonight.
So come in and share your joys, concerns...or just the day to day routine and lets get aquainted.

Have a great day:) :) :)


02-11-2008, 01:22 PM
I'm finding WC a bit up and down today. Cold and sunny here, too, Pat. Jane

02-11-2008, 01:52 PM
Hello everyone, as you might have noticed on a couple other threads, I'm back though not quite settled yet. I had another self portrait homework that I absolutely had to do yesterday so I can turn it in a day late tomorrow. I took it easy on myself and just used charcoal. I still have a page of noses to do but I need to ask my teacher why my last page of skulls got marked down when I thought I fulfilled all the requirements.

So...Hong Kong was everything I expected. However, I never saw the sun until we were on the way to the airport. First two days were on the chilly side, but it never got so wet that I had to pull out my umbrella. I'm still working on pictures and I have yet to scan the sketches I made. I never got around to using the OPs I brought and I only pulled out the watercolors once, that was in my hotel room. Too much on the move for color. Shopping was great when they were open. Hong Kong celebrates three days of New Year. Nobody works on the first day (Feb 7) and half the shops are open on the second day. We were on our way home on the third. So like many other first trips, I need to go back some day. It took me over 20 years to get back to Hawaii. I didn't see as much as I would have liked because Mom was tiring and she wasn't up to dealing with public transportation.

Pat Isaac
02-11-2008, 02:39 PM
Welcome back, Julie. I will be looking forward to your pictures. How long were you in China?
Yes, I almost panicked again this morning as WC shut down again and I thought we were going to be out again, but it came back not long after. I went to my studio then. I' trying to organize what I want to do for my show.


02-11-2008, 03:52 PM
Julie, welcome back from your holiday. I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos and sketches. I have only tried twice to draw/paint on a trip. There's so much to see and do that it's hard to find the time to sit for several hours to paint. And your travelling partner may not want to sit still for that long. My husband and I always take trips filled with activities: seeing historic houses, art galleries, gardens etc. We usual have more things on our list than we have time to do as it is. I guess if you like to sit on the beach and sun then it would be more feasible. Jane

02-12-2008, 02:21 AM
:cat: I am glad to hear that wc had shut down, I thought I was having computer problems again. I am working on an acrylic painting at the moment, but I want to do the rose in the Feb challenge. I must try harder to make time. regards to all Bars

02-12-2008, 12:15 PM
Hi all, I've put up my Hong Kong sketches up in the Artwork from Life forum. At the end I've shown my new art supplies...including new OP's!


Pat Isaac
02-12-2008, 03:43 PM
What wonderful sketches, Julie and a nice way to remember your trip. I am always amazed that you find the time to do this.


02-12-2008, 07:36 PM
Art work has been slow for me these last couple of weeks. I've been oil painting, I have not touched an op in a month. Last week I displayed my artwork for a elementary school art club, that was a lot of fun. There were some up and coming artist in that club, they reminded me of myself when I was that age. I had to take my dog Jezz to the vet, we had to put her to sleep unfortunatly. She was 12 years old, a shepherd/chow mix, she lived a good long life. She went blind due to Glaucoma, then a year later she developed a tumor behind one of her eyes. I'm going to miss going for walks with her, she was a wonderful dog.

02-12-2008, 09:41 PM
Hi Bars! :wave: Hope you find time for more OPs.

Julie: Wonderful sketches! I like the guy with the beard, the "warrior dude" :lol: and the second airport sketch particularly, but they're all very good.

Wildart: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, Jezz. What a beauty she was with such an intelligent expression - and what a beautiful photo to remember her by. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet and I really feel for you.

02-12-2008, 09:44 PM
Elizabeth, you have my sympathy. We went through that with our old guy, Freddie, just a month ago. There are many times a day when I am aware that he's not here anymore. Your Jezz was a beautiful dog, I'm so sorry for your loss. Jane

02-12-2008, 10:13 PM
Elizabeth, I'm sorry about Jezz. She looks so affectionate and well cared for.


02-12-2008, 11:21 PM
My sympathy as well, Elizabeth. My wife and I had to put our 14-1/2 year old Tilly down yesterday afternoon. We're still tripping over the water bowl in the kitchen...can't yet think about putting things away. It's hard, even though you know it is for the best.

02-12-2008, 11:39 PM
Elizabeth - I'd like to add my condolences on the loss of your dog Jezz. My wife and I have had to go through the samething with several beloved pets since we married and it always leaves a void. But I hope you can move on and remember that though you may no loger see Jezz with your eyes on those walks, you will always be able to see her with your heart!


Pat Isaac
02-13-2008, 08:21 AM
My sympathies as well, Elizabeth. It's hard as they are part of the family. She was a beauty.


02-13-2008, 01:47 PM
You have my sympathies Elizabeth & Herb. That is a wonderful picture of Jezz that will live in your memories.

Annie & Pat, thanks for looking at the sketches. I used to be such a slow sketcher until I went on the Russia trip two years ago. Back then it looked like scribbles, I think it's just now looking like something. I can fit so much more into a sketch than I can take with my camera (sometimes the lens just isn't wide enough) and because I am more observant when I'm sketching, the memories are that much stronger of that time and place.

Pat Isaac
02-13-2008, 03:18 PM
That makes a lot of sense, Julie and you have become an inspiration to me on our next trip.


02-13-2008, 06:25 PM
I am sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. That is a beautiful photo of a beautiful dog. I hope you can think of her as running free somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Julie, those are wonderful sketches. I admire how you use a variety of tools and settings. I can see how the sketches would bring about memories in a whole different way from photos. Hope your schoolwork goes well.


02-13-2008, 08:04 PM
Herb, my sympathy to you and your wife for the loss of your Tillie.

Julie, terrific quick sketches of your holiday, and great purchases of cheap art materials.


02-14-2008, 09:02 PM
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Shirl Parker
02-14-2008, 11:57 PM
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02-15-2008, 02:19 AM
Elizabeth. I have had many animals over the years. Each one precious. It never gets any easier to lose them. I guess , because we love them so much we know that the pain is part of knowing what a priviledge it is to know each and everyone.
My sympathies to you. Bars