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06-04-2002, 03:45 AM
I read a post on this forum about "Color Shapers". They sound like a great tool and I am going to order some from home BUT when I got to the Dick Blick site I found there were many sizes and also firm and hard. Since I have to make each long distance order count would someone mind advising me on the best size and if hard or soft is better for pastels. Thanks in advance.

06-05-2002, 04:21 PM
hmmm I know i've seen a discussion of this somewhere on the site, but can't remember where. I'd love to see an experts response on this as well or a suggestion of where to look on the site for the info. I'd like to try them too.


06-05-2002, 04:35 PM
There was discussion on colour shapers in this thread:
Do you use this? (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42461)

I do not use them myself as I prefer to 'blend' by working hard pastels into previously applied soft pastels.

06-06-2002, 05:46 PM
I bought the two taper points, size 2 and 6, softest texture. Use them all the time. I bought 2 others, but have hardly touched them--so I guess I really just need the first two.