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Pat Isaac
08-20-2007, 07:25 AM
Good morning everyone,

I managed to get on a computer at my sister's so will post this now. We are in upper state NY and have had a great time with family. Shortly we will be leaving for home and I'll check in again when we get there.
So come in and share your joys, concerns...or just the day to day routine and lets get aquainted.

Have a great day:) :) :)


08-20-2007, 09:53 AM
Pat, glad to hear you've had a great time visiting family. We had a quiet weekend, but the weather was great - sunny and cooler. Sat on the porch and read in the sunshine, storing up the warmth for the cold winter months ahead. (I can't believe it's Aug. 20th already). I'm only in the studio after dark these days, so my painting time is limited. Jane

Andi Rebirth
08-20-2007, 02:11 PM
Good morning everyone. I was reading the other day and someone asked about storing their paintings. I don't remember who answered it but I thought it was a good question for a newbie and excellent answer. Maybe it should go to the page on supplies. I had to learn the hard way when I did something I liked years, years ago and it got ruined. Just a thought anyway for you great ladies. I'd like to thank you all for the giving spirit here and all the work you guys do. Andrea

08-20-2007, 03:24 PM
Andrea, there is a section on storage in the Getting Stared in OP thread, toward the bottom of my posting. If there is something you think should be added, perhaps you could let me know or add a note to the thread yourself? Thanks, Jane.

Pat Isaac
08-20-2007, 05:40 PM
I'm back now, good ride home. The weather in NY was cool to say the least. A feel of fall. It was nice in the sun though.
I hope to go to my new studio tomorrow and start arranging things.
Our garden had started producing tomatoes while we were gone and we picked a bunch of big ones. Yum.


08-20-2007, 06:39 PM
Hi everyone, WC is reminding me that I haven't posted anything in a few weeks. I can't believe it's been that long. School starts this week. My first class is tomorrow for life drawing.

Mom went to her house, planning to stay 2-3 weeks. But on the second day she went and overexerted herself and injured her knee. So after fielding a miserable week of phone calls, she came back with me Saturday and now she's scheduling a bunch of appointments. That's just like her to kill a good thing...I mean by that she was feeling really good and full of energy, so she overworks herself until something breaks. If it weren't her knee, it would have been her back, or she'd have caught a bad cold...something.

Welcome back, Pat.

Pat Isaac
08-20-2007, 06:49 PM
Thanks, Julie. I'm sorry to hear of your Mom's new health issues. Hopefully it will be better soon. Good luck with your class, that was one of my favorites.


08-21-2007, 08:06 AM
Glad you had a restful weekend, Pat. Good luck with the studio arranging.

Hope you class goes well, Julie. Too bad about your mom. I am glad you are taking care of yourself, though.

Sorry you aren't getting to paint more, Jane. I didn't get to the dog or anything this past weekend.

I am still working on the house, what else is new. The flooring guy is closing his store! I ended up calling the police and the attorney general consumer protection section on Friday about my check and him not communicating. The flooring guy called me later on Friday -- says he will bring the flooring this week and install after it sits 48 hours -- we will see!!! I was not as cautious with this transaction as I have been in the past -- was too trusting.

It is raining alot here this week. Was busy on Sunday scrounging for hay so as not to dip into the winter supply.

Have a great week everyone! Angela

08-21-2007, 12:28 PM
Jane: Nice that you were able to enjoy a bit of sun. As ususal, it's been raining here again. It's near the end of August and I don't feel like summer ever really got going this year. :( It sounds like your weather is providing you with a perfect opportunity to try a little Plein Aire OP.

Pat: Welcome back! It's nice that you had such a good time visiting family. How's the studio organizing going? Is there any news of your daughter?

Julie: Are you looking forward to school starting again? I always wish that my program had offered life drawing, or even any sort of technical painting class (it was all "conceptual" in those days - none of the basics were taught!) Sorry to hear about your mom - can she get an aide to assist her? (in addition to you, that is!)

Angela: I hope everything goes well with your flooring and that you'll find time to do some painting soon.

