View Full Version : Flower in White

08-03-2007, 05:01 PM
Here's a contribution from a photographer ...


Am not sure what kind of flower this is, am thinking perhaps a daisy of some kind, but it certainly is a fluffy one!!!

Sue :heart:

M Douglas
08-03-2007, 05:14 PM
Beautiful picture Sue. Don't think i've ever seen a fluffy daisy lol.


Lady Carol
08-03-2007, 07:37 PM
Beautiful Sue. Nicely caught with great detail.

08-03-2007, 10:29 PM
Sue- I think this is one of my favorites of your photos.

Laura D
08-14-2007, 02:26 AM
Looks like a mum of some kind. Great photo!

08-14-2007, 02:52 AM
Lovely photo!
I have never seen this kind of flower how large is it?

08-14-2007, 08:41 AM
What an unusual flower, and a beautiful one at that. :clap: :thumbsup:

Val. :wave:

Charlie's Mum
08-14-2007, 04:47 PM
That's stunning Sue!
The detail in the centre and on the whites is super ....... erm, an argeranthemum? ... perhaps!
It's like a multi-petaled Marguerite.