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06-05-2002, 03:09 PM

I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on the best ways to generate site traffic.



06-06-2002, 12:35 AM
For personal web sites, trading links for each others pages helps quite a bit. Also getting involved in Internet interactions with clubs, groups etc helps too.

06-06-2002, 09:38 PM
Check your META tags and make sure that they're good to be "crawled" by search engines like Google. Make sure to submit your URL to directories like DMOZ. And, leave your link at every possible and acceptable place on the 'net.

I agree with Tammy about participating in relevant groups, clubs, email lists, etc. And yes, include your URL with every posting and email you send out. Just make sure to participate properly without saying "Visit my web site!" - people don't like this practice in general, unless you're genuinely seeking for feedback about something from your web site.

When giving out business cards, letters, cards, and other personal mailing, don't forget to send include your URL too.

06-10-2002, 04:20 PM
list with EVERY free artist listing on the net+ all the major search engines... I have found and listed on about 200 of them... but I don't have them typed up in a list for you... sorry. Don't waste too much time trying to write the perfect little profile for each... the chances that anyone will take note are slim to none.... go for volume.

Never pay for listings... I have yet to see a pay for listing service that was worthwhile. Webrings help, so do top100 sites... but keep a seperate html page for that... no one likes to see it cluttering up your website.

analize your traffic logs... I get about 25% of my hits from one site... and most of the other 75% from a few other sites... these sites are where I invest any extra effort or thought... if at all.

06-11-2002, 07:53 AM
I put a hyperlink to my sites at the bottom of each and every email I send out to people. It is so easy for them to click on it and go directly to the site.