I've got all these things going on that just seem to get in the way of my painting anything much. All winter I told myself that I would paint up a storm over the summer, and now it's almost over, and I haven't done much. So I decided, in the midst of a serious bout of insomnia last night, to prepare a bunch of gessoed boards so I would have them ready. I finally put the last coat of gesso on at 4 AM this morning!

08-21-2007, 03:50 PM
Annie, I always look forward to art classes. I am lucky they offer the full range of art classes at the local community college. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't do this years ago, but if I'm honest with myself it's because of all the more physically active pursuits I had in my 20's and 30's that Mom was too overprotective to let me do as a kid. But in retrospect, it was good to do those things when I could recover faster from exertion and injury.

One of the things that triggered my interest in art was the fanfiction I was writing. I haven't been sketching or painting lately because I've been working on a story in what little free time I have. This class will help me put my story into pictures someday.

Mom had an acupuncture treatment yesterday. I guess that's the first and last. She came away so tense from the experience and she wouldn't follow the doctor's directions. "Relax, slow your breathing." Mom: "I can't relax, I can't relax." She's got her mind made up she's not going to relax and it doesn't work, but I saw a difference in her sleep last night. She doesn't believe me.

Pat Isaac
08-21-2007, 04:06 PM
Art classes are always exciting. I loved college and even now still take an occasional class if it is something that I think I will enjoy. Glad to hear that your Mom is better, Julie, even though she doesn't think so....
My daughter has an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, so I will know more then.
I am enclosing some photos of the view from my BIL's deck in upper state NY.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Aug-2007/35760-Franks_view2.jpg He had all the trees cut sown on the back edge of his property so he could see this. Wonderful pastoral scene with horses and various animals. I think the horses show up.
This is a view from the side of the deck. They were having a sailboat race on the lake which is across the street from them.
I went to my new studio today and started to arrange things. It will take awhile, but hope to be ready to work after Labor Day. I did sign up for that show next May and June....:eek:
Really cool here the past few days, but summer will be back by week's end.

08-21-2007, 05:54 PM
Julie, sorry to hear about your mother's knee problems. I envy you going to art school full-time, something I didn't get a chance to do. Enjoy.

Pat, glad to hear you decided to do the show. You've got some time to work up the pieces. Lovely views at your BIL's home.

Annie, I sympathize with you over the weather. That happened to us last summer, and by the fall I was beginning to feel really depressed about the winter arriving. I bought myself a specialty 10,000-lumen lamp for SADS (seasonal affective disorder syndrome) and that helped my mood quite a bit. But this summer I've been out in the sun whenever it's been nice, determined not to be indoors when the sun is shining. Glad you were able to put your insomnia to good use.

Angela, I hope the floor people come through. It's so hard to know when you hire someone if they are trustworthy or not.

Another day sitting on the porch in the sun for me today, but rain expected for the next few days, so I'll probably make progress on the Siberian tiger (from last weekend's WDE) that I'm painting. Jane

08-21-2007, 08:27 PM
Jane: Whoa! Not me, I work full time in the engineering field. I only manage one night class a semester. There are so many more classes which are offered during the day time which I'm afraid I'll never get to go to until I retire in 25-30 years. There's a head portrait artist, Carlisle Cooper, who teaches there. He's over 80, still energetic, but he keeps threatening to retire and they keep talking him back in. Watercolor classes are never offered at night. As long as Mom has her house I'll never be able to take a Saturday class.

I'll have to look for your tiger.

Pat, that looks like a very relaxing place. Wonderful views.

Annie, Mom can't get an aide. She doesn't trust anyone. She can't even get a gardener because she won't leave her gate unlocked and she won't give them a key. If they don't come at their appointment time, she gets all nervous and anxious and then I start getting the phone calls. I don't know of any gardener or contractor who comes on time and finishes in their alloted time. Angela, you have my sympathies.

08-21-2007, 09:12 PM
Sorry to misunderstand, Julie. In the past I did some night classes in art myself while working full-time. Tiring, but fun as well. Jane

08-22-2007, 07:32 AM
Wow what a lovely setting at your BIL's Pat -- I can certainly see how these views could translate into a restful weekend. Good luck with the studio arranging. I am glad you decided to do the exhibition. Hope all goes well with your daughter today.

