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10-22-2007, 01:26 AM
As if Original Sin was not enough, am also working on what is intended to be a trio comprising a 'grand landscape', "Rite of Spring", this part being the right section...... originally, this was to be on a 48" x 96" acid free foamboard - but the only way could get that was to buy a case, some 24 at $50 per, way too much for my means, assuming even having space for that [which didn't, and still don't].... so - then thought of doing it in three 40" x 32" sections, which together would make the 96" of the view, lopping only 8" from the height.....

Fine - except am not one to do partials - each rendering, to me, must be able to stand on its own, even if with others comprising a larger whole.... this includes having a proper theme/title for each section..... for a time, other than this right section, neither requirements could be met [because the focus in the original idea was this section, the others merely leading to it, so to speak], and even for this one, the overall theme/title seemed the only one to work, not a good solution - until several days ago when, in some conversation with a friend, the present theme/title popped into mind..... so, at long last, can go about getting the trio rendered......


The image is that of Mother Earth, kneeling in front of a forest edge in winter, snow around, invoking a sprout from the fresh-melted ground between her knees... the trees are in outline because this is enough until transfered to the board - then can detail.... the figure was detailed as such because was using a new pen for me - a Staedtler 0.05 - and wanted to see how good the grading of shade it could do [which, btw, is very good, almost etchingly good....]

Oh yes - the other section theme/titles - "Behind the Shadows" and "SumWise".....

10-31-2007, 06:11 PM
My art supply place has told me they sell acid-free foamcore in 40" x 60" size [in addition to the 40" x 32" been getting], so am back to considering this as part of the large work, "Rite of Spring", being the right part, which can now have the rest put into the left side of that one board......:thumbsup: so - here's adding some of the sketching to the concept, and will now go do the left side to add to this, making the one large pen/ink work...... which was what always wanted of this in the first place....:D

[and, in the process, take back Coming Attraction to use for a different work...]:thumbsup:


the wholw work will be black/white, stippled ink..... microns.... mostly .005 and .01...... when get to the foreground tree trunk on left, will probably go to a .05 and .08 , so long as it does not overwhelm this part of the rendering.....

11-01-2007, 05:29 AM
The trees are going to be spectacular Robert.
The focal point of your drawing is not to my taste so I will refrain commenting on that.