View Full Version : You wanna draw cats & dogs from Real life, Pound closes 01/31, 650 animals may die

01-09-2008, 07:21 PM
I don't know if anyone is an animal lover here, or in the southeast United States but I read in a paper that there's an animal shelter closing Jan 31, in Hendersonville, North Carolina and 650 animals may be euthanized. Wouldn't it be fun to draw your own pet that you saved its life?
It was a no-kill shelter and the lady has been trying to keep it afloat for years, but the end of this month they are closing it down, and though the animals might be transfered to some other place, there's a strong possibity that they cut be put down, i.e. killed
It's right near Lowe's called All Creatures Great & small. She was trying to build a shelter in another state, but sadly, they have stopped her from doing that.
I know alot of us are animal lovers here and like to draw our animals also. So.. if you have a place in your home for a pet and you live in the southeast, please contact this establishment. They only have about 20 more days before they will be shut down and these beautiful sad creatures will be euthanized. I will go take pictures if I can get up to the area and show you the pets.
I have talked to the lady myself and she was also so kind and always so caring about the animals.. although she was operating on a shoestring.
Please help if you can.. or tell someone you know who might be needing a pet. 650 animals is alot to find homes for in only 20 days!! Please spread the word. And maybe next month we can be on here posting pictures of animals we have drawn we got there!
Please help!

01-10-2008, 08:40 PM
Well. I visited their website and man, they got plenty of real life dog and cat models to choose from!

To find them, go to Petfinders dot com and put in All Creatures Great And Small in the shelter box and Hendersonville, North Carolina in the location box. Some very interesting breeds which would make some fantastic animal portraits are available there: a Catahoula Leopard Dog, which is a sort of mottled colored dog, brindle in nature. That would be a very interesting dog to draw. Labradors, another dark colored dog which is tough to draw but its body is easy. All different kinds of cats. They had a Chow dog.. I would love to try to draw its fur. They have a Plott hound, which is also brindle in colour.. Boy what a portrait that would make. And they are sweet dogs too. My friend had one, very good natured, so you'd have a pleasant model. There are Siberian huskies there, which make a beautiful subject for dog portraits and all size and colors of cats. :) If you need any information, like the telephone number or direction, although they are on the website, just contact me privately. I'd be happy to help you find the place so you have a long-term animal model at your convenience.