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05-23-2002, 09:21 PM
I went to Myrtle Beach on vacation last week and stayed at Camelot By The Sea. I was telling my friends on the way there about some of your murals and how I'd love to see some of them while I was in town. Lo and behold, when I arrived I found some of them in the hotel where we were staying. Beautiful work! It was nice to see it in person. Just by coincidence someone asked me to do one in their home today. I haven't done much work this big and wondered if you could tell me how you charge for this sort of thing. I have no idea how to calculate how much time it will take or how much to charge them. Can you give me some idea of how to come up with an estimate for them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

05-24-2002, 07:26 AM
Hi painthead! Thanks, I'm glad you got to see the murals in person. Let me know if you're coming to Myrtle Beach again.

Pricing is my biggest bugaboo. I usually figure the area in square feet and charge at least $15 per square foot, but that's not enough sometimes, especially when there's ladders or scaffolding required, or if the design includes figures or architectural stuff. I have a price list for things like columns and arches, windows, etc.

Another way is to figure how long it would take and figure $200 a day or $40 per hour. I'm usually wrong about guessing how long something will take, too. There are always things that come up in the process that either speed it up or delay it.

After figuring all the above stuff, mostly I just have a feeling about what it's worth to me, and that's usually the price I'll quote.

That's no help, is it? :D


05-24-2002, 07:47 AM
Thanks, Ruth, that at least gives me a starting point. I don't even know what type of design this person wants yet. I will be back to Myrtle Beach some time this summer. My daughter lives there now while she's going to Coastal Carolina University so we'll be visiting again soon.