View Full Version : By the Fireside... January 2008

Diane Cutter
01-02-2008, 10:01 AM
It's time to start another cozy fire, especially at this time of year. Tell us what you've been up to, share thought, photos, etc.

I'm still in New Mexico with family and am thoroughly enjoying it but have had no art 'me-time' which has been terribly frustrating. I've found I need quiet alone stretches and that is not possible in my parents' home. First of all the house is just way too neat and settled with no place to make a mess and it's too cold for the back porch. Second, my Dad always comes along and starts family genealogy stories which are much too important to say 'leave me alone to draw' :rolleyes:

I did get up to Santa Fe on a blustery cold day and took in the art museum. They have a room dedicated to O'Keefe (who inspired me to paint) and a room for Gustave Baumann (who inspired me to be more daring with my woodcuts). Those were great and disappointing at the same time... great because what they had hanging was fabulous and disappointing because there wasn't more!!!