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Pat Isaac
10-01-2007, 08:42 AM
Good morning everyone,

Good grief....I think I just typed October......fall is in the air this morning...45 degrees, but sunny and will get warmer.
I promised I'd get a picture of my new studio so here is a portion of it, more or less the area where I work. http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/01-Oct-2007/35760-studio.JPG
There is another area that we are planning on turning into a gallery, so I'll get a picture of that when we finish it.
So come in and share your joys, concerns...or just the day to day routine and lets get aquainted.

Have a great day:) :) :)


10-01-2007, 09:00 AM
Pat, what a wonderful lot of light coming in the windows. Great open space. I see you have room for a big table - that's what I wish I had. I have trouble cutting my paper and board on my drafting table, but that's the only place I can do it. Do you do your own framing? I see your blue ribbon on the wall. Now that you're settled in your new studio, we'll expect to see lots more blue ribbon paintings from you. Jane

10-01-2007, 12:43 PM
Pat: Like Jane, the first thing that struck me was the light streaming through all those windows. How wonderful! It looks just about perfect. It must feel so great to finally be moved and have everything all organized and settled. Good for you - it's been a long process. That giant worktable does look ideal, and you have a gallery space too! I also will look forward to those photos of the gallery. Congrats on a successful move, Pat. :)

It's really fall here - there's a new chilly nip to the air now, although it really hasn't gotten too cold - it just feels that way. And rain is forcast for the entire week. :(

It seems like there are lots of new posts in the OP Forum this morning. That's terrific! :)

10-01-2007, 03:38 PM
Yes, it's great to see some new members posting and to see some old favourites return. Well, based on Howard's info that the Holbein 225 OP set is no longer being made, I decided to spend next year's art supply budget now and I ordered the set from Jerry's. They have 20% off for on-line purchases till Oct. 4, so the set costs $320.00 not including taxes or shipping. That seems a real bargain to me. If you want to buy a set and need the on-line coupon code, PM me and I can supply it. Jane

Pat Isaac
10-01-2007, 04:13 PM
Good for you Jane, best to take advantage when you can.
Yes aren't those windows wonderful and they continue across the room to Marie's work space. We put up sheer white curtains last week and that really makes the light brighter, not sure why. It also dresses up the place. Marion in an adjacent room has bamboo shades. That big work table was made by my husband for matting and framing and work.....he never thought he would have to move it, but did make the top removable. Marie has a big work table right next to mine in the center of the room.
Annie, the gallery space that we have designated for Open Studios is the other room that we have been using as a painting room, so we'll move easels to our storage area for the event.
We will be making more changes, kind of like a house and having to live with it for awhile.
I actually started a new painting today, just the rough as I don't want to get really into it before I go away.


The Art Corner
10-02-2007, 02:46 PM
Hello just popping in: Pat your new studio's looking great. Congrats & Jane enjoy the Holbein's.

10-02-2007, 04:37 PM
Thanks, Shoshana. I'm busy trying to figure out storage for them at the moment.

Seems like the image uploader isn't working today. Jane

Pat Isaac
10-02-2007, 05:48 PM
Thanks, Shoshana, it is very nice. I'm sure you will find a space, Jane. I think we are having email problems again......have not received any today.


10-03-2007, 08:40 AM
Thanks for sharing, Pat. The windows and light look great. The whole space looks so fresh. I admire your large work table, too. Does it feel good to have reorganized/pared down? I am so glad this whole studio thing has worked so well for you, Pat. It wasn't that long ago that you thought it would be a few years before you would have to make a change!! What a trip it has been, but long last -- a happy ending -- yay!

I am still bogged down here with redo -- though I have done alot -- I guess it will take me awhile longer to put humptey dumptey back together.

I may try to work in a break and to the October strokes -- I will have to dig things out from where they are packed -- but may do it since I don't thing I will be getting things out before the month's end, otherwise.

My mom doing fairly well for now -- so I really am trying to get this redo behind me -- time aflying -- now retired one year -- can't believe it -- seems like a few months! Angela

10-03-2007, 11:26 AM
Angela, great to hear your Mom is doing well. Renovations can seem to drag on and you've sure had some bad luck with it. I would love it if you can find time to participate in the Oct. Pastel Strokes - it would be nice to see some oilies there. Jane

Pat Isaac
10-03-2007, 01:04 PM
Great news about your Mom, Angela. It would be nice if you could get a pastel strokes done this month. Take your mind off the redo.
Yes, we all thought we had a couple more years in our last space...surprise surprise.....but it has worked out very well for all of us.


10-03-2007, 10:17 PM
More problems with the uploader today. Here's a message Karyn (WC administrator ) put up in site announcements:

"There are a few parts of WetCanvas! that aren't working right now, and those may differ between different users. For some of you, the email system may not work and for others, you may not be able to upload images.

