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06-24-2002, 07:10 AM
I have a question -- upon trying to register to be a seller (I have already created an general account - one in which I can buy), they are asking for credit card information -- which I have already given in the initial process -- and I don't really have a problem with that, but they are also asking for checking account numbers and routing information. This has been considered a no-no by most consumer advocates because of the potential for someone drafting your checking account if they have the routing number. I read the "why" in Ebay, but I am still not sure if this is an absolute necessity. Again, I am only talking about the checking account number, bank number and routing number. Anyone having these numbers can deplete your account.

Have all of you that sell on Ebay given them this information? Is there another way to set up a seller's account without having to give out this information?


06-24-2002, 09:05 AM
Martha, I've paid bills on a number of sites by giving my checking account info, (telephone, mortgage, etc) and have never had a problem.

Truth is most banks nowadays have that info in their online databank so a saavy hacker could get it anyway.

06-24-2002, 02:34 PM
Not sure what their reasons are as I'm in the UK and don't think I gave them checking info as well as credit card info. BUT, since PayPal, Nochex, Billpoing, etc. all have my checking account number and routing info in order to pay me I don't see it can be much of a problem. Giving customers bank account and sort code is quite common actually for doing direct bank transfers (faster and safer than a check). Remember that every time you write a check you're giving someone that info anyway.

Just my 2 cents. :)

06-24-2002, 09:37 PM
When I set up my ebay account, I only had to supply a credit card for paying my sellers fees each month. I think now, they request the checking info for further verification of legitimate sellers. If you sign up for ebay payments, they need your bank account info for deposits. PayPal uses it also for deposits.

You should be supplying all your info thru a secured site, too.

06-25-2002, 07:09 AM
Originally posted by CHClements
I think now, they request the checking info for further verification of legitimate sellers.

Ah! Triggered a memory! Yes - there have been announcements on ebay UK that the seller verification process has been recently changed and updated. This must be part of that process (old sellers don't have to go through it).