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07-26-2007, 10:16 PM

I did receive my Sennelier tempera, and use them to do a grisaille on a "true gesso" panel. Did not have time to take a picture, but I will do it this week-end.

It's sure different than oils, I knew that ;) . More like a mix between watercolor and acrylic.
For that first try, I must say that I loved the way that ET acts, and the feeling of applying it on the gesso board. BUT I did not like the fact that it dries so fast on the palette.
So I have a couple of questions:

I've read that there is no problem with doing layers in ET painting; how much time between them? I experienced some lift off in my painting session tonight.

And, is there a way to augment the open time to work with it? A medium I could use, or something??

Also, I'm planning to paint in oils over my underpainting, do I have to wait some time before doing so?

Thanks for any tips.

Shadia :wave:

07-26-2007, 10:59 PM
Egg tempera requires patience, Shadia. It may look and feel dry, but do allow a bit of time before using your oils.
As for how long you will have to wait... it depends on how thickly you applied your egg tempera. This medium should not be applied heavily.
Egg tempera should not be thought of in the way one might do with acrylics...it is a completely different beast altogether. If you cannot wait, you can (and here, I am going against everything I learned about ET) use a hair dryer to hasten the drying, but it is not really a thing I would personally do.
Good luck.
Kind regards,

07-29-2007, 02:54 PM
Thanks Eggy, I'm not in a hurry, so I waited for my underpainting to dry completely. Unfortunaltely, I have many other things to do today, and won't have time to continue the painting, :( but here is the beginning.
(It's 5 x7 )
I realize that I have a lot of work still to do, but IRL, it looks more "finish" than that!

I have two other gessoed panels waiting, so I'll certainly continue learning more about ET after I finish this one in oils. Who knows, maybe I'll also give it a try to do a complete painting in Egg tempera!

Thanks for looking, comments welcome!

Shadia :wave: