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03-21-2000, 07:49 PM
I could be co ordinator for an Australian contingent ,I have a good venue (guide camp) on the river next to the National Park for economy or lovely old pub in village for more comfy beds or cabins in the park...all within a few miles of desert,river,mountains and national park .
3 hours drive from capital ,easy train trip/coach trip.
Plenty of painting sites ,lots of inspiration Sidney Nolan painted here!What more can I say?

Old Florida
04-07-2000, 08:32 PM
Hello Grannyb,
Your choice of venue sounds interesting. Can you be more specific as to the names of the pub and the park? Since our seasons are reversed from yours, I wonder what month would be most appropriate both for you and the weather? I doubt you will get many volunteers from here but surely you have plenty of Aussie artist friends who can join. My travel "plate" is nearly full this year but I would be keen to participate anytime in '01.
Cheers, Old Florida (Alan Craig)

05-26-2000, 08:46 PM
Yes you are right I didn't give enough detail.
The venue would be Dimboola a small town midway between Melbourne and Adelaide.Set on the Wimmera River with the "Little Desert" at its back.(not a desert at all ,full of flora and fauna.)
Depending on choice of venue,we can choose from a country pub that will provide room & meals or the Guide camp which can be either self catering or the guides will cater (cheapest) .There is also a choice of a lovely antique filled homestead with thatched roof sheds and old machinery & vehicles everywhere just as they stopped in the 1920-40s.(about 12 miles out but I will provide transport)it has beds for 15 but some would be shared rooms,also we have many bed & breakfast venues for up to ten on the river,one is a favorite as it has working horses,beekeeping and a working distillery as
well.All these would cost in the vicinity of 250-400 PW full board except the guide camp which would be 50 self cater or 130 fully catered.
So you see there is plenty of choice,as to when ,the Summer here is too hot (Dec-March) so any other time will guarantee almost balmy weather although out Winter (June-Aug.) has very cold nights and some (not many)rainy days.We do get the occassional frost in Autumn and Spring but always a wonderful day after it.
I will be happy to organise a venue for groups of five or more.(yes I have had experience as I teach papermaking to groups of up to thirty at a time)
For just one or two I can perhaps offer the use of my caravan? we could talk about it anyway.