View Full Version : A Heads Up

Terry Wynn
01-22-2008, 10:06 PM
I don't work for Dakota Pastels but wanted to mention what I think is a super value. They are having a sale (I know, another sale!). If a person buys any Unison set you can purchase the new Roz bag for 50% off. The ad wasn't clear but when I received my order, the Roz bag has 4 trays for pastels. I ordered the Unison shadow set - 8 colors on sale for $25.95. Oh, and a starter set of PanPastels. Dying to try those!

Anywho, just had to share, I'm very pleased with the Roz bag and all it contains for $32.95! I think I will use the dickens out of it.

Again, not an endorsement of Dakota per se, don't work for them, just happiness with a product!