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01-14-2000, 08:49 PM
the normie rockwell thread measures only 2 feet, falling well short of a mile by 5278 ft....milt

01-15-2000, 07:47 AM

Keith Halonen
01-18-2000, 03:08 PM
Yeah... not a mile after all

...and I, a great admirer of "crossover" artists (being one myself), joined the WC forums too late to participate in that thread. I put NR in that same rare niche as Maxfield Parrish, whose successful career and lifetime contribution reconciles any supposed barriers between fine art and illustration. According to their own accounts both these artists understood the distinction well, and openly admitted the difficulties of satisfying both worlds.

We all know the difference, too; but it's an elitist of either persuasion who purports the two disciplines to be irrevocably mutually exclusive. This is only the case with respect to artists who are not equal to the demands of both disciplines.

Certainly, I brought more from my fine art experience into my illustration and design career than the other way 'round, but I did derive a valuable habit of self-discipline from dealing with the deadlines and client expectations intrinsic to commercial art. I have no problem setting to work and I never suffer from so-called "artist's block."

There, I've managed to have my say anyway! Now the normie thread is just shy of a yard.

Keith (http://www.sonic.net/finearts/index.html)

01-25-2000, 09:09 PM
Like the above comments, I too, have worked in the advertising/commercial field before crossing over to my first love, fine art, but in the crossing brought with me the ability to deal with deadlines, expectations and review that many fine artists fine exclusionary and difficult. I feel the better for the experience, since it forced me to be disciplined and work when the "spirit" didn't exactly move me. The end result was that I produced, not just work, but good work, even if I were not in the "mood"...it still works for me. Now that I am in the fine art environ, I still have to meet deadlines and deal with expectations, my short term in the commercial field prepared me to cope and not excuse my procrastinations with useless artistic psycho-babble about my state of mind!!