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07-25-2007, 09:30 PM
Salam Aleikum !,(Peace be with you)!,
Boukhara the Iranian Tajik City of Uzbekistan(along with nearby Tashkent) which situated on the 'Silk rd.' ,considered by many sensitive folks as one of the most beatiful cities in Central Asia,along with Tashkent (both are Iranian Architechturewise,as well as Aryan Iranian inhabitants),The Arabs that long ago conquered Persia (Iran) brought with them their religion of the Islam,hence Moslem influence,but it's clear that the eye pleasing architecture which is the most beautiful in the world,it's originated with the Iranian,(The most beautiful structure in the world The Taj Mahal in Agra,in New Delhi,Delhi originally Shah Jehaqn abad,or City of 'King of the world' ,The state of Uttar Pradesh ,India ,been built by the 'King of the World' or:Shah Jihan,or Jahan ,or Jehan 'World'in English a Mughal,or Mongol in Persian king or Shah in Farsi,from Iran,which was invaded by Mongols),However,Boukhara is the City of the Emir in French meaning : 'Chief/tain','General', 'Commander',or 'Prince' originally:'Amir' in Arabic.This is my digital to artistic interpretation of PoKalon 'Madrassa' (From Arabic Religious school,while in other so called 'Semitic' language of Hebrew,Beit Midrash,is house of wordhip,'Beit' is House in both languages,in Hebrew it's also 'Baiyit',while in arabic 'Beitak' is Your house,like in'Yehrab beitak'!),I hope you too enjoy the architecture!.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Jul-2007/92308-JIB_Boukhara_of_The_Emir_Alim_Khan_Uzbekistan_poy_kalon_el_madrasa_religious_schooland_mosque.jpg