View Full Version : Fuschia complimentary?

05-24-2002, 08:30 AM
Here's a new question. I have a new portrait coming up and the client ( stay tuned for a surprise!) will be wearing a beautiful, bright fuschia jacket in the painting. She and I have been discussing the background.

Okay, hold it up a minute. I just received this post from her:"I wanted to go with more of the plum color, maybe not as dark as the one I was wearing in the flash pictures, but perhaps a muted purple/pink.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on what colors would be the best complimentary to Plum or Muted Purple/Pink. Oh yes, she has light blond hair.

I don't want the background too intense and the colors to start competing with each other.



Phyllis Rennie
05-24-2002, 08:27 PM
Sage green? dull and grey enough to not compete with the pink/purple or the blond hair. Just a suggestion.

05-25-2002, 09:53 AM
When in question on a complementary...do the optical test.

Paint a bit of the color on a white card or surface. Stare at one spot of that color for at a minimum of 30 seconds if not a tad bit longer. Then, look over to another blank white space. Your eyes will have an after image of that color's complementary.

I have a theory that one reason Cezanne's oranges and stilllifes had edges and rings around his objects, was that he stared at them for so long, the optical illusion of the complementary was fighting to be seen, and he in fact saw such a ring...and thus painted it.

Also, this is a good reason to walk away or look away from objects of color you've been looking at intensely for any length of time. Since complementaries neutralize or "gray" down a color, the optical afterimage effect will cause the opposite or complementary to fight with the color you are studying, and it will appear more gray. Will lose some of its intensity.