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11-02-2007, 07:40 PM
Demos Volume 1 presale !!!!!!!!!!!

It is almost here. After 9 months of editing and voice overs, Art of Beadmaking's first Video lesson is ready. It will begin shipping on the 14 of November.

As a thank you to everyone, we are having a pre-sale, at 5.00 dollars off the retail price.

You can go to :http://www.artofbeadmaking.com/temp.htm
to see screen shots and see the covers.

Here is the test from the back of the box:

Brad Pearson:
Off Mandrel and Sculptural Beadmaking Techniques

This DVD showcases four lessons demonstrating shapes and skills for new & intermediate beadmakers.
Included lessons:
Fish beads
Two part pendants
Off-mandrel hearts
Tribal mask beads

Each of the above demonstrations provides step by step instruction in skills needed to go beyond the basic bead. Challenge or enhance your own skills through more complex shaping and designs.

Instructional techniques include the use of enamels, silver leaf, metal punties, fusing two bead parts together, and a host of other great ideas for creating art.

Thanks to everyone that supports our projects and let me know if you have any questions,

Brad Pearson