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11-28-2007, 08:52 AM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/28-Nov-2007/118892-feb_07_001.jpg I Hope Everyones Not Sick Of Me Yet!! But..here's Another Painting,this One Is Watergirls Fav...

11-28-2007, 11:55 AM
I love your work, Alicia! I could just sit and study each painting for hours.

11-28-2007, 11:56 AM
I Hope Everyones Not Sick Of Me Yet!! But..here's Another Painting,this One Is Watergirls Fav...

Sick of you? Not hardly when you create such lovely paintings. :clap:


water girl
11-28-2007, 12:27 PM
There is a story to this painting. :)
Alicia was running a workshop next to a "biker bar". She grabbed my camera and ran outside to photograph a group of them as they were leaving. She did not own a computer at the time, so I had to print out the photos and use snail mail to get them to her. This painting is on a full sheet of suede mat board. Considering Alicia's size, it's almost as tall as she is!!!!
Thanks Alicia....this is my favorite!

Donna T
11-28-2007, 01:05 PM
Wow! She looks gorgeous...and tough! I love the attitude that comes across.

Donna T

11-28-2007, 01:19 PM
Alicia, I am just in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!


11-28-2007, 01:35 PM
Alicia, how can we ever get tired of whatching such gems. As they are loose in way I call "ethereal", I want to see as many of them as possible before the "coloured smoke" they seem to be made of disolves!

Great attitude, which may be nice for the young woman, but it is totally fabulous how you nailed it on paper!

By the way, what paper do you use? I'm sure it is said in some thread, but I can't remember.


11-28-2007, 02:41 PM
I am in awe of your work too Alicia. I visited your website and had much more "in awe moments"

I would love to come to your studio and have some lessons :) Your work is so gorgeous. Very natural looking and very unique. The way you create atmosphere and harmony is incredible. Such a wonderful gift you have here !!!

We could never get sick of looking at your work!!!! So keep us posted...


11-28-2007, 02:46 PM
wow, this is, is, geesh, i can't think of some great words to say how great this is!! and on a full sheet, i'd LOVE to see this IRL!! i bet its even more stunning. i esp. love how you do a background that's 'not really' there, but yet it is...

and tired of this?? can a person be tired of fine wine or chocolates? tired of a winning lotto ticket? tired of it?? hahahahahaaa!!!!

11-28-2007, 05:23 PM
Alicia, you already know what I think....just keep on posting!!!!! Oh, and Karen, thanks for the great story to go with it.


David Patterson
11-28-2007, 08:14 PM
Sick of your portraits?? More like constantly inspired by your portraits!


11-28-2007, 08:58 PM
Your portraits are excellent!


11-28-2007, 09:04 PM
Wonderful work, wish I could do protraits like that.

11-28-2007, 10:03 PM
Thank so much for all your comments..Peggy,Diana,Chewie ,Tracy. Netty the next time your in Calif.stop in for a lesson! Charlie,the paper i use is suede matboard..it is similar to velour but in my opinion much better..it really holds on to the pastel pigment...thanks also to David, Terri and graddad..everyone has been so nice and complimentary...thanks.

11-28-2007, 10:15 PM
Wow!!! this is incredible!! Love it!

nana b
11-28-2007, 10:40 PM
I love it! I just read that you use suede matboard. I have a few pieces that they gave me at a frame shop and I was just doodling around and picked a piece up. I just put some strokes on it to try it and wow! The pastel layed down so softly.....now I think I'm going to have to do a complete painting on it because.... it is calling to me:D


11-28-2007, 11:43 PM

I love the effect of your work!. The way you manipulate the pastels and marry them to the canvas is astonishing. The pastels actually breath in your paintings! You have a masterful trick with the way you layer your pastels that is loose and luscious. In this painting how you repeat the blues is cool. Even in her cheek, you have secreted hints of that blue. I am new to pastels and observing your art is a lesson in itself. Thank you!


Mary Brigid
11-29-2007, 04:56 AM
Alicia. I never tire of looking at your work. You have such contorl over the pastels. It is like magic. I have visited your site quiet a few times. Each time I look at one of your paintings I see something different.
I love this one. You captured this lady so well. She oozes freedom and confidence.
Mary Brigid

WC Lee
11-29-2007, 06:22 AM
seen this on your website before when I was browsing through it .. it is a beautiful piece :)

11-29-2007, 09:01 AM
:heart: Thanks WCLEE, i enjoy looking at your work as well,you capture a feeling in alot of your pieces..thanks Mary Brigid..such kind remarks are appreciated..Carol, there really is no secret to that blue. I simply carry it out through and around the painting in different intensitie, this keeps the viewer in the painting and unifies the painting, as far as layering goes, for me, and i only can speak for myself, i correct as i go along, and i don't remove any pastel or blend it. I just go over it. And that is what creates alot of strokes and lost edges..Nana B..when i found the sued matboard that was it!! i love it and use nothing else..it does lend itself to this kind of look..soft .:heart:

11-29-2007, 09:03 AM
:heart: ...and also thank you to Linn for the kind comments...

K Taylor-Green
11-29-2007, 04:42 PM
Alicia, you inspire me. I want to see more of your lovely portraits.

11-29-2007, 08:36 PM
Keep 'em coming, I bet you tire of uploading before I tire of looking and enjoying :)
I also recall seeing this on your site, fabulous work, then again there's so much fabulous work on there to choose from, thank you for sharing with us
best wishes

11-30-2007, 12:45 AM
Exciting piece!!

11-30-2007, 02:00 AM
I have to thank Charlie (Colorix) for leading me to this forum. Pastels are a mystery to me, and this picture is one of the reasons for that. This is absolutely stunning. You could probably work in any medium, but boy, does this ever seem like the perfect marriage of artist and medium. Wow.

(I hope no one minds me just sort of peeking in the background. Some of you folks create images that refuse to leave my mind after I log off....)

11-30-2007, 03:16 AM
karen told me to get my butt over here :D
i LOVE this painting. i have seen your work before
(thanks to karen) and i look forward to seeing more :thumbsup: