View Full Version : My fast design of Future 'US1' Lightweight 'Stealth' Amphebian APC

08-08-2007, 02:54 AM
This APC could float on the Euphrates etc.(in order to avoid IED s),It's lighly armoured 'Stealthy' design inspired,recyclable,and priced economically.and most of all won't drain the exhausted budget,could be mfrd.by subcontractor for the US goverment in 3rd world country (it'll be even more economical),and as the war in Iraq comes to an unanticipated abrupt end pretty soon, it could be used back in the USA as Police anti Gang and anti Graffity attack vehicle!.(it could even cross the LA river into gangland),in addition it could patrol the US Freeways,& Tollways,highways and byways protecting innocent US American motorist against the too common drive by shootings,and enraged drivers who suddenly too often exploded into the 'road rage'.It has 8 Wheel drives and good clearance to chase the huge amount of 'Gang bangers' even on the sidewalks,carry 2 spare tires one on each rear side.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Aug-2007/92308-JIB_08_Future_Amphibian_APC_1.jpgIt could be made submersible in the river in order to avoid detection by the Iraqi fighters.