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10-22-2007, 04:05 AM
Dera all...

perhaps I will be first today and not beaten by Doug by 2 minutes!

Grey sky with just a slight wash of pink and quite breezy unlike yesterday which was just superb ( excuse me whilst I have another sneezing session).....

Today little planned as still somewhat under weather but hopefully will finish the current spell of gardening as still a dozen or more holes to dig for wallflowers..the grass will need a final cut for the winter perhaps this coming weekend as I am not caravanning again till Bonfire Night weekend.

Back later as start sneezing again!


10-22-2007, 04:57 AM
Mornin each:wave:

Geoff you missed the most magnificent sunrise from this side of the country, looking over to the east this morning the sky was full of crimson light being bounced of the clouds. Note to self get up earlier tomorrow and get out with the camera.

What a disappointing week for UK sport, 2nd in Formula One, 2nd in The Rugby and almost certainly failing to qualify for the European Championships. Oh well at least with the rugby and the racing we were there until the end and it did make for an interesting weekend.

Oh well off to take the dogs, see ya later:wave:

10-22-2007, 05:15 AM
Morning all :wave:

You truly beat me to the punch this morning Geoff and Kev. I slept in then changed the bedding before I came down, missed the sunrise.

It's a dry, still morning here, may get to Lidl this morning it's their Art Specials day with cheap easels, canvasses etc.

Painting this afternoon and around 16 alpine plants to locate in the rockery before the weather turns.

Breakfast time for me, BBL.


10-22-2007, 05:57 AM
Yes I saw them stocking the shelves in Lidl at weekend....nothing I want this time around.Bought a roll of canvas last time........


Ellen in Ont
10-22-2007, 07:06 AM
:wave: everyone,
Hi to Kev, Geoff and Doug and all who follow. I'm dashing through this morning on my way out to work. At least it is a short 8 hour shift (that's all I would agree to doing) as an extra because it is so busy. That means I will see daylight when I come home. It is so hard during the winter months. With 12 hour shifts you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.

So, I'll check in later to hear about everyone else's day. White light still beaming for those who need it.

10-22-2007, 07:24 AM
Morning from this short-grey-haired crone :D :wave:

Everyone thinks the concert is now history and they can persuade me to do other things...... first the photographs and crits for the press, the de-rigging the display window.....and an Invoice for the costs :D:D

Must pay some bills too... spent a lovely sunny few hours in the garden yesterday .. replanting daffodils ( their 4th move in 5 years !! ) broad beans ( for the fieldmice ?) and gettting a strawberry bed ready.

Talking meece... after no 7 left .. no more .. could be because Im now putting sunflower seeds out on teh decking for them and the birds in a cat proof vintage galvanised chick feeder cage, courtesy of ebay :)

Must get my day moving...... world doesnt stop turning !!!

HAWLTAIN :grouphug:

10-22-2007, 07:46 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just past 6:30 a.m. here in still-dark Oakwood. I'll have to watch out the window to see if we get a glorious sunrise in a little while like you'all did on the other side of the big pond. :D

We had a wonderful visit with our daughter Chris and GS Quinn. Our drive out to Pennsylvania we were following the storm that had been in Ohio during the night, but, fortunately, we didn't manage to catch it. There were some glorious cloud formations though, so I took a bunch of photos of them for reference in the future. Maybe it will help me make my skies more interesting. Friday we went to a really nice restaurant in Slippery Rock where they brew their own beers. The food was delicious and our waitress a delight. Saturday we took Chris and Quinn shopping and to get his school photos taken at Walmart. Here is a candid shot I took of him playing his electronic game. He will be 9 years old next month:


When we were leaving on Sunday. I presented the owners of the B & B we stay at, Rosemary and Harry, with my painting of their three pets (only two of whom are still living). They really seemed to like it, especially Harry because I think the rooster and the dog were his special buddies. :D Isn't it nice to be able to make people feel good with a gift that we made ourselves. :clap:

The fall color in Ohio is not very bright yet, but when we got to Pennsylvania it was gorgeous. The area we went to was a little north of us and I think that has made a difference. I took a few shots from the car to show you, this first is what the area where Chris and Quinn live looks like—acres and acres of rolling countryside covered with hardwood trees:


Sorry for the phone pole and wires, but these two trees really caught my eye:


:wave: to Geoff, Doug, Kev, Ellen, Jaytee, and all who are on their way. I need to catch up on the Washes I missed over the weekend to see what's happening in people's lives.



