View Full Version : Mini Getaway

03-11-2000, 07:36 PM
Well, CHClements and I had a mini getaway this weekend and I can tell you all ....it was a wonderful experience. We had such a good time and we hope that we can plan another really soon. We laughed and laughed and laughed at each other.

I kept thinking that I needed to type her something like lol. And, when she left we waved goodbye and we both put our hands up to our eyes to (wipes away a tear).

I am looking forward to the real Georgia getaway sometime this spring or summer so I can meet even more of the wonderful WetCanvas members. Let's don't miss this wonderful art experience. It is a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

03-11-2000, 10:59 PM
just wanted to say "DITTO" to everything Phyllis said...and to say also that Phyllis
is the hostess with the mostest!

We had such a great time painting plein air, even though the rain did cut our time short.
I can't wait for the next mini outing we can come up with! Hope more of you can join us next time,