Annie -- I think you have done a great deal this summer -- your Sargent experiments and delving into oil painting, just to mention a few major projects -- I know you have done more than that with all that you are involved with here at WC -- so please don't be disappointed in yourself, I don't see how you could have done more. It will be nice to have all those panels ready to go, though.

Julie, it is still great that you take the classes part time as you do. I think classes help us be productive and creative.

Jane, hope you enjoyed sitting on your porch in the nice weather. Good luck with your tiger painting.


Pat Isaac
08-22-2007, 08:30 AM
Thanks, everyone. Hope to know more later today.
Annie, I also think you have done a lot of work this summer. All the sketches and small works that you have done, plus the oil painting. I really do think you should make some of those sketches into larger paintings. :eek: 4am in the morning....Hope you took a good nap.
Have a great day everyone.


08-23-2007, 01:53 AM
Andrea: I missed your comment before. Sorry. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it here. This is an especially nice forum, I think.

Julie: How nice for you that your CC offers so many classes. What exactly is "fanfiction"? Maybe your Mom ought to try a massage - I don't think she'd be able to say she wasn't relaxed after that! Too bad the effects only last a while...

Pat: What gorgeous countryside your family's property looks out. Lovely views and yes the horses show up. Any news yet about your daughter? Are you all out of the old studio now? It must be fun to be organizing the new one.

Jane: I contemplated getting one of those lamps. I understand that they can cause agitation - I guess people can become too stimulated by them - so I never acted on the idea. With my tendency toward insomnia overstimulation is the last thing I need! :eek: Your tiger is amazing - I'll comment more in the thread.

Angela: Thanks for your encouraging comments. I really haven't done that much though. I've done one OP sketch per week, each taking about an hour. Other than that I've done only three more involved things this summer, all of them pretty small. Not very prolific - and I spent all winter encouraging myself that I would be up for more painting when summer came. Still, I suppose it could be worse.

Pat: Thank you too for the upbeat encouragement. No nap I'm afraid, and I was awake past 2AM last night. Lately I start feeling energetic around 10 or 11! :eek: You're really right about doing a larger painting; it probably would give me more of a sense of having accomplished something.

I've been having a strange problem with WC logging me off between pages. Is anyone else experiencing that?

Pat Isaac
08-23-2007, 07:09 AM
My daughter will be having her surgery on Monday morning and she was very happy that it could be scheduled so quickly. She wants to get it done. She will be in the hospital for 6 days to make sure all is working properly and to wait for the lymph node tests. Theis will determine her post surgery treatment. Her neighbor who is the same age had the very same experience and surgery several years aga so she has been a wonderful boost for my daughter's spirits. They have returned to the Cape to finish out their vacation.
I am all moved now and have started to arrange the studio. I will be going there today to do more work and one of my other studio mates will be moving her final load, so we can make some desicions.


08-23-2007, 10:05 AM
Pat, I'm glad to hear that your daughter doesn't have to wait for the surgery, and that they are at the Cape in the meantime. It's good to know that she has a neighbour to help her through this. Hope studio arranging goes well and that you are soon settled in and painting again.

Annie, thanks for your comments about the tiger. I haven't had any problems with WC. Sorry to hear your sleep patterns are disrupted. It's true that using the light for too long can lead to over-stimulation, and they suggest starting out at 20 minutes at first. I tended to use mine for half an hour early in the day. They can also be used to reset your waking time, if that's part of your problem. It's important to get one from a reputable source. I got mine from Medigas, a supplier of oxygen, sleep apnea equipment, etc,. Mine is a Day-Light, manufactured in Nova Scotia by Uplift Technologies, and tested successfully in experiments at the University of British Columbia's sleep clinic and in the US at Columbia and elsewhere. Check out SADS online if you are interested. During the summer I use mine on low setting to illuminate my studio, so it's doubly useful to me. Jane