10-22-2007, 08:17 AM
Good morning to everyone:wave:
I've been going like crazy lately. It might slow down in a week.:confused:
We got some rain but the leaves aren't pretty at all. Maybe soon.
I went to the Oyster Fest this weekend but didn't take my camera. Of coarse the Sultana sailed in and I couldn't get any photos. Shes a Small square rigged sailing ship. But I did eat lots of oysters.

Be well and take care all,

10-22-2007, 08:19 AM
Hi :wave:

Our boys are back crawling all over our hill, finishing up the wall and putting in the steps. The steps were Jamies idea, a friend who works with Steve-the-builder. He thought it would make tending the garden easier, for Jack, who is the gardener in our family. I love having a garden but never got the bug. Probably because I was #4 in the family and my job was to mow the really horrible lawns :mad:
Anyway here are some pictures.
Day one
Like I said, Jack is a real gardener. He grew up on a farm and his Aunts and Uncles, made sure of that.

Going for a walk today, and will try to find some inspiration for that blasted flower we are supposed to paint for the Kettlewell Challenge this week.


Strawberry Wine
10-22-2007, 08:33 AM
Good Morning

6:45 and it is still very dark and the temp is already at 13.5 C. :clap Looking forward to a beautiful autum day.

Geoff, hope you start feeling better soon...

:wave: Doug and Kev

Jaytee, we caught 3 mice last evening... Glad you seem to have removed all yours.

Hi Ellen, you really do have to learn "how to say, No".. and enjoy your scheduled days off. 8 hours is not a "short" shift. :)

Sylvia, your mini vacations sounds good. Quin is a handsome young man.. We had very little colour in our area this year... The trees were so stressed from the dry summer that many of the Maple tree species leaves turned yellow brown, dried up and fell off the trees.

I read in yesterday's wash about get the flu shot vs. not getting it.

Here is some further information regarding the flu and the vaccine.

Influenza, is a potentially serious "Upper Respiratory Infection" and not to be confused with other of "flu type" viruses. ie: stomach flu, colds, etc.

The flu vaccine is not a live virus vaccine so you CANNOT get the flu from it. It tricks your body into thinking that it is live and your body produces antibodies to protect itself from the virus.

Each year, Centre for Disease Control (Atlanta, Georgia, here in North America) start hundreds of different types of flu viruses in the lab... during the few months prior to the flu season. (November to March in the Northern Hemisphere) At the same time, other virologists are tracking and watching for the type of flu which they feel is going to become this year's most aggressive and possibly deadly virus, Mid September, the decision is made and that virus becomes the basis for the vaccine that we should receive in October or November.

Some people, after receiving the vaccine, feel achy, run a low grade fever, and think they got the flu from the shot.

The flu vaccine will not protect you from the common cold which unfortunately starts around the same time as the flu season.

Hope this info has helped! So unless you are allergic to eggs, go get your Flu Shot.

End of Medical Broadcast :D

Day is breaking and I need another coffee..

Everyone, have a great day..



10-22-2007, 08:38 AM
.....Thanks for the info on flu jabs.....I'll stay untreated thanks all the same.

Fall colo(u)rs.....exceptional in England & Scotland this year....staying in Trossachs last week one lady a US resident said she thought 'yours were as good as ours this year'.........I know it is a chemical thing but nice to hear.


ps it is only 40F here it was 68F yesterday....

10-22-2007, 08:53 AM
My DH used to be required to take his flu shots each and never got the flu; I was working in a very stressful job, tons of overtime, etc. to meet a printing deadline, but I got the flu shot and just kept ticking while all around me people were calling in sick. That convinced me that the shots had merit and I've been getting them ever since. As we get older and accumulate more illnesses like diabetes, etc., it is even more important to give our bodies all the protection they need...flu shots are one of those protections.

