View Full Version : Latroun monastry (Nice architecture series)

08-22-2007, 02:11 AM
As a world traveller in the past,I was extremely fortunate to visit beautiful places,inc. (among others)The mid(dle) East ,which have some wonderful traditional architecture of it's own past in various places,which not yet succumbed to greedy developpers,who built ugly 'modern' architecture in too many places,and messed these places for ever (e.g. Holon,and Bat Yam Israel),while it's 'Moslem' architecture,some European brought their own architecture as well,This Christian fathers' monastry near Bab el Wad(my translation from:Arabic to English:Gate of Valley,or valley which's a gateway,may be to Jerusalem) in Latroun (Latrun) West of Jerusalem,or on the way to 'the city' of Jerusalem.Apparently has Armenians clergy,just like in the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem,They asked me : 'Inch bezes'?,and the reply is 'Shat Lavem'!,Shoonar ha'galem!(How 're you?.Very well!,Thanks !).anyway,I reckon,I'm closing on a formula for popular style,with some nice symmetry.