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08-05-2007, 12:08 PM
I have been visiting this site for a while now and finally decided to try out my casein paints. It is a very different kind of paint than the watercolors and acrylics I am use to. I love the finished feel they have.
20 by 16 inches

12-17-2007, 04:06 PM
:clap: Very nice interior scene Marybeth! I do like it a lot. Good use of color. Have you thought about cropping the left side a little? Otherwise the floral bouquet is dead center. :thumbsup:

12-21-2007, 04:09 PM
beautiful color choices! Val

12-23-2007, 08:22 PM
Nice painting!Shiva makes good casein paint.George Maclean, renowned wildlife artist works exclusively in casein.Look for his work on the net.Phil