I had read that you can't get the flu from the flu shot also. Sometimes you might get a cold or other problem and think you got it from the flu shot, but you probably got it from the grocery cart handle or door knob that others touched with germ-laden hands. So, one of the best things you can do to safeguard your health is to wash your hands whenever you've been out in public. ;)




10-22-2007, 09:08 AM
As for the Flu jab, I get mine each year. Usually 2 or 3 days after I feel a little ill, or get a cold, but I have a very loud and clear reason for having the jab, back in 1968 my Dad got the Hong Kong Flu, he was many of the thousands who died from it ................. age 46 ..........:eek:

No one knows what strain is coming if they get the anticipated mega strengthed flu bug like the Hong Kong strain of '68 at least your body will have built up some resistance and that is all it is about.

So the choice is get a cold or die ..................... uuuhhhmmmmm let me think:D

10-22-2007, 09:13 AM
Good Morning all. Just running through for now. Have a great day all...

10-22-2007, 09:41 AM
Good MOrning Everyone!!! Glorious weather!!!!!

I have a busy day ahead, first physio, then have to take the car in for the annual service, they will drive me home and while here without a car it's time for the pond work which I am NOT looking forward to.

Doris, the frogs aren't dead YET, but if I leave them there over the winter they will be dead because the pnd isn't deep enough for them to have an unfrozen area, so I prefer to dig them up alive rather than in spring when they are dead.

I did go to Michaels yesterday to get that "reduced" yarn, it's silky feeling and a pleasure to knit with. This is going to be a simple pattern, actually fun to knit since it is done on round needles and each row is "knit" no pearl:)

Here is a photo of the one that I finished, it's filled with "tester" squares and nice and warm.


Gail, I am soooo glad you are feeling better!!!!!!

Sylvia, Quincy is very handsome and the leaves look as they do here although like Gail said, lots of trees dried up before they were able to show any colour. Happy for you that you had a good trip.

Judy, that is going to look gorgeous and I like the idea of steps!!

Char, I am thinking of you and in thought enjoying the warm pool and hot tub!!!!

I have to get ready so :wave: to one and ALL and wishing you a good day and as always HAWLTAIN!!!!!

10-22-2007, 10:36 AM
Happy Monday Washers,

Lovely weekend weatherwise here in Mid-Michigan. Very un-seasonably warm but also windy. We spend it at DD's house doing more organizing. NOW.....(the saga continues) the insurance company that our home warranty is through won't pay for the new furnace!!:eek: They say that the furnace had the crack in it BEFORE we bought the house. Our inspector's paper copy does NOT state that. The realtor and I had words about the furnace BEFORE Jen closed on this house and I am NOT happy. DH is trying to see what can be done as she cannot afford to get a loan for a 2200.00 dollar furnace!:confused: GRRR... Hopefully MSHDA will step in and help out. It just doesn't seem like she will EVER get in the house.

Sylvia, wonderful pics of the turning leaves and of GS! He's a cutie. Same age as my youngest GD. SO GLAD the B&B owners enjoyed the painting.

Uschi, that cardigan is BEAUTIFUL! Be careful doing your gardening.

I usually get the flu shot too. BEFORE it was a killed virus I got the flu from getting a flu shot. Now I have never had a problem and I DO get the shot every year. Better safe than sorry. ALTHOUGH I have a good friend who got a flu shot about 4 years ago and had neurological problems from it.....almost lost her job for the state because was off for 4 months. Had to learn to walk all over again. (they say she was allergic to the flu shot)

I painted this weekend....just some thank you cards for some friends but at least I got my brushes wet.

Well, need another cup of coffee and to get busy here.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and (((()))) hugs and white light to all in need.:heart: :wave:

10-22-2007, 11:24 AM
Kev, how sad that your dad died so young (((((()))))) Luckily my mother and aunt didn't die from it but were about the same age and sicker than anyone would ever want to be!!!!!! Mother's fever was so high she got up and cut her hair over the sink and had no memory of it the next day until she saw the hair everywhere!! True flu isn't a cold or a little thing but, as Kev says, can be a killer - get the shot - unless egg allergy.

Slyvia glad to see GS photo - he's a keeper for sure!!!!!!! And tree photos!

I'm running through - have enjoyed your news - HAWLTAIN - laters

Clara McArthur
10-22-2007, 12:03 PM
Good morning all!

After being away so long...it really is nice to see all the familiar names and to see what everyone is doing.

It is cloudy here this morning. I've already walked the dog. Didn't get any painting done yesterday...we went out and visited friends in the sunny afternoon. Then my friend and I went for a walk on the trails in the woods near their cottage which was really nice. The leaves are all down , the harvesting all done,the fields are clean. All ready for winter but I hope it doesn't snow for a while yet.


10-22-2007, 12:07 PM
:wave: Hello to all

just running around Wetcanvas so I told myself to stop and wish you happy day or evening (depending o place :) ) Nothing new here ... still 11 days till start of new job. My old boss makes a fool from me giving me hills of works which I cant complete till the last day ... no worry. I will simply do Bye! Bye! :evil:

Have new green working desk in the kitchen. On wednesday I will buy oven and cooker and so we will cut working desk and put all on place. Week or two and main skelet of kitchen will be finished. But still without fume hood which will be installed later, so I cant cook (maybe with open window :-). I have instant season, so I eat only unhealthy things from packs which can be prepared from hot water. I never ate so much porridge before. Hohoooooooo! But at least having working kitchen sink will be great so I will not need to wash my dishes in bathroom.

I still have my things in boxes - We fired woodworking company preparing for us project plans of big wardrobe builded into stairs. They were horrible. I dislike to do this things but they were really ignorat and everything took them years to finish. Now we talk to other company. They will come tomorrow to take measures. :D

Not painting except pen and ink. I am affraid I will be sticked to ink and brush for very long time.

Ushi ... or that's brilliant work. Very nice color combination.

10-22-2007, 05:15 PM

Nipping in to say hi - and catch up with everything.

Some idiot threw a lit firework into the extension last night - nearly gave me another heart attack when it exploded - luckily no damage was done.

Like the pics - nice to catch up on what people are getting up to and with whom......lol.

Re the flu jab - well I am allergic to eggs sooooooooo - also a doctor said that to tell the difference between flu and a severe cold - do the 20 note test......if its on the floor and you have a severe cold you would bend down and pick it up - if you had flu - you wouldn't!!!

Roof tiles have arrived - so they will be going on tomorrow - have designed a lovely room divider for my bedroom/lounge - we aren't having glass blocks now for the shower - decided that it was too much of a risk of leaking.

I apologise if I haven't replied to everyone in the Galleries but I just start then get called away.

Talking of which - gotta go.


Pat xxx

10-22-2007, 10:42 PM
:wave: Hi everyone!!! I know it's late...

It was a GORGEOUS day!!! Beautifully warm and sunny... rain's a'coming and it's getting cooler... but, TODAY was a gift.

Now... I had my first hydrotherapy session this morning. OHMYGAWD!!! I'm in love. :lol: Firstly, I'm a water baby, so the pool setting is perfect for me. Secondly, doing the exercises in the water is so much easier... We worked as a group for an hour and then I had a half hour's private session. THEN, I had a half hour's session in the hot tub (with exercises)... THEN... I had the BEST HOT SHOWER!!!

Ted and Matt came into town, and went and *played* when they dropped me at the centre. Matt had his final interview and goes into work tomorrow to begin his training. So cute. Anyway, I told the guys that I felt the best that I did since the day before my surgery... :lol: We went out for lunch and then bought a few groceries.

Guess what I did when we got home!! Yup... I took a nap!

Fantastic pics in the Wash, today... Syl... he's a good looking boy...

Judy, your terraces are looking great!

Uschi... I must find the carriage rug that my Grandmother knit 35 years ago... It's so precious to me... I think that I have it stored in my cedar chest... Lordy, I haven't thought about it in so long... your sweater looks just like my rug!!!

Ellen... *wagging finger* see??!!! Gail agrees with me!!!

Gail... :lol: I'm still not getting the shot... it's filled with a cocktail of LAST YEAR's viruses and whatever the scientists have guessed will turn up again... they cannot predict what the new crop of flu will look like.

I got the flu in '68... the one and only time I remember our Dr. making housecalls... and, yes, I was some sick... the only room in our house that was air conditioned was my parents' bedroom... they put me in there, hoping to reduce my fever... It must have worked... Or, it might have been the horrible mustard plaster that my Grandma put on my chest... :rolleyes:

Ok... it's really late (for me)... Love and hugs to everyone... :grouphug)

10-22-2007, 11:13 PM
I'm with Char, no flu vaccine for me.
In fact I'm not allowed, (my specialist's advice) it would weaken my already compromised immune system.
Having said that, I'm against it anyway for a lot of reasons, not the least being the money that drug companies receive by pushing it!!!

Uschi, I love that sweater!