View Full Version : Show in Vancouver March 15 "Flavour"

02-07-2008, 05:56 PM
Evoke Events is having its launch party called Flavour, March 15 2008 at the Croatian Cultural Centre. They're mandate is to "showcase bc artists to promote local talent." Looking for painters, photographers, sculptors, body painters, etc for the event.

3-9 Art show, live performances, art projected on the walls, silent auction
9-1AM, DJs, VJs, projected art, burlesque performances, body painting.

For more info check out www.evoke-events.com (http://www.evoke-events.com)

Looks really cool - any Vancouver artists may want to check it out.
There is a $40 admin fee, but they provide an artists' room for storage, and refreshments, 1 year on their website, and anything sold is commission free.