The problem is that WC! has been using up hard disk space at such a rapid rate. More space is on the way, but it is going to take some time to put in place. The email and image issues may be here for a few more days while the servers are being upgraded...."


Pat Isaac
10-04-2007, 07:54 AM
Yes, I saw the announcement and my problem is email and I know others are having uploading problems. I'll be patient and keep checking the forums.
Hope to get some of my flower beds to bed today.


10-04-2007, 12:37 PM
Jane: a whole set of Holbeins - you lucky girl! Enjoy them!

Hi Shoshana! :wave:

Pat: I'm glad you like your new studio. When is it that you leave for Florence? Are you getting really excited?

Angela: You've done a great job hanging in there through all the tribulations of your remodel job. A past employer of mine had a great way to estimate the amount of time it would take to finish a job. He advised spending a great deal of time looking at each element of the job and carefully determining how long each would take, and then he said to add up all the time required for each element...and then, after finally obtaining the carefully calculated overall time, double it! :lol: It works pretty much that way for remodeling, too, so you're really not doing so badly. I'm glad your mom is doing well.

It's been raining on and off here all week. :( Where did the summer go? I did a sketch for the Weekly Pastel Sketch Thread (which we really should start calling the WPST - I'm getting tired of typing it all out), but couldn't upload it because of the problems with the WC site. I can't really understand why, if the problem is that the servers are full, some people continue to be able to upload their work while others cannot. Did I mention that constant rain puts me in a irritable mood? :lol:

10-04-2007, 02:05 PM
My sympathy with the rain and mood, Annie. That's what I felt last year at this time. So far this year we have been lucky with the weather. I, too, wonder about the idea that only some people are having trouble uploading when the hard drives are supposedly full. You would think no-one should be able to in that case. I'm eagerly awaiting my set of Holbeins - I'm realizing how committed I am to OPs. Haven't done an oil for some time - my studio easel, bought last summer, hasn't a mark on it. Jane

Pat Isaac
10-04-2007, 04:30 PM
They do get to you don't they?
Sorry about the mood, Annie. I know how it is, some days people just shouldn't talk to me or I am not nice. Hope the rain stops soon.
It is strange about the site and why it only effects some and not others. I have trouble with emails, but have not tried the uploader. Maybe I should, but don't have anything to upload now. I'm sure it will all be fixed soon.


10-05-2007, 09:08 AM
Site's back up but still no luck with the image uploader. Jane

10-05-2007, 04:17 PM
Good news. I was able to upload an image to Pastel Strokes just now. Jane

Pat Isaac
10-05-2007, 04:26 PM
Well the emails aren't coming through yet.


10-06-2007, 05:50 PM
Hi Everyone!
Jane, thank for your very nice note wayyyyy back in September! It has been awhile since I could spend time at WC and I'm here poking around a bit.
Pat, your studio looks wonderful and I'm sure I"ve missed a 1000 great things going on.

My life lately has been very busy. My daughter started school and is still sick with something that no one seems to be able to diagnose. We are starting the round robin of specialists and should have some answers (I hope). It's been stressful helping her juggle school when she is feeling so ill. I have also been asked to teach a new class in January and it involves the scientific side of textiles (I'm scrambling to catch up on this one!) so I'm working hard on learning what I need to know. I have been doing a few oil pastels and MUST get back to my 100 sketch project again and the wonderful thread for this. I have been working in watercolors but sketches only...and I did buy some really lovely oil paints. A pochad box will be arriving soon too! I'm like to clone myself as I'd have one of my clones working only on ART! (Dont' we all wish this!!!!) Every media has its own great things...I just wish I could have oil pastels mix up like oil paints so I could have every little color I wanted. There is another little part of me that says "just use what you have!!"

I miss all of you and hope to be participating when things calm down a bit.

Pat Isaac
10-06-2007, 06:37 PM
Hi Lindsay, so nice to hear from you. I am so sorry that your daughter's medical issue isn't soved...that must be so hard, full of anxiety. My thoughts are with you and I hope they find some answers soon.
Good luck with the new course. I know how hard it is to scramble and teach something that you really need to take a course yourself on.
I'll be looking for your new OPs whenever you have a chance.


10-06-2007, 06:40 PM
Lindsay, great to hear from you. I'm sorry that your daughter continues to be ill - it must be difficult not knowing exactly what is going on. Sounds like you're busy with research for your class, as well. Hope you find time to squeeze in a few OPs now and then. We miss your great cityscapes and landscapes. Jane

10-07-2007, 08:55 AM
Thanks Jane and Pat for your very kind words.
Last night I started up my 100 sketch project again! Thanks for the encouragement and the gentle nudge! I'll post in Monday's thread.
I'll let you know how things are going with Kelsey.