View Full Version : charcoal and Acrylic flowers.

09-12-2007, 09:44 PM
I did this study on 11 x 14 board. C&C are always welcome.


09-12-2007, 10:00 PM
I took a look at your other posts, and you have some beautiful work on WC! It seems like you've been experimenting with a lot of different styles, and frankly, you seem to do all of them pretty well! (I like to experiment, too, but I "strike out" a lot.)

On this one, perhaps I'm wrong about where you were aiming, but it has a sort of "graphic" look. I wonder if the flowers/foliage might "pop" more if you went over the charcoal with paint and darkened the lines to black?

09-13-2007, 08:24 AM
I like the composition, the palette and the way you did the flowers. Perhaps the camera lightened the intensity or value of the stems and leaves?

09-13-2007, 02:39 PM
Thank you both for your insightful comments. I agree, putting another layer on the flowers and foliage will bring them out more. I'll have to give it a go.

Margaret 59
09-13-2007, 07:19 PM
Basically, I like this as is, especially the background texture.

09-14-2007, 05:13 PM
I like this a lot. Jan

09-14-2007, 05:53 PM
I like the rich texture to this. There's also a lot of nice blending and color!