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08-30-2007, 08:34 PM
Hi! Greetings, Everyone - my name is Vincent -my first post. Lots of questions - sorry it's so long! Doing mainly Abstract Expressionist work. I start out with a sketch on 140lb. CansonW/C Paper 15"x20", using a 4B drawing pencil then proceed to do the outlines inside the pencil marks with coloured pencils, erase pencil, then fill in the areas with colour "STIX" & C/P's. I also use Ink and markers and lately have been adding Oil Pastels (Pentel - can't afford the good stuff) to finalize the things and give them a more Painterly effect.

I would like to some semi-dry brush work over esp. the O'P's to blend them. Is their a medium or combo that would accomplish this? I presently only have Linseed Oil, QuickDry & Grumtine. Concerned that the paper might buckle; 'course it has to remain flat before I frame them.

However, I recently learned that oil pastels never dry! Never gave it a thought before - silly me! I currently have tried Krylon workable fixative (flakes off), Krylon Clear Matte finish #47120, Krylon Matte Finish #41311 and Krylon Kamar Varnish #41312 - the latter although being semi-gloss, states that it is re-workable, altho' I have not tried to do this yet, just used it as a final coat, on top of the O/P's et al. I heard of Krlyon's "Preserve It" but have not seen it.

So - is there any other method to solve my problem, the O/P's "not drying" etc., or would my works be OK since they are on 140lb W/C paper? I was thinking of switching to "regular" soft pastels. Could anyone recommend a good make of Pastels that are reasonable in cost, pretty soft and do not leave a lot of "dust"? (As I say, I am on a very limited budget). That way I could hopefully just use Krylon ReWorkable Fix. to apply more soft pastel & smudge them in.

Also, re. Fixatives & other spray cans; don't think that art suppliers will ship these due to their inflammable nature; I live in a small town, middle of the Rockies in S.E. British Columbia, Canada--have to get all delivered.

Think I should post this to MixMedia & OilPastels groups? Not quite sure yet how W/C works. Anyway, would really appreciate any advice & tips. Many thanx in advance - Cheers! Vincent

Rose Queen
08-30-2007, 08:59 PM
Welcome to WetCanvas! :wave: I've moved your post to the Oil Pastels forum so you can get the help you need on your technical questions. If you have questions about the site itself or any of its quirks, pop back over to the New User forum and we'll do our best by you.

I would think Curry's would ship fixatives and other spray materials to you.

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Andi Rebirth
08-30-2007, 09:36 PM
in the oil pastel forum their is section called, getting started in oil pastels. This has alot of information. It will answer alot of your questions. Also, I do not combine too many other materials with my op's but I have done background in different mediums as long as the paper could handle it.
I never use spray fixative on my oil pastels. It will make them crackle if applied too liberally.
Welcome. I'm sure one of the quides here will be alot of help in the op forum. Oil pastels are a wonderful medium. I would rather have a small set of senneliers or holbiens than a larger set of the cheaper ones. You just aren't going to get the same results.
Once you try them, you will see what I mean. Happy to see you in Op forum and again welcome! Andi

08-30-2007, 09:50 PM
Vincent, welcome to Wet Canvas and the Oil Pastel forum. As Andrea mentioned, have a look at the thread at the top of the page titled Getting Started in Oil Pastels for the answers to your questions. I was able to buy the Sennelier d'Artigny fixative for OPs pictured in that thread in Ottawa at the Loomis Art store, but I can't find it listed on-line in Canada. I bought the Zest-It on-line from England and their delivery was quite quick. The Weber Res-N-Gel I was able to get from D. Blick - I think it depends on the flammability and type of packaging as to whether particular mediums are shippable. I find that you need very little medium to move OPs around, so I don't think you will run into a buckling problem with your paper, but you might get bleed through. Some people gesso their paper when using mediums. Have you tried just blending your OPs mechanically? Student pastels will not blend nearly as well as professional quality, so that may be a problem for you. I agree with Andrea that a few Senneliers and Holbein Artist OPs are better than a larger student set. For answers about regular pastels, you should check out the Pastel Talk forum, and post a query there if you don't find answers in past posts. Hope this helps. Jane

08-31-2007, 03:31 AM
Many thanks, LJW, Andrea Lee and our Moderator, Rose Queen, for all the advice and tips. I will certainly check out the Getting Started section as well as the "pro." oil pastels, mediums, Fix. etc. you mentioned. We have a Loomis & Opus Framing & Art Supplies here in Victoria B.C., as well as Blick in U.S.

O.T.:- Curry's!! I first discovered them in Toronto when I was 15; was in there so much, browsing around, reading their books (could not afford to buy 'em!), I knew everyone there & they allowed me up into their stock room upstairs. That was when they only had the 1 store on Yonge St. just below Bloor in T.O. - always preferred Curry's - the folks there were always friendly & very helpful. Now they have at least 5 stores, but only in Ontario. Will have to write and suggest they open a store in Vancouver.

Before personal computers, I did commercial art for printers & ran a number of small art dept's., doing everything from typesetting, darkroom & those really long process cameras on rails, design & pasteup, film stripping & plates, to running a 12 & 1450 & small Heidelburg . . all hands on - wonderful. At each place I worked I always ordered from Curry's. Then around 15 years ago I bought a Mac LCIII!

I'm 63 now & starting all over again: did not do any decent art since 1995, but began again in B.C. a year & a half ago - so have a lot of catching up to do. Also want to start my DTP/Design Biz again - have to make some money! Hopefully I will develop my own art work until I am satisfied enough to "show" it and sell some. Wish me luck!

Again, thank you very much for all your input - am still a little confused re. using the posts and threads - I'm posting a "Quick Reply", did not quote - hope it goes to the right Thread. Do I have to do more to 'Join" OP's Forum & others? Vincent B.

08-31-2007, 08:25 AM
Vincent, once you've joined Wet Canvas, all the forums and sub-forums are open to you. To post in a different forum or to start a new thread in the OPs forum, just use the New Thread button.

I'm posting a "Quick Reply", did not quote

In the Quick Reply window at the bottom is a Go Advanced button which gives access to more stuff, including the "quotes around selected text" facility. There's a lot to explore in Wet Canvas, so have fun. Hope your art career develops as you'd like it to. Jane

09-01-2007, 10:01 AM
Hi Vincent, Welcome to WetCanvas!! You will love it here! The people are so nice and helpful. I can not afford art classes, but with all the WetCanvas people and there help here, I am getting a first class education in all of the Art's.

As for starting over, It's one of the best things in life I do :) My son once told me, " Mom, you are just like a rubber band, the harder life slaps you down, the higher you bounce back up"!

Check out garage sales, penny saver like papers, thrift stores can be a great place to find art books, frames and some supply's.... But you will really need artist grade supplys if you are planning on selling... You do want it to hold up.

Again, welcome, and hope to see some of your work soon.... Azure

Pat Isaac
09-04-2007, 05:26 PM
Hi Vincent and welcome to the OP forum.....:wave: I don't think you will have much of a problem with bleed through on Arches with the other media underneath. As Jane suggested, OPs blend easily with your finger or with color shapers. I, personally have not had much luck with fixes. If OPs are your last layer, you won't